Volume 43, Issue 10 - October 2008

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An Accomplishment for the Industry
GANA’s Glazing Manual Turns 50

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Fifty years ago, the glass and glazing industry was about to undergo a massive technological revolution that no one could have expected. It was 1958, and Sir Alistair Pilkington was one year away from successfully inventing the float glass process, which is the basis for nearly all architectural glazing systems and products, and the industry, today. That year also marked the printing of the first edition of the industry resource still known today as the Glazing Manual. Produced by the Flat Glass Jobbers Association, the document covered the essentials of the glass and glazing industry of the day, much of which has changed significantly since the development of the float glass process. During the 50 years since the first publishing of the Glazing Manual, several technologies that are commonplace now were perfected and implemented into modern construction. Those technologies include advanced tempering methods, laminated glazing applications, coatings design and properties, incredible advancements in thermal protection through insulating glazing units, spacer technologies and more. Decorative glazing applications have increased in the past decade, and new energy technologies such as photovoltaic electricity generation and more have started to expand our expectations of the glazing industry itself. Additionally, fire-resistant glazing has expanded into new areas, providing more protection in many ways.

The last Glazing Manual from the Glass Association of North America (GANA) was published in 2004, and in the four years since, new technology has entered the mainstream in the glass and glazing industry, new standards have been developed and building codes have evolved. Those changes prompted revision to the manual, which is clear in the final product. Many have called the GANA Glazing Manual the “bible” of the industry, and as such, great care and time was taken to make sure the information within is as up-to-date as possible.

“GANA members and staff continually track product technology, codes and standards with the Glazing Manual in mind,” explains Greg Carney, GANA technical director. “The moment a new manual is published, we begin the update process for the next edition as we strive to maintain this important industry resource.”

The Glazing Manual has been a valuable resource to the industry but also the architectural community. “In my opinion, the product information and glazing guidelines in the manual have made it the most frequently referenced resource on glass in architectural resources and construction specifications” adds Carney. “The Glazing Manual has been a valuable resource for me since I started in the industry and received my first copy of the 1980 editions.”

As you can tell, we are excited about the new 50th Anniversary Edition of the GANA Glazing Manual. In our industry, it is a definite “must have,” and I know several firms and companies that keep multiple copies in their offices so their project managers, fabricators and designers have access to this information when they need it (which is frequently on a daily basis). GANA appreciates the member expertise and contributions that help maintain the value of the GANA Glazing Manual.

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