Volume 43, Issue 10 - October 2008

Glass Companies
Get Ready
for Vegas 

Booth #2526: PPG Expands Tints and Coating Options
All of Pittsburgh-based PPG’s tints from the Oceans of Color collection are now offered with Solarban 70XL or Solarban 60 solar control, low- E coating on the second surface of the glass. In addition to providing improved environmental performance, the availability of second-surface coated tints expands aesthetic options.

The company also has introduced Duranar powder coatings for architectural  metals, an extension of the existing line of Duranar liquid coatings for monumental architectural applications such as building panels, curtainwalls and storefronts. The Duranar powder coatings are formulated with extensively screened color pigments to yield performance and durability. The powder coatings are applied using a proprietary, multi-coat system with a primer and a hard powderfilm topcoat to deliver unequalled protection, adhesion and colorfastness, even in extreme environments. ❙❙➤ www.ppgideascapes.com

Booth #3240: From
Functional to Fanciful
Dlubak Corp. in Blairsville, Pa., will display quite a range of products in its booth this year. Among the spotlighted items will be its commercialized RF/IR attenuating glass, which offers full spectrum protection in areas of electronic eavesdropping, wireless security, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic pulse, blast hazard control, solar energy rejection and ultraviolet protection.

The company
also will showcase heavy laminated glass for ballistic, blast mitigation, security and tactical glass applications, as well as decorative glass—both curved and flat—that can be used in designs from skylights to interior office partitions. ❙❙➤ www.dlubakglass.com

Booth #1320: SAF
West Adds Column Cover Fabrication Attendees from the Las Vegas area and other Western states may be interested to know that Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) has added custom column cover fabrication to it’s SAF West branch in Redding, Calif. These customers now may order custom column covers, including square, elliptical and conical shapes, directly from the SAF West branch.❙❙➤ www.saf.com

Booth #826: YKK AP Sees Green
Anyone interested in green products will want to check out Austell, Ga.-based YKK AP’s Cradle to CradleSM(C2C) certified ThermaShade™ sunshade system. C2C certification evaluates the eco-effectiveness of a product by assessing the materials used in its production as well as the production process itself. In its evaluation of building projects for LEED® certification, the U.S. Green Building Council offers credits specifically for C2C certified products. According to YKK, the ThermaShade sunshades optimize the use of natural daylight, reducing energy costs and improving the comfort level for building occupants. ❙❙➤ www.ykkap.com

Booth #1934: Sharing the Sustainability Message As part of Edgetech University, Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech I.G. Inc. will welcome into its booth representatives from the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council, among others, to provide information on energy efficiency and sustainability. Expert resources for ENERGY STAR® updates in the U.S. and Canada also will be on hand. As part of its green message, the company will feature its Super Spacer SustainaView™ window technology.

Featured products at Edgetech’s booth will include the Eco Coat® glass protection system; the UVEKOL® glass laminating system; IntelliClip® muntin end clips; and the enhanced E-Z RAD™ grid placement table. ❙❙➤ www.edgetechig.com

Booth #310 and 1232: GANA’s GIBs Speak Volumes
The latest publication from the Glass Association of North America (GANA) is actually a compilation of earlier publications. GANA’s Glass Informational Bulletins, Volume One includes the first 20 Glass Informational Bulletins (GIB) released to the industry from the technical experts within GANA, as well as an updated version of the Designing Considerations for Laminated Glazing Applications GIB not previously released. ❙❙➤ www.glasswebsite.com

Booth #509: A
Smorgasbord of
Architectural metal fabricator Quality Metalcrafts LLC in Ramsey, Minn., will display a sampling of the products it supplies, including plate and composite wall panels and column covers, sunshades, canopies, standard and custom fabricated parts. The company also fabricates materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc and steel. ❙❙➤ www.qmcrafts.com

Booth #2113: Varying
Levels of Protection St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M now offers three levels of protection from impacts. The company’s impact protection adhesive is applied around the frame and bonds glass, window film and frame together, improving protection.

