Volume 43, Issue 11 - November 2008


A GANA Product Parade
Showcasing the Products of GANA's Members


The Glass Association of North America (GANA) represents many of the glass industry’s top manufacturers within its seven divisions. We’re spotlighting many of the products they offer in our special GANA-member showcase section. 

Decorative Glass
AGC Introduces Matelux® 
AGC in Alpharetta, Ga., offers exclusive access to Matelux®, a satin-finish glass produced using an acid-etching technique that gently “frosts” its surface. Despite its soft, translucent appearance, Matelux retains all the mechanical and thermal properties of float glass. It can be tempered, laminated, assembled into double glazing, bevel-cut and otherwise processed. It is available in thicknesses from 0.12 to 0.75 inches, as well as many colors and processing options—including dual-sided glazings that combine Matelux with Stopsol® reflective coatings. 

A New Coating for Glass Decoration
The LustReflex product line from Cleveland-based Ferro Corp. produces a partial mirror effect offering architects and designers a new spectrum of design options. The versatile coating is capable of creating unique visual effects on glass surfaces and offers decorators a flexible screen-printing option for producing reflective coatings, as an alternative to sputtering and CVD.

Offering both design flexibility and durability, LustReflex is patternable and suitable for large areas to provide a homogeneous effect as well as multiple surfaces to lend visual interest to a piece. 

Lines and Dots and So Much More
Viracon in Owatonna, Minn., is making it easier than ever to add silkscreened ceramic frit to a project. The company has expanded its Viraspan Design standard silkscreen patterns to include 14 different designs.

The eight patterns in the “lines” series and six patterns in the “dots and holes” series offer a range of coverage from 20 to 60 percent.  After selecting a pattern, customers can choose from 14 standard ceramic frit colors or incorporate a custom frit color to create a tailored look.

Of course, custom designs still can be accommodated through the Viraspan Design-Plus program.

Walker Creates New Textures™
Montreal-based Walker Glass Co. Ltd. has introduced a new design, Walker Textures™ Nuance, to its line of patterned acid-etched glass. Pattern #104 replicates the effect of water drops on glass. It is available on different substrates—including clear, ultraclear and selected tints—in thicknesses of 10 or 12 mm and stock sheet sizes as large as 96 by 130 inches. 

Adhesives and Sealants
Tremco Announces Its ETA 
Tremco Glazing Solutions Group in Beachwood, Ohio, is offering an engineered transition assembly for providing continuity at transitions from window or structural framing to adjacent air and vapor barrier systems. The unique composition of the patent-pending Proglaze® engineered transition assembly (ETA) allows it to span and seal across irregular window geometries while absorbing dynamic movement and wind-loading stresses without pulling apart.

Framed by Patriot
The Patriot Series™ by Accura Systems Inc. in Sunnyvale, Texas, is a comprehensive line of enhanced framing systems engineered to accommodate stringent security glazing criteria. The curtainwall and fixed-window systems are resistant to blasts, ballistics, hurricane impact and forced-entry.  

The products are typically provided factory assembled and glazed to ensure quality and performance. The framing systems are tested by independent laboratories and meet various governmental standards for blast protection.

DORMA’s Fasteners Are Under Wraps 
The new VISUR double-acting pivot system from DORMA Glas in Millersville, Md., enables the installation of all-glass double acting doors without any visible fittings. All of the hardware components for both single- and double-door configurations are completely concealed in the surrounding structures of the door panel. 

The VISUR system includes a header tube, and top and bottom pivots. VISUR is paired with the RTS88 concealed overhead door closer to operate the closing function invisibly. RTS88 closer models meet interior barrier-free demands on 3-foot-wide center-hung single or double-acting doors and conform to ANSI A156.4 requirements. 

Endurance tests have subjected the VISUR double-acting pivot system to 500,000 operating cycles, proving that the system will stand up to demanding traffic over time. 

Insulating Glass Components
Molver Moves In
Toronto-based Fenzi North America has added the Molver desiccant to its product line. Available for both manual and auto filling stations, the company says that its Molver 3A provides high water adsorption for insulating glass (IG) production. 

