Volume 43, Issue 5 - May 2008

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The New UNA-CLAD™ Series 1200 Wall Panel System
For a low-cost water managed system that controls the impact of wind-driven rain on exterior walls, Firestone Metal Products in Anoka, Minn., is offering the new UNA-CLAD™ Series 1200 aluminum composite wall panel system.

The Series 1200 aluminum composite wall panel system utilizes a new UNA-SEAL™ foam gasket closure at the panel joints, providing water and weather resistance. The barrier system behind the cladding allows air pressure to be transmitted through the panel system by way of vented openings in the panels, preventing wind-driven rain from entering the wall cavity.

Panels are attached to the perimeter framing without the use of exposed fasteners, and are then mounted to the wall with a unique snap-on slide clip. In addition to fast and easy installation, the company says the caulk-free system is low maintenance. www.unaclad.com

SAF Rounds Out Offering with Telescoping Tubes 
Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) is now stocking telescoping round tubes made of 6063-T832 aluminum alloy. The telescoping tubes are manufactured to fit together snugly and, company literature says, may not be appropriate for load-bearing and extended-length applications. The telescoping round tubes are available in 12-foot lengths with a 0.058-inch wall thickness. Outside diameters may be specified in 1⁄8-inch increments from ¾- to 1 3⁄8-inch. The tubes are available in mill, anodized 204r1, anodized dark bronze, anodized black 2-step or custom finishes. www.saf.com

decorative glass
Pulp Studio Gains New Expressions™
Los-Angeles based decorative glass manufacturer Pulp Studio is now licensed to use DuPont™ SentryGlas® Expressions™ digital interlayer technology. The agreement with DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions in Wilmington, Del., allows Pulp Studio to produce and distribute high-definition, decorative safety glass interlayers. 

The technology uses a proprietary process developed by DuPont to print directly onto the plastic interlayer of laminated safety glass. Previously, Pulp Studio had relied on DuPont technology demonstration equipment in the United States to print and supply the decorative interlayers. Company literature says that printing the polyvinyl butyral interlayers in the same location where laminating occurs will help the company provide a faster, more efficient response to customer needs. Pulp Studio also will be adding a full service division called Artwerks that will assist designers in the art development of their projects. www.pulpstudio.com

Like a Rock 
WorldGlass, a decorative glass organization based in Tampa, Fla., has released a glass product that it says outperforms natural and engineered stone surfaces. Although it looks similar to marble, the company says that Micro Glass actually has a higher compressive strength and zero water absorption. As a composite glass, it is also extremely durable. Micro Glass is GREENGUARD-certified and suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is offered in an array of colors. www.worldglassag.com

Decal Provides a Decorative Alternative Heinrich Ceramic 
Decal Inc. in Worcester, Mass., offers a way to decorate glass with complex and realistic designs using decals printed with ceramic oxide inks. Decals can be custom-made to meet specific manufacturing requirements, including tempering cycles. The decal capabilities include a tightly registered four-color process and multi-color images printed with heavy metal-free inks. Decals eliminate the need for set-up costs associated with direct screening and offer a product consistently printed just-in-time that can be used to decorate flat glass and compound curves, according to information from the company. www.heinrich-decal.com

Walker Reveals Nuances in Decorative Glass
Walker Glass in Montreal has launched a new patterned acid-etched glass and mirror product line: Walker Textures™ Nuance. The patterns feature a distinctive two-tone acid-etched finish combination that provides a unique visual and textural effect, due to the depth variation of the design. The initial program includes stock patterns and has the flexibility to offer custom and/or exclusive patterns based on the project or client needs. The Nuance products are available in glass and mirror in a wide variety of colors including clear, bronze, grey, black, green, blue and Starphire ultra-clear glass by PPG. Using North American float glass, the standard size is 96 by 130 inches, offered in a range of thicknesses from 3- to 19-mm in glass and 3- to 6-mm in mirror. www.walkerglass.com

Unitized Aluminum from U.S. Aluminum
The new Series 5250 unitized curtainwall from United States Aluminum in Waxahachie, Texas, is available as either a fully captured or vertically butt-glazed system with a 2 ½-inch sightline and 7 ½-inch overall depth. The system is designed to be flexible with up to 2.5 percent inter-story drift to absorb building movement. 

