Volume 43, Issue 2 - February 2008

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Two Updated Manuals Coming Later in 2008
by Ashley M. Charest

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has marketed several technical and educational manuals over the past decade. Two of the most popular, the GANA Glazing Manual and the GANA Sealant Manual, are in the process of being updated and revised, and both will be released to the industry later this year.

Updating the Glazing Manual
The first and most popular is the GANA Glazing Manual. Considered by many to be the “Bible of the commercial glazing industry,” this manual was actually published for the first time in 1958 by the Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA), which merged later with the Glass Tempering Association (GTA) and the Laminators Safety Glass Association (LSGA) to form GANA in 1994. The 2008 edition of the GANA Glazing Manual will mark its 50th anniversary in the industry.

The current revision process for the manual involves each of GANA’s seven divisions, with each division focusing on its own expertise. While the overall outline of the GANA Glazing Manual will remain generally the same as in past editions, specific technical information within the manual is being updated to reflect changes and advances in the industry, and all of the charts and graphics in the manual are being refreshed and updated for better use by the owner.

Revamping the Sealant Manual 
The GANA Sealant Manual is having its first update in nearly two decades with this year’s edition. The manual was originally published in 1983 as a replacement to the FGMA Glazing Sealing Systems Manual, and the last edition available was published in 1990. The GANA Sealant Manual is a required document for certification as a contract glazier in various parts of the United States.

Ellen Zerucha of Tremco Inc. is chairing the task group in charge of updating the GANA Sealant Manual. This edition of the GANA Sealant Manual will be a top-to-bottom revision of the document, with a complete change in the outline and scope of many sections in the manual. Additionally, the new manual will include full-color graphics throughout the entirety of the document for an enhanced experience for those who purchase it.

In the manual, the reader will find more than lists of types of sealants and their properties—the updated version will include graphic details of joint types, photos illustrating compatibility and stain conditions, information on the importance of sealants in restoration and protective glazing, and solutions to real world issues in the section titled “Good Sealant Practices.” That section provides guidelines for preconstruction activities that should be practiced throughout our industry. It is hoped that after review of the Sealant Manual, the reader will have a comprehensive understanding of the significant role sealants play in today’s construction projects and use this information to increase the efficiency and productivity of construction jobs.

The primary focus of the GANA Sealant Manual is the commercial fenestration market. The document is intended to cover sealant used in glass and metal, specifically in vertical wall systems or fenestration glazing. This manual is not intended to be used as a reference in the residential fenestration market; the intent is for it to be used and embraced by commercial glazing contractors and architects. 

Look for both of these manuals to be released later this year on our website. Members of the industry will be able to purchase them online at www.glasswebsite.com

Ashley M. Charest is the account executive for GANA. Ms. Charest’s opinions are solely her own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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