Volume 43, Issue 1 - January 2008

Reviews & Previews

PGC Symposium Focuses on Hurricane Glazing

Many of the sessions during the Protective Glazing Council’s (PGC) Annual Symposium in November, at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, Va., focused on hurricane and windstorm issues, and covered everything from current standards, standards developments and testing procedures to insurance-related issues. The event was opened by Scott Haddock, president of PGC, who welcomed attendees and then turned the podium over to a representative from The Safe America Foundation in Marietta, Ga.

“We save lives that otherwise might be lost to crashes or disasters,” explained Henry Munford, executive vice president of Safe America.

Munford said there is a growing understanding among Americans that federal and state governments cannot tackle safety concerns on their own and, post-September 11, nonprofits have rallied to help. Representatives of the insurance and testing industries were also on-hand.

“Anything Mother Nature can throw at you, we can throw at your product,” said Jeffrey E. Gould, P.E., senior engineering specialist for FM Approvals. He said the primary concern for insurance agencies continues to be water intrusion and related damages. Gould explained that the insurance industry does provide incentives for protective glazing features, but it’s “not always a deal killer.”

Following his presentation, several attendees posed questions regarding how independent companies and organizations achieve acceptance of third-party certifications and testing methods throughout the industry. There also were questions relating to acceptance and relevance outside of the expected Miami-Dade area. 

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