Volume 43, Issue 4 - April 2008

Reviews & Previews

The Protective Glazing Council (PGC) International Spring Meeting in Orlando, Fla., focused on laying the groundwork for the four committees in the organization. Three of the committees—Liaison, Resources and Technical—were created in late 2007 to organize efforts by the council to expand its offering to the industry. 

The PGC International Technical Committee met on March 13, with Joe Smith of Applied Research Associates sitting in as chair for Jim Brokaw. The committee reviewed the three current Quad Chart proposals, which included:

  • The development of an explanation of ISO 16933—Glass in Building Explosion Resistant Security Glazing, including a summary, comparison of terminology and definitions, as well as a comparison of blast loads outlined in the document in different units. 
  • The development of a presentation explaining the points within the United Facilities Criteria and its requirements for protective glazing. 
  • A letter to the United States General Services Administration outlining user suggested updates to the Window Glazing Analysis Response and Design software. 

The committee established timelines for each of the projects and forwarded the requests for action to its board for fiscal approval. Committee members also discussed the development of a blast standard.

The Resources Committee met next to discuss its current projects. Chair Ryan Russell of Hope’s Windows led discussion on the first project, a Speakers Bureau for the industry. The document will include a list of industry speakers, their bios and a synopsis of industry-related presentations that each speaker can give. Two papers on fire-rated glazing were submitted and discussed by the committee. Members of the organization were encouraged to submit papers, documents and video resources to the committee for inclusion on the website.

The Marketing Committee, chaired by Michael Hassenauer of 3M, discussed potential dates and locations for its Annual Symposium. In addition to dates, the committee brainstormed potential topics of discussion.

The PGC Liaison Committee, chaired by Bob Ford of Solutia Inc., is developing a “Who Is PGC International?” presentation to provide to members and at industry trade shows. The presentation will be distributed to the committee for review and submitted to the board for approval. 

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