Volume 43, Issue 6 - June 2008

After 25 Years, It’s Still All New
Glass Presents Its 25th Annual Guide to New Products

There’s something to be said for age. There are, of course, the adages about fine wine, good cheese and great friends improving with time, and the often-recited wisdom that age and experience go hand-in-hand. It hardly needs to be said that, as time passes, the glass industry is improving with time, as each passing year brings ever more impressive, and high performing, products to the marketplace. And after 25 years, USGlass magazine’s Guide to New Products is still keeping things fresh by bringing its readers the latest new products of interest to the glass and glazing industries. From glass and aluminum to finished doors and windows, and the machinery that puts it together, manufacturers have been busy across the board. So sit back, relax (perhaps with that well-aged wine and cheese mentioned above!) and peruse the next 20 pages for information on the products that will help move your company into the future. 

New Products Provide a Guardian from the Sun

Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Guardian’s SunGuard AG 50 is a low-E coating with just enough reflectivity to provide a crisp, uniform appearance. The spectrally selective coating, which allows high amounts of visible light into a building while minimizing solar heat gain, now comes in light silver, silver gray and green. 

CrystalGray™ is a new float glass substrate with a very light gray tint. In addition to its neutral color, CrystalGray offers an improved light to solar gain ratio compared to standard blue and gray tinted float glass. The technology behind the products allows for high light transmission while reflecting infrared energy, thereby reducing the heat gain for many architectural applications. 

The new SunGuard Royal Blue 40 combines low-E performance with a blue appearance but does it without the cost, heat absorption and bluish transmitted light of coatings on blue float glass, according to the company. It comes in three shades: royal blue, blue gray and aquamarine.  www.SunGuardGlass.com

fire-rated glass
Improve Your Vision AGC Interedge in Sausalito, Calif., is offering its Vision 60 System™. This 60-minute fire-rated transparent wall is uninterrupted by intermediate frames and uses Pyrobel® 60 glazing and Quick-Frame™ or StileLite™ framing. The glazing panels are separated by 0.16 inches of space, which is filled with a silicone caulking. www.firesafe-glass.com

TGP Aims for Infinite Options

Utilizing the strength of steel, SteelBuilt Curtainwall™ Systems from Technical Glass Products in Kirkland, Wash., allow larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and wider free-spans than is possible with aluminum framing. The Infinity Series uses back mullions of virtually any profile, including I-, T-, U and L-shapes, and can use as a back mullion almost any type of framing member, from stainless steel to glulam beams.  www.tgpamerica.com  

Forget SPF—Check Out SC-1 Sunscreens The UNA-CLAD™ SC-1 extruded aluminum sunscreen system from Firestone Metal Products in Anoka, Minn., aims for design flexibility with its wide selection of blade types, outrigger profiles, wall attachment options and custom fabrication capabilities. 

The UNA-CLAD SC-1 blade options include welded or mechanically attached pieces that can be set to any angle and spaced as required. The product is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  www.unaclad.com

insulating glass
Glasslam Goes for Insulation and Impact Resistance With the start of hurricane season on June 1, Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. in Pompano Beach, Fla., is launching its new, patent pending Air-Tight Sudden Impact IG System, enabling window companies and glass fabricators to produce insulating glass to meet hurricane impact codes quickly and efficiently. With the new system, a layer of crystal clear resin is applied with a proprietary process, bonding one interior glass surface with the spacer, and rapidly creating a hurricane impact unit with one lite less than usual. www.glasslam.com

Get it All Through Allglass™With six contemporary hardware options and a single source of contact from initial design through installation, the new Allglas™ interior officefront system from DORMA Glas in Millersville, Md., offers architects and interior designers a streamlined way to create modern frameless glass interior officefronts.

According to the company, not only does this system maximize the amount of glass while minimizing framing and hardware, but it is the first fully integrated system in the interior glass industry. The Allglas system delivers a glass-dominated interior, including design assistance, tempered glass panels and hardware, turnkey installation and ongoing maintenance. www.dorma-usa.com

material handling
Metalcraft Engineering Carries a New Load

Metalcraft Engineering in New Zealand has formed an alliance with a Seattle, Wash.-based Allied Body Works Inc. for its lightweight range of glass carrier racks. The lightweight aluminum racks are suitable for use on all pickups, ½- to 3-ton, and on all van models. 