Those seeking the highest level of protection should consider the impact protection profile, a flexible gasket-style attachment that bonds the filmed window and frame by incorporating 3M’s VHB tape. According to company officials, this high-performance tape utilizes a strong, pressuresensitive adhesive and lends a clean, finished appearance to a window. ❙❙➤ www.3m.com

Venture Tape Corp.
Sticks with Acrylic Venture Tape Corp. in Rockland, Mass., has introduced a new flashingtape to replace rubber-based products. VentureFlash 800 is a three-ply, zeroperm laminate coated with a special cold weather acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system. It combines quickstick at normal temperatures with strong performance below freezing.

VentureFlash 800 is self-adhering and has a moisture and vapor barrier to fight mold, mildew and decay. ❙❙➤ www.venturetape.com

doors and windows
Booth #2626: EFCO Opens a New Thermal Door EFCO Corp. in Monett, Mo., designed its new 5XPT thermal high-performance  sliding glass door for use in high-rise condominiums and hotels. The 5XPT incorporatesthe company’s E-Strut® thermal barrier, which enhances energy savings and condensation resistance. It accommodates glazing up to 1 5⁄16 inches.

The 5XPT also meets standards for appearance and security as it is designed to use impact-rated glass products. ❙❙➤ www.efcocorp.com

Booth #2208: Quaker
Windows Fit in Historical Applications Among the latest offerings from Quaker Window Products Co. Inc. in Freeburg, Mo., is the 8100 Series aluminum hung window. The heavy-duty product, which carries an HC-40 rating, can be used in a multitude of applications. With its specially designed sightlines, the company says that the unit is a good fit for hard-to-do historical replication projects.

The company’s new 580 Series and 620 Series aluminum patio doors have ratings of C-40 and HC-45 respectively. Both are available with or without nailing fins so that they can be incorporated into almost any type of commercial application. ❙❙➤ www.quakerwindows.com

Booth #2014:
Wojan Windows Are
Now AAMA Rated Wojan Window & Door Corp. in Charlevoix, Mich., has announced that several versions of its 4500 and 4600 Series aluminum windows are now AAMA Architectural rated. The 4500/4600 models were put through their paces at an independent certified lab, which tested them according to standard AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05. All of the series’ windows feature a 2-inch frame depth, with mulling and sub-frame options to meet any design criteria. The integral mulling/stacking system provides an unlimited selection of multi-window configurations within a single master frame. ❙❙➤ www.wojan.com

Booth #2174: Green is More than a Color at Truseal Truseal Technologies Inc. in Solon, Ohio, is going green in several ways at GlassBuild. For starters, the company will spotlight its Envirosealed Windows™ campaign, which is intended to simplify the environmental messaging for window manufacturers by highlighting the benefits of thermally efficient spacers. It is available to any window manufacturer using the energy-efficient Dura Platform spacer system, consisting of Duralite™ and Duraseal™.

The company also invites attendees to stop by the seminar it is sponsoring, “World Going Green: What Do Homeowners Want in Environmentally Responsible Windows?” The seminar will feature video clips from a pre-taped homeowner focus group, followed by an on-site panel discussion.

Of course, if that isn’t enough of a draw, visitors to the booth can also stop by to register to win a two-year lease on a 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle and other prizes. ❙❙➤ www.truseal.com

Booth #1531: Select Hides Its Hinges Portage, Mich.- based Select Hinges’ new full surface geared continuous hinge, SL57, has been designed for retrofit applications on hightraffic doors. The full surface geared continuous hinge fully conceals wiring to carry continuous electric current between the frame and the door.

A patent-pending process allows wires to pass through holes and machined channels in the hinge leaves and through a modified thrust bearing. Wires can then be connected to any door-mounted electrical devices such as locks, alarms, I.D. readers and more, and are concealed from view by the bearing, tubing and existing channel covers. ❙❙➤ www.select-hinges.com

Dorma’s New TENSOR
DORMA Glas in Millersville, Md., now offers TENSOR, a double-action hinge for glass doors. The device returns the door to closed position by the action of the hinges alone, without the use of a recessed floor or overhead closer.

At 90 degrees, the TENSOR system holds the door firmly and securely in position. Once pushed in the closing direction, the spring mechanism of the TENSOR fitting takes over, operating from an angle of 80 degrees. ❙❙➤ www.dorma-usa.com

fire-rated glass
Booth #3237: Vetrotech Expands Keralite Sizes Vetrotech Saint-Gobain in Auburn, Wash., now is offering its Keralite® FRR and Keralite® FR-F fire-rated glassceramic in larger than ever sizes. The new 46- by 78-inch lites join the company’s current offering measuring 30 by 60 inches in size.

