Volume 43, Issue 3 - March 2008

Global Update

India Develops Safety Glazing Guidelines 

India’s Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS) has released a Good Practice Guide on the selection and installation of glass in buildings. Its goal is to “provide a universally accepted method for selection and installation of glass in buildings that is safe and sound in relation to human safety.” 

The guide focuses on safety glass, including tempered glass, laminated glass and safety organic-coated glass. 

Members of CCPS’s glass and glazing group, headed by Amit Malhotra of McCoy Silicones, are Glass and Glazing Technologies Pvt. Ltd, AGV Alfab Ltd, Alupro Building Systems Pvt. Ltd., Dow Corning India, Saint Gobain Ltd., Gujarat Guardian Ltd., ZAK Trade Fairs, GSC Toughened Glass Ltd., Pilkington Glass, EI DuPont India Pvt. Ltd. and AIS Glass Solutions Ltd.In addition, CCPS is working on standardizing door and window installation throughout the country. The organization surveyed 1,500 professionals to identify the most commonly used door and window sizes in India. Based on these results, certain sizes were “short-listed as standard sizes to be used in commercial and non-commercial construction.” The standards will be voluntary. www.ccpsindia.com

Guardian RAK Glass Plant Begins Production
Float glass production is underway on a fast track schedule in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), United Arab Emirates, according to Guardian Industries and its joint venture partners, National Co. for Glass Industries and Al Zamil Group. Construction of the new plant took just over one year from when ground was broken to the first “ribbon pull.” 

Known as Guardian RAK, the plant will produce 700 tons of float glass per day, including high-performance glass for construction and automotive applications. It employs approximately 300 people and is expected to generate as many as 1,000 additional jobs in related supplier and logistics industries. 

The RAK plant is the second one constructed in the region by these partners, following the 1996 opening of the GulfGuard project in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, the region’s first float glass plant. www.guardian.com

China Glass Production Criteria Tightened 
The Chinese government’s “Criteria for Access to Float Glass Industry,” which took effect in October, states that no new projects, with the exception of new production lines for high-quality float glass products, will be approved in the Eastern coastal and Central regions of the country.

According to an article from China Daily, the National Development and Reform Commission had previously said that local governments should take measures to eliminate outdated float glass production and instead focus on renovating facilities. In an effort to improve the industry, the “Criteria for Access” document sets strict standards, ranging from the layout of enterprises, techniques and facilities, product variety and quality to energy consumption and environmental protection for float glass production. 

To save energy and reduce pollution, China is expected to eliminate a total of 30 million boxes from production by 2010, according to the publication. 

Chinese Manufacturer Wins Windows Trademark
Ningbo Windows Glass Co., a Chinese glass manufacturer, has won the right to a trademark for “Windows” in a dispute with Microsoft Corp., according to an article from Orient Today

Ningbo registered for the Chinese and English trademark for “Windows” shortly after his company was founded in 2001. Soon after, an attorney for Microsoft demanded the Chinese company remove its use of the term, which Microsoft has trademarked worldwide. According to the article, Ningbo maintained that “Windows” is linked to the computer giant when mentioned in the context of computers, but the term is used in a number of other fields. In addition, the two trademarks are designed quite differently. Finally, Ningbo noted that its use of the trademark would not impinge upon Microsoft’s business as the two companies serve different fields. 

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