Volume 43, Issue 11 - November 2008


Insulating Glass
Hot or Cold, Vision Control Does the Trick

No matter where it is installed, cold or warm climates, Longueuil, Quebec–based Unicel Architectural’s Vision Control® hassle-free louvered glazing helps to reduce the peak cooling and heating loads, according to a study from Concordia University, a research institution in Montreal.The product features blinds sandwiched between insulating glass. According to information from the company, the light propagates through the exterior glass layer, but the louvers reflect the solar heat back outside and diminish its effects due to the air space and the second glass layer. 

Machinery and Equipment
Graco Seals the Deal

Graco in Minneapolis has added the PR70v variable ratio meter, mix and dispense system to its line of compact benchtop units. The PR70v is built to handle a wide range of two-component material formulations, and is suitable for sealing and other functions. The unit features the company’s Control Architecture™ fluid control module (FCM). The MD2 dispense valve on the PR70v dispense system provides accuracy under high pressures. The modular valve features an independent air cylinder and customized material mixing.

Wall Systems
A-1 Stacks Up

Glazing contractor A-1 Glass Inc. in Englewood, Colo., has developed the patent-pending Unistak™ stacking track system so that two or more wall panels can be stacked vertically with no mechanical means of attachment. The system allows for the live-load deflection of each floor to be compensated within the limits of the stack track designs; it also allows for building story drift and seismic considerations and the flexibility for any number of exterior finish products to be either factory-installed or field-applied. Wall panels are made from standard metal stud framing with the stack track used at the head and sill of each wall panel. When installing the wall panels, the first level panels are either dead-loaded (anchored to the first floor or bulkhead) or hung from the floor above. Each wall panel after that is hung from the floor above and engaged into the panel below.  

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