Keralite FR-F is a wireless, fire-rated glass-ceramic with surface applied safety film for high impact safety (CPSC Category II). It is designed for use in locations where accidental human impact safety ratings are required, such as doors, transoms and borrowed lites. ❙❙➤ www.vetrotechusa.com

insulating glass
Booth #2256:
SPACIA™ is New to You SPACIA™, a sealed, vacuum insulating glass unit (IGU) developed and manufactured by Nippon Sheet Glass in Japan, is now available in North America from Pilkington. According to information from the company, the IGU provides twice the thermal insulation of a conventional IGU and four times the insulation of single-lite glass, all in a slender 0.2-inch profile. SPACIA features a center- of-glass U-value as low as 0.2 btu/hour/square foot/degrees Fahrenheit. It uses low-E glass to restrict the radiation heat flow and a 0.008-inch vacuum gap to minimize heat flow due to conductance and convection. ❙❙➤ www.pilkington.com

Booth #226: Glasslam Combines Thermal and Hurricane Protection For fabricators looking to offer insulating glass that is able to meet hurricane impact codes, the patent pending Air-Tight Sudden Impact IG System from Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. in Pompano Beach, Fla., was designed to do so quickly and efficiently.

The system uses a layer of crystal clear resin that is applied with a proprietary process, bonding one interior glass surface with the spacer, to rapidly create a hurricane impact unit with one lite less than typical. ❙❙➤ www.glasslam.com

Booth #1026: Technoform
Offers ’Round the Clock
Performance As insulating glass (IG) and window manufacturers prepare for tighter energy codes, Technoform in Twinsburg, Ohio, has established around the clock manufacturing operations for its TGI warm edge spacer, with expansions planned to keep pace with market demand. The TGI warm edge spacer features a hybrid design and performance benefits such as strong argon retention; easy integration with current IG manufacturing equipment; machine-controlled muntin locations; corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes; and aesthetic sightlines.

In addition to TGI, the company will exhibit its Bautec structural insulating strut, a sturdy polyamide 6.6 with 25 percent glass fiber content that enables aluminum fenest r a -tion and c u r t ainwall manufacturers to provide thermal performance and structural integrity. ❙❙➤ www.technoform.us

Booth #2232: Taper-Loc™ Halves Installation Time
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc
(CRL) has introduced the GRS glass railing dry glaze Taper-Loc™ system for tempered glass railing applications. It includes an installation/ removal tool and torque wrench and the Taper-Loc set for ½- or ¾-inch tempered glass applications. According to the company, glass railing installers can reduce installation time by 50 percent or more using the system. ❙❙➤ www.crlaurence.com

Booth #2838: Barkow
Redesigns Loadstop for Aerodynamics F. Barkow Inc. in Milwaukee has redesigned its front loadstop for its 12- to 16-foot P-Model glazing bodies. The new Aerostop has been improved for stability and aerodynamics. It is triangular in shape, versus the conventional flat design, and is mounted on the front edge of the ledgeboard. The new design is intended to provide less wind resistance and improve the overall aerodynamics of the loadstop.

Anecdotal evidence from the company suggests that the Aerostop may improve fuel efficiency on vehicles that are operated on major highways. ❙❙➤ www.barkow.com

machinery and equipment Booth #637: Glassrobots Offers Big Quality in Big Machines Due to the growing used of coated glass, Glassrobots Oy in Finland offers a full convection flat toughening furnace to the market: RoboTemp™.

RoboTemp™ was designed to produce high quality glass, especially soft coated, low-E glass. The furnace offers a quick heating time—achieving 29 seconds per millimeter of thickness with low-E glass.

In addition to speed, the furnace aims for flatness and high optical quality— and now is able to offer it in large size lites. The company has produced furnaces as large as 130 by 315 inches. ❙❙➤ www.glassrobots.fi

Booth #432: Uniglass
Heats Things Up
Finland-based Uniglass will be highlighting its flat glass tempering lines, which the company reports are known for their high productivity and glass quality. The patented flat glass tempering machines, based on turbo-charged, air-recirculation convection, aim to ensure cost-effective and reliable production processes and consistent tempering of even the most demanding glass types, such as soft-coated low-E glass. ❙❙➤ www.uniglass.com

Booth #1246: Glaston Holds a Full House The Glaston Corp. will have experts from each of its segments demonstrating its latest innovations in the glass processing field.