The curtainwall utilizes a three-way adjustable anchor designed for easy adjustment during erection. Thermal efficiency is accomplished by using a non-conductive injection-molded thermoplastic connector. Exterior and interior members are joined using the thermoplastic connector resulting in superior thermal performance. Series 5250 accommodates a 1-inch insulating glass infill or ¼-inch spandrel. Dual or two-tone colors can be achieved by specifying different finishes for the exterior face covers and interior mullions. www.usalum.com

material handling
Not On Your Lite 
A lot can happen on a construction site once the windows are installed. That’s why HPE Inc. in Cincinnati is offering a new, economical damage prevention product system for architectural metal-framed windows during the interior finishing of large-scale high-rise buildings. 

Curtainwall Protector (CP) consists of a laminated and scored 0.08-caliper solid paperboard along with rolls of specifically formulated removable tape. According to information from the company, the easy-to-use product ships flat, requires minimal storage, sets up and forms easily into vertical and horizontal applications and is held in place by a special removable tape that leaves no residue. CP is made from 100-percent recovered and recycled fibers and is fully recyclable and sustainable. www.hpepaper.com

No Approximations—GANA Now Has 19 GIBs
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released its 19th Glass Informational Bulletin (GIB), a series of educational documents available to the industry as a free download on its website. Approximate Weight of Architectural Flat Glass provides approximate weights of architectural flat glass by thickness designations as published by North American manufacturers. “Calculating the weight of architectural flat glass is a question that our staff receives on a weekly basis,” says Ashley Charest, account executive for GANA. “This newest Glass Informational Bulletin will be an extremely helpful guide to design professionals, wall system manufacturers and construction managers when needing an approximate weight for glass used in their projects.” www.glasswebsite.com

machinery & equipment
Casso-Solar Helps Manufacturers Expand Services 
The Glass Machinery Group of Casso-Solar in Pomona, N.Y., has introduced a glass laminating kiln for batch operations to serve the expanding markets of companies bringing low-production laminating in-house. The batch laminating kiln operates by the vacuum process, which the company says is suitable for almost all types of products, including tempered and bent glasses with PVB, EVA or other interlayer films. The laminated glass can be produced in standard widths of 72, 84 and 96 inches and three lengths 72, 144 and 216 inches. Single or double units are available to provide up to two independent chambers with two bed loads in each. 

The company also has unveiled a new system to meet demand for spandrel glass fabrication. With the “etch-look” gaining interest within the industry, the company’s spandrel system allows users to match this application with the ability to apply an ultra thin deposit of low-solid/semi-transparent coating flawlessly. The spandrel system permits end users to choose any number of coating combinations to meet customers’ requirements. The new spandrel system is available in four standard widths of 60, 72, 84 and 96 inches. glass.cassosolar.com 

Quattrolifts Offers a Mule for Lifting 
Being called stubborn as a mule isn’t a compliment, but apparently being as productive as a mule is. The Mule, a machine from Quattrolifts in Henderson, Nev., was designed for one man to lift and rotate up to 660 pounds of glass or insulating glass units.

The Mule can load and unload glass, mirrors and double-glazed units onto cutting tables, edgework machines, trucks and dollies while reducing OHSA risks. For glazing shops that don’t have overhead cranes or limited crane reach, the Mule can be used to move glass around from a rack to a cutting table and rotate glass on an edgework machine. Glaziers can also use the Mule to load and unload trucks that are parked outside their shops. www.quattrolifts.com 

To Curtainwall Infinity and Beyond
Utilizing the strength of steel, SteelBuilt Curtainwall™ systems from Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Kirkland, Wash., allow for designs with larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and wider free-spans than is possible with aluminum framing. SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ takes design flexibility even further by offering back mullions of virtually any profile, including I-, T-, U- and L-shapes, and can use as a back mullion almost any type of framing member, from stainless steel to glulam beams. www.tgpamerica.com

insulating glass
Pilkington Brings SPACIA™ Vacuum Glazing Units to North Americ
SPACIA™, developed and manufactured by Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG) in Japan, is the first sealed, vacuum insulating glass unit (IGU) that provides twice the thermal insulation of a conventional IGU, and four times the insulation of single-lite glass. It is available in a slender 6-mm profile. The company announces that the technology that has been helping architects in Asia and Europe achieve leading edge thermal performance since 1996, is available in North America from Pilkington.

SPACIA uses low-E glass and a very thin vacuum space to achieve its high thermal performance. The 0.2-mm vacuum gap minimizes heat flow due to the conductance and convection between the two lites of glass, while the low-E restricts the radiation heat flow. With a center-of-glass U-value as low as 0.2 Btu/hr.sqft.ºF, SPACIA can contribute significant energy savings and comfort to renovations and new construction projects alike. According to the company, the unique construction reduces HVAC cooling loads, provides sound insulation, reduce condensation on windows no matter what season and make buildings more energy-efficient. www.nsg-spacia.co.jp


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