The company also currently manufactures and distributes Thiover polysulphide, Butylver PIB along with Alu Pro and Roll Tech spacer profiles for the IG market.

Equipment and Machinery
Glasstech Goes Solar 
Perrysburg, Ohio-based Glasstech Inc. is expanding the product offerings from its Solar Products Business Unit. The company offers five systems that produce precisely bent or curved glass parts geared toward the concentrating solar power and concentrating photovoltaic (PV) markets, as well as the extremely flat glass parts required by the PV markets. The company reports that it meets the solar industry’s requirement for reliability, repeatability, tight specifications and cost effectiveness with products such as the solar cylindrical radius bender (CRB-S™); the solar external press bender system (EPB-S™) tempering and heat-strengthening system; the solar advanced deep bend and tempering system (DB 4-S™); the solar electric radiant heater flat glass tempering system (ERH-S™); and the solar forced convection heater flat glass tempering system (FCH-S™) gas-fired convection heater system alternative. 

Doors and Windows
An Entrance for the Ages
As a part of its heavy-glass fabrication program, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. in Tamarac, Fla., is offering all glass entrance systems (AGES). With AGES, architects will have the ability to design and specify the look of glass entrances that they want. Numerous hardware and glass options are available. According to the company, its manufacturing points throughout the country make lead-times no problem. 

The Latest Batch of Software
HP3 Software Inc. in Sewickley Pa., designs software solutions for the flat glass industry. Its BatchBan product is a dynamic glass cutting and tempering optimization and production software that leverages patented technology to provide high yields, short cycle times and a lean overall manufacturing process. 

And since customer service is priority at HP3, customers have around-the-clock access to the engineers that designed the software. 

Laminating Glass Components
SentryGlas® Slims Down

For thinner profiles on laminated glass, DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions in Wilmington, Del., has slimmed down its SentryGlas® clear interlayer to measure 0.9-mm thick. Previous offerings were 1.52- and 2.28-mm thick. 

According to information from the company, SentryGlas® is 100 times stiffer than traditional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, and can be used in structural laminated glass in railings, stairs, floors and advanced facade designs.

Huntsman Cools Its Lamination Process
The KRYSTALFLEX® optical aliphatic polyurethane interlayer has been specified in a broad range of glass lamination security glazing applications for more than 20 years, reports Huntsman Polyurethanes in The Woodlands, Texas, but the company is still working to continually improve its product line. 

The new interlayer films are processed at lamination temperatures lower than typical, thus producing glass/plastic composites with lower stress, longer-term adhesion and higher ballistic resistance than previously available. The company also is developing new grades of its interlayer films, with improved cold temperature impact as well as excellent high temperature resistance.

The interlayer films are used to laminate glass and optical-quality, high-impact plastic sheet, such as polycarbonate and acrylic, for a wide range of bullet- or impact-resistant glazing composites. 

Metal Systems
SAF Rounds Out Offering with Telescoping Tubes
Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) has announced that it is stocking telescoping round tubes made of 6063-T832 aluminum alloy. The telescoping tubes are manufactured to fit together snugly and are available in 12-foot lengths with a 0.058-inch wall thickness. Outside diameters may be specified in 1⁄8-inch increments from ¾- to 1 3⁄8-inch. The tubes are available in mill, anodized 204r1, anodized dark bronze, anodized black 2-step or custom finishes, and are not appropriate for load bearing or extended length applications. 

Infinite Possibilities with this Curtainwall
By utilizing the strength of steel, SteelBuilt Curtainwall™ Systems from Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Kirkland, Wash., allow architects and designers to use larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and wider free-spans than is possible with traditional aluminum curtainwall assemblies.

The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ series offers back mullions of virtually any profile, including I-, T-, U- and L-shapes. The system can use as a back mullion almost any type of framing member that can bear the load of the curtainwall, including stainless steel and glulam beams. The back mullion can be adapted to meet nearly any required engineering loads, including high wind loads and large lites. 

The exterior cover caps and interior back mullions of SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity series frames can also be made from stainless steel.

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