Among those offerings is Bavelloni’s VT 1301 T CN numerical control vertical drilling/milling machine, which has been updated with brushless motor izat ions , sliding on ball guides and Siemens control equipment. The PowerSeam family of glass grinding equipment is able to handle different glass thickness and sizes. Once the glass is supplied, PowerSeam automatically calibrates, measures the sheet dimensions and adapts to its thickness.

PowerSeam, ideal for applications that need seaming to be done before tem pering, was designed for the production of insulating glass and structural glazing, solar panels and doors.

Tamglass’ continuous flat tempering CHF has a new model. CHF Pro was developed for the high tolerance necessary of solar and architectural glass tempering. It is capable of heat-treating glass with improved distortion characteristics while reducing power consumption. High speed and high production rates are coupled with ease of system integration.

Representatives from Albat+Wirsam will also be there. The company links glass processing machinery with software for companies seeking to achieve lean manufacturing. ❙❙➤ www.glaston.net

Booth #1046: Billco Prepares to Clean Up
Billco Mfg. in Zelienople, Pa., will be demonstrating its latest advancements in glass cleaning technology. The Titan has been re-designed with the end-user in mind. Advanced maintenance features, energy-efficient components and enhanced drying technology were utilized to simplify operations and minimize downtime.

The company also will display a brand new cleaning technology that company officials say will “change the way companies handle regular washer maintenance.” The automated system will help companies to properly maintain the glass washer with minimal effort, reducing time and costs. ❙❙➤ www.billco-mfg.com

Booth #2454: DeGorter Helps
Work on All Sides
DeGorter Inc. in Monroe, N.C., will have on display grinding and polishing machines that work on two sides of a lite simultaneously. The machinery, manufactured by Schiatti Angelo srl in Italy, is able to create flat and arris or pencil profiles on glass thicknesses between 0.08 to 0.79 inches. The company also offers a complete grinding line, composed of two grinding machines and a transfer table, that is able to process all four edges. ❙❙➤ www.degorter.com

Booth #463: Vertec
Drills and Mills Vertically
The Vertec vertical drilling/milling machine from CMS North America Inc.in Caledonia, Mich., was designed to execute complex internal and external drilling, milling and grinding cycles for shower doors quickly and easily. The machine features a modular vertical design that allows the operator to load manually or from a conveyor. It can be used alongside edgers, washers and automatic load ing and unloading equipment. The machine can process glass as large as 98 by 122 inches, and as thick as 0.125 to 0.75 inches. The loading/unloading speed is adjustable up to 65 feet per minute. ❙❙➤ www.cmsna.com

Booth #920: Bohle
Spins Its Wheels
Bohle America Inc. in Charlotte, N.C., will showcase its tools for manual glass processing, glass bonding technology and industrial glass cutting.

Among its cutting tools is the Cutmaster Gold cutting wheel, which the company says offers a longer-thanaverage service life due to its special coating. The cutting wheel can achieve more than 155 miles of cutting performance at most float glass facilities, according to the company, which previously was only possible with higher priced wheels made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD). ❙❙➤ www.bohle-america.com

Booth #2320:
Azon Locks Up
Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Azon’s
Lancer™ mechanically locks the structural polymer into the thermal barrier cavity in aluminum extrusions prior to pour and debridge processing. According to the company, lancing the cavity improves the adhesive properties be tween the polymer and aluminum, while enhancing the shear strength in the composite.

The Lancer is fast, quiet and works inline with machinery to save floor space and enable easy setups. ❙❙➤ www.azonusa.com

Booth #2426 and 2451:
EDTM Seeks the Tin Side
EDTM Inc. in Toledo, Ohio, will display various products at the show, including its new Tin Side Detector (#TS2300). By placing the electronic meter on both sides of the glass, the instrument will determine immediately which surface is the tin surface. Because of its electronic detection circuitry, the user no longer has to interpret the reflection of a bulbstyle lamp on the surface of the glass to make a subjective guess as to which surface is the tin side. ❙❙➤ www.edtm.com

Booth #1664:
Nordson Helps
Users Melt Down
Duluth, Ga.-based Nordson Corp.’s VersaDrum™ bulk melters consistently dispense adhesives and sealants for a wide variety of fenestration applications, including insulating glass sealing, back bedding and corner joining. Featuring hydraulic passages designed to eliminate dead spaces, the Versa series bulk melters are optimized for use with reactive materials, such as moisture-cure polyurethanes. Easy installation, operation and maintenance are facilitated by a user-friendly, graphical, touch-screen control system. ❙❙➤ www.nordson.com

Booth #145: Rest Assured with this Scanner For. El. from Italy will have on display a quality assurance in-line scanner that inspects for scratches, glass impurities and other defects in each lite and then records the image files in a database.

