Volume 43, Issue 12 - December 2008

Company News

Colonial Glass Solutions Becomes Goldray USA

Goldray Industries Ltd. in Calgary and Colonial Glass Solutions in Brooklyn, N.Y., have formed a business venture that combines the capabilities of both companies. The new company, to be named Goldray USA, will manufacture and distribute architectural glass products into the Northeastern United States and New England.

The current Colonial Glass facility will be used as a platform for the venture, where the company will import Goldray’s manufacturing systems and expertise in decorative glass into its current operations. The company also is making an extensive investment in plant upgrades to add decorative glass manufacturing capabilities; it will continue utilizing its cutting, tempering and fabricating capabilities.

“The alliance with Colonial couldn’t have happened at a better time,” says Greg Saroka, president of Goldray Industries. “Many of our customers are located in the Northeastern United States and with the global desire to conserve energy resources, it only makes sense to manufacture products in the area in which they will be consumed. Also, with new product lines and additional manufacturing space coming onboard at the Calgary facility in January, this move allows us to transfer some of our capacity requirements to New York.”

“New York is a big market for us,” adds Cathie Saroka, marketing director for the company, “so we wanted to be closer and have a more integrated operation close to New York. The company is making an extensive investment in plant upgrades to add the decorative glass manufacturing capabilities and continues utilizing its cutting, tempering and fabricating capabilities.”

Zach Weiner, president of Colonial Glass Solutions, will be an equal partner with Saroka in the new venture.

“This partnership could not have come at a better time for Colonial and our customers,” Weiner says. “Goldray’s reputation as a reliable supplier was the main reason I decided to team up with Greg. This alliance allows us to leverage our strategic location with superior products, reliability and technical support.”Colonial and Goldray have already begun to integrate operations and eliminate redundancies in their business operations. In addition, the facility will upgrade its order processing and accounting systems to Goldray’s proprietary system that was developed specifically for the glass industry.

Wausau Completes Move to Green Manufacturing Center

Wausau Window and Wall Systems has completed the move to its new 370,000-square-foot manufacturing center and office building located on 51 acres in Wausau, Wis. The building was designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Silver-level certification.

The company’s new manufacturing center showcases energy-efficient and sustainable building products manufactured by the company and its sister businesses. Whenever possible, recycled and regional materials were used throughout the facility. In addition, nearly 80 percent of site waste was recycled during the year-long construction. 

In addition, Wausau has expanded its website to include a green building section. The green building content links visitors with information and downloadable reference tools such as LEED criteria, rating systems and product contributions; LEED checklist and sample submittals; and performance upgrade tables.


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