The racking features sprung-loaded glass retaining poles with non-marking retention blocks. Roof rack or gutter-mounted systems are available for all models of vans. www.glassracking.com 

Slip Into Something More Comfortable—and Safer, Too
Supreme Corp.®, a textile research and development company in Conover, N.C., has introduced a new cut, slash and abrasion protective apparel for the glass industry. According to information from the company, Tuff-n-Lite® is 15 times stronger than steel with the comfort and flexibility of cotton. The Keel Jacket was specially designed for the glass industry with “no scratch” zippers and “anti-ride-up” thumb loops preventing exposed areas. Its breathable knitted construction has up to four times the life expectancy of aramids. www.tuffnlite.com

machinery & equipment
Don’t Move—with Wedge-Lock

Glazelock Inc. of Kankakee, Ill., has developed a new way in which wood and plastic come together and interact with its Wedge-Lock wood composite shim. This technology automatically reacts to varying shim situations.

When shimming a window, the Wedge-Lock’s unique locking system will optimize any job. These shims will not move, according to the company. 

Cut Up with Fletcher-Terry Fletcher-Terry Co. in Farmington, Conn., is offering its 3000 multi-material wall cutting unit to glass fabricators as an off-line cutting method for custom cutting and prototype usage. The tool scores both glass and acrylic substrates up to ¼-inch thick with a cutting capacity of 63 inches.

A lever-type clamping system covers the machine’s entire height to prevent material shifting during the scoring process. A ramping feature on the glass cutting turret allows the device to be lifted on top of the glass, resulting in a clean edge break.  www.fletcher-terry.com 

Let This Mule Carry Your Load
The Mule from Quattrolifts in Henderson, Nev., was designed to help one man lift and rotate up to 660 pounds of glass or insulating glass units by himself. It can load and unload glass, mirrors and double-glazed units onto cutting tables, edgework machines, trucks and dollies, all while reducing OHSA risks. www.quattrolifts.com

Bolt Technical Ceramics Keeps On Rolling 
The Fairfield, N.J.-based Bolt Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC) is offering fused silica rollers engineered specifically for use in annealing furnace applications due to their high flexural strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The transport rollers can be used in the manufacture of tempered safety glass for architectural applications.

The rollers are available in a wide variety of standard dimensions, and custom designs and dimensions are available. www.morganadvancedceramics.com

Grenzebach Attends to Coated Glass 
A fully automated line for coated glass production is available from Grenzebach Corp. in Newnan, Ga. It features 100-percent automated cutting, transport and stacking operations. 

During production, the coated surface of the glass is not touched either before or after the coating is applied. The inline cutting feature with automated break-out allows the user to optimize coater performance by running stock sizes and also to respond to the ever-increasing demand for customized glass sizes. The integration of process buffers and accumulators accommodate interruptions in coater operation and ensure consistent speed and high quality, according to the company. www.grenzebach.com 

Accu-Cure™ Provides Cool Curing for Glass Printing Chicago-based A.W.T. World Trade Inc.’s broad range of Accu-Cure™ ultraviolet (UV) curing units provide solutions for curing decorated or imprinted flat glass of all sizes. Accu-Cure’s computer-designed cooling system safely cures all types of ultraviolet inks and coatings while minimizing the heat transmitted to the substrate. Operators can adjust gate height on the curing head module to accommodate varied stock thicknesses and eliminate light leakage. The operator also may adjust the UV lamp output from 100 to 300 or 400 watts. An ozone removal system vents ozone and hot air out of the working area. The Accu-Cure is available in configurations of one or more lamps. www.awt-gpi.com

testing equipment
New Spectrophotometer Broadens Analytical Capabilities 
PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences in Waltham, Mass., has launched a spectrophotometer capable of testing a wide range of materials, including highly reflective and anti-reflective coatings and all types of glass. The spectrophotometer enables accurate absorbance and transmittance measurements with speed, accuracy and high dynamic range on all types of glass material. The company says it provides accuracy, resolution and sensitivity in the near-infrared region for broadband and silicon-based anti-reflective coatings and all thin film optical filters. www.perkinelmer.com/new-limits

Amesbury Locca Blurs the Line Between Hard- and Software 
Amesbury Locca in Sioux Falls, S.D., is bringing wireless remote access to homes and businesses. The new Access and Multi products give users the ability to push a remote button and then push through the door. According to the company, it utilizes an electronic strike in the doorframe that releases the locked latch on existing hardware. It works with rim and panic bars too.

The Connecta is a wireless intercom that allows users not only to speak to guests but unlock the door for them from up to 200 yards away. Users can speak to visitors and then unlock the door to let them in from the same handheld intercom.  www.amesburylocca.com

Kaba Offers a One-Key Wonder
The Peaks Preferred® patented key control system from Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Kaba Access Control offers flexibility and extensive retrofitability with the convenience of a one key system, making replacements or upgrades simple and economical. The security system offers a long patent life—through 2024. With security features that protect both the keys and the cylinders, it gives the user complete control over key duplication—including legal protection against unauthorized manufacture or sale of key blanks, cut keys and pinned cylinders. www.kabaaccess.com

What You Can’t See Can Hurt Your Hardware
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has an addition to its product line that you can’t see to believe. The company is now offering lines of Schlage levers and locks, Von Duprin exit and panic devices, Glynn-Johnson push/pull levers and Ives door accessories with an optional antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on their surfaces. The antimicrobial clear coat is a durable BHMA-compliant coating intended to provide long lasting protection to the door hardware and enhance its appearance. The coating utilizes ionic silver (AG+), a natural antimicrobial.  www.securitytechnologies.in gersollrand.com 

Flip Through These Pages
The AMO9 Architectural Metals Catalog from Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence features the complete and expanded line of column covers/cladding, wall panels, canopies, sunshades, awnings, P-post railings, perforated panels, architectural wire cloth systems, spider fittings and standoff systems. The catalog shows numerous images of completed installations and, according to the company, contains a wealth of technical and specification data. It can be viewed or downloaded online. www.crlaurence.com 

AGA Gets to the Source
The latest edition of the all new and enlarged the Source® manual, the only glass and glazing interpretation in the country, is now available from the Americas Glass Association. The entirety of the International Building Code’s Chapter 24 is reprinted in the Source with illustrations and interpretations, as well as other chapters referring to glass. It is available in soft cover, tabbed binder or (non-printable) CD. www.americasglassassn.org

doors and windows 
TRACO Brings Thermal Impact Products to the Coast
The Biscayne Shutterless™ line of products by Cranberry Township, Pa.-based TRACO now includes a full line of thermal aluminum impact coastal area doors and windows. The products feature a 2 ¾-inch thermally broken frame and insulating laminated glass.

The products have certifications from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, National Fenestration Rating Council, Energy Star®, the Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance. www.traco.com 

decorative glass
If It Looks Like Marble, It Might Be LLD Glass

According to information from LLD Glass Inc. in Houston, the company’s new simulation-marble glass is comparable to the real thing. The colorful and durable glass product features lively graphics, environmental sanitation materials and a low cost. Although it has a maximum size of 47.2-inches wide, the length can be extended freely.    

The company also is offering three-dimensional decorative glass strips for use on doors, windows or folding screens. The strips can be pasted onto any glass surface quickly and easily using a ultraviolet pasting technique to create patterns and design. The highly transparent glass strips feature a crystal texture. www.miaolinglass.com

alternative glazing
MAKROLON® 15is Lighter Than Glass

New MAKROLON® 15 polycarbonate sheet from Sheffield Plastics, a Bayer MaterialScience Co., offers weatherability and increased protection against tough environmental conditions and long-term UV exposure. According to the company, MAKROLON 15 sheet is lighter than glass and features strong insulation properties, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for architectural, security and other applications. According to the company, MAKROLON 15 sheet also demonstrates strong impact and abrasion resistance. www.sheffieldplastics.com 

storefronts and entrances
Enter Through All Glass 

United Glass Corp. in Louisville, Ky., has launched the Tuf-flex™ family of all-glass entrance systems. The portfolio of products includes all-glass swing and sliding doors, structural glass walls and glass canopies. 

Tuf-flex entrances are available with a wide variety of hardware and finishes. All fabrication, including custom artwork, is done in-house. www.ugcinfo.com

decorative glass
AGC Goes for Decorative Luxury
Matelux® from AGC Flat Glass North America in Alpharetta, Ga., is an acid-etched glass with a satin finish and a neutral, translucent appearance. It filters light softly, smoothes out contours and produces silhouettes for a distinct appearance. It is available in numerous color choices, extra clear and in thicknesses ranging from 0.12 to 0.75 inches. It is also available with a double sided satin finish or a reflective Stopsol® coating for exterior applications. www.afg.com  

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