The SC scanner includes pattern and size recognition systems enabling it to automatically recognize a glass shape without the need to enter order details manually. The process takes place instantaneously and the information is supplied to the machines carrying out the processes throughout the line. The company also will showcase its EM vertical grinding machine, which is designed to process all four sides of the glass continuously, both rectilinear and shaped, without any handling of the lite itself. ❙❙➤ www.forel.com

Booth #540: If Bending
Storefront Extrusions,
Check Out J&S
J&S Machine Inc. in Ellsworth, Wis., will showcase its CR 140 HD roll bending machine for storefront ext r u s ion b e n d - ing. The CR 140 HD combines the s t r o n g structure of the company’s 140 series with a programmable roller location control.

The machine is capable of bending single radius storefront and extruded parts, and can use the data stored in memory to bend a repeatable consistent radius.

The compact CR 140 HD double pinch roller works in the horizontal or vertical plane to minimize floor space required. ❙❙➤ www.jsmachine.com

Booth #2464:
Casso-Solar Helps Bring Laminating In-House Casso-Solar in Pomona, N.Y., has introduced a glass laminating kiln for batch operations to serve companies looking to bring low-production laminating in-house. The batch laminating kiln operates by the vacuum process, which the company says is suitable for almost all types of products, including tempered and bent glasses with PVB, EVA or other interlayer films. The company’s new Spandrel program integrates a high-quality roll coater and the company’s infrared dryer, reconfigured and re-arranged higher quality productivity. ❙❙➤ glass.cassosolar.com

Booth #964: CentraSep
Separates and Filters
CentraSep Technologies
in Indianapolis will display its CentraSep liquidsolid separator centrifuge. According to the company, this durable centrifuge is able to remove solids to the sub-micron level. The low maintenance centrifuge is engineered to provide filtration in any application requiring particulate-free process fluid. ❙❙➤ www.centrasep.com

Booth #2964: Vacuum
Lifters Lift Up, Up and Away The MR4 from Wood’s Powr-Grip in Laurel, Mont., is an AC-powered below-the-hook vacuum lifter designed for glass fabrication and production. This manual rotator supplies an efficient and economical way to feed vertically oriented processing machinery. It can maneuver glass onto edging and beveling machines with minimal operator effort.

The company also is offering an air-powered rotator with integrated hoist. The PRHE49AIR was designed with an integrated Demag® hoist. It uses compressed air and AC electrical power in production facilities to lift loads up to 400 pounds and provide effortless rotation with stops at 90 or 180 degrees. ❙❙➤ www.powrgrip.com

Booth #2521:
Wagner Helps Railing Installers Get A Grip The Wagner Companies in Milwaukee has developed a drymount glazing system for the installation of tempered glass panel railings. PanelGrip™ is a patent-pending locking assembly of high-strength aluminum, two PVC isolators and a specially designed aluminum shoe moulding. It requires no special tools and provides an easy, clean and cost effective alternative for the installation of tempered glass panels. It is for use with nominal ½-inch tempered glass or other ½- inch thick panel material and allows for a 0.45- to 0.515-inch range in glass thickness.❙❙➤ www.panelgrip.com

Booth #555:
Intermac in Action
Intermac America of Charlotte,
N.C., will hold live demonstrations of its Genius 37 CT CNC cutting table and Gieffe Bilux beveling-profiling machine, as well as its Master Twin four-axis work center. The Master Twin features dual-spindle operating heads, each of which can process simultaneously or independently. Attendees also can listen in on a demonstration of the Optical Tool Pre-Setter, a patented technology that replaces more traditional laser tool measuring devices.

In addition to these booth-based demos, the company will conduct tours of Desert Glass