Volume 43, Issue 5 - May 2008

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Barber Glass Industries to Expand Facility; 
Adding Large-Sized Glass

Barber Glass Industries Inc. in Guelph, Ontario, is making plans to expand to a second facility. The company has secured 170,000 square feet of industrial space approximately 90 minutes north of Toronto, in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

While Barber Glass already offers laminated, tempering and silkscreened products, with its new facility it will soon be able to offer these and other products on a larger scale. 

“We’ve extensive experience with these technologies in our current facility, up to 96 inches high by 144 inches wide,” says Michael D. Wellman, vice president of sales and marketing of Barber Glass Industries. “Now we are focusing on adding insulating glass to our product offering and going to 130-by-240 inches across the board.” 

The company also will add insulating products to its line, as well as back painting. 

Wellman explained that customer demand led to the new expansion, but planning ahead brought the company to examine oversize lites. “A couple of our long-time customers have been working on projects that required these new technologies. On the basis of their confidence in working with us, we decided to move forward with our plans for expansion,” Wellman says. 

“Current trending in the European market involves greater use of oversize products and we are beginning to see more architectural use of such products over here in North America. We feel that we can develop a strong niche in this area of the market which we believe is currently underserviced.”

The new facility is currently expected to be fully operational by January 1, 2009. www.barberglass.com

TruStile® Doors Opens Third Facility in Denver’s Adams County
TruStile® Doors in Denver is preparing to open a new $3.3 million facility. The commercial and residential door manufacturer is refurbishing an aging building in North Denver that will provide corporate office space and act as a new packaging and shipping facility.

“It’s exciting to grow in an otherwise depressed housing and construction market. We owe our success to our unique product offering, manufacturing flexibility and talented staff,” says Scott Schmid, president and chief executive officer.

The company currently runs two manufacturing facilities in Adams County, Colo., and owns an additional, rail-served storage facility in Denver County. TruStile’s management team expects the new building to support the company’s continued success over the next five years. www.trustile.com 

M3 Glass Technologies Adds Glass Laminating System
M3 Glass Technologies, a division of Mammen Glass & Mirror Inc. in Irving, Texas, has begun production of laminated glass. The company views the technology as a value-added process that will complement its existing products.

“We are excited to offer our customers a whole new range of products utilizing our lamination equipment,” says Chris Mammen, president. “We won’t be making stock sheets of lammy; instead, we will be seeking out custom make-ups and unique applications—jobs that require attention to detail. 

For example, we can laminate multiple pieces of glass that have been routed into shapes on our CNC equipment, polished and drilled, and the completed piece will have edges and holes that are perfectly aligned. We will address laminating with the same critical eye that we use for edging and tempering glass. Our customers expect nothing less.”

The laminated glass produced by M3 Glass Technologies consists of a protective interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) bonded between two or more lites of glass. Applications for laminated safety glass include doors, storefront windows and any other location where human impact and thus safety are considerations. Besides these typical applications, M3 Glass Technologies will also focus on design-driven applications, such as glass stair treads, glass flooring, glass handrail and decorative glass.

In the first quarter of 2008, the company also added a new ALPA 323/4N CNC machine, as well as a new glass drill and GEMY V10 flat-polish and mitre machine, all from Bavelloni. The GEMY V10 gives the company a total of four flat-polish machines, all less than 3 years old. www.mammen.com

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