Volume 43, Issue 8 - August 2008

Dedicated to You

You might not be aware that our parent company, Key Communications Inc., publishes six different magazines all connected in some way to the glass business. Those titles are:

• USGlass, Metal & Glazing magazine®—written exclusively for the architectural glass and metal industry;

• The Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal™—advancing glass and metal to architects and specifiers;

• Door and Window Manufacturer magazine™—produced solely for manufacturers of doors, windows and/or skylights;

• Auto Glass Repair and Replacement (AGRR) magazine®—dedicated to the auto glass repair and replacement industry;

• SHELTERmagazine®—for dealers and distributors of building products, including windows; and

• WINDOW FILM magazine™—a magazine for the entire film industry.

These publications have their own audiences, their own tightly targeted circulations and their own editors who know and understand the industries they serve. Each has its own website, and two (USGlass and AGRR) offer free daily electronic news service (USGNN.com™ and glassBYTEs.com™) to their respective industries. The others offer weekly or bi-monthly electronic newsletters. (By the way, if you are interested in any of our other publications, print or electronic, please visit www.glass.com/subcenter.php).

We offer these various magazines because the information each audience needs is unique. If we cover a particular project, for example, the information about that project contained in USGlass has an entirely different focus than an article about the same project that would appear in the Architects’ Guide.

I mention this because one of our competitors recently folded one of their magazines and announced that the information contained therein would now be included in a section in one of their other publications. We’ve been asked if we will be doing the same thing.

In a word, no. We are dedicated to providing the most current information directly targeted to each of our audiences. We are dedicated to providing our advertisers a tightly targeted circulation without a lot of waste. And we are dedicated to a green environment and to not sending thousands of pages to individuals with no interest in them.

Would it be easier to roll two magazines into one? Maybe. But it wouldn’t be better for you and would shortchange you of the information you need. And all of our editors are tightly focused on your needs.

One example of this is the exciting growth in the area of decorative architectural glass. That market segment is in the process of becoming a separate industry unto itself. In order to better serve readers who are interested in this market, we’ve developed a new publication called Decorative Glass. A special preview supplement appears in this issue and you’ll see it “spin out” as a separate publication next year. If you are involved in that area, turn to page 60 for a subscription form.

As always, please let us know your thoughts. My e-mail is deb@glass.com and our editors’ e-mail addresses are at right. Together, our chief editors offer more than 85 years of experience in the various glass industries with one goal: to bring you the information you need and the news of the day in an attractive format that is tightly targeted to and focused on your needs. It is always an honor for us to serve you.
—Debra Levy

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