Volume 43, Issue 8 - August 2008

Vi s u a l E f f e c t s

SatinDeco is
Smooth as … Glass

SatinDeco from Guardian Industries in Auburn Hill, Mich., is an acidetched glass with a silky finish that’s suitable for use in a variety of applications— it can be used to create elegant partitions, staircases, doors, windows, roofing and walls.

The glass product is available in a variety of substrates and options, and can be cut, beveled, curved, hardened, painted, laminated or assembled in double glazing. www.guardian.com

Walker Reveals Nuances
in Decorative Glass

Walker Textures™ Nuance is the newest patterned acid-etched glass and mirror product line from Walker Glass in Montreal. The patterns feature a distinctive two-tone acid-etched finish combination that provides a unique visual and textural effect, due to the depth variation of the design.

The Nuance products are available in glass and mirror in a wide variety of colors including clear, bronze, grey, black, green, blue and Starphire ultra-clear glass by PPG. The standard size is 96 by 130 inches, with a range of thicknesses from 0.12 to 0.75 inches in glass and 0.12 to 0.24 inches in mirror. www.walkerglass.com

laminated glass
Capture Nature
Between Two Lites

Livinglass™ is a laminated architectural glass that captures natural materials between its clear lites. San Clemente, Calif.-based Livinglass says it is able to preserve the 3-dimensional form, color and texture of the most delicate materials within its polymer interlayer. The impact-resistant glass can spotlight unique colors, textures and materials. Rose petals or seashells, textured fabrics, wood veneers and much more can be captured within exterior walls, flooring, furniture, shower doors and other applications. www.livinglass.com

Patterned Glass
Makes for Bella Walls

WorldGlass in Tampa, Fla., has released BellaDesign™, an exclusive line of patterned acid-etched glass in full-sheet architectural sizes. One sheet covers approximately 39 square feet, and larger formats are available.

BellaDesign offers a wide variety of options, including dual-sided etched glass, frosted glass, acidetched mirror and deep acidetched privacy glass. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use and can be tempered to meet safety regulations. www.worldglassag.com

MIRONA is More
Than Meets the Eye

MIRONA™ transformation glass from SCHOTT North America Inc. in Elmsford, N.Y., functions as both a decorative element and a display. Coated on both sides with an optical interference layer, it turns glass and retail displays, architectural partitions and cover panels for television sets and computer screens, into mirrors when not in use. The mineral glass is coated on both sides with an optical interference layer to enable both reflection and transmission. MIRONA transformation glass is available as normal window glass, borosilicate heat-resistant glass and gray glass, and it can be easily processed into laminated glass. www.us.schott.com

holographic glass
Look Out for HologramGlass™

See glass differently—each time you walk by—when you install Hologram- Glass™. The patented laminated glass product from Jockimo Inc. in Newport Beach, Calif., exhibits reflective characteristics and effects through holography technology inside the glass. The patented laminated innerlayer provides looks never seen before in glass. When lit properly, the holographic images not only pop with color but will also move as one moves past the glass. Various color options are available within the product as well as fabrication options. www.jockimo.com

glass flooring
Walk Safely on This Glass of Mine

With its trademarked “glass sandpaper” safety finish on the walking surface, Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc. in Richmond, British Columbia, can produce glass flooring in tiles as small as 12-by-12 inches or in sheets as large as 7-by-12 feet. Glass flooring is typically produced using ½-inch thick, safety tempered glass. Each panel features the company’s Sandstone texture on the number two surface, which provides a subtle texture in combination with six new introductory colors being offered. Custom color matching is available.  www.nathanallan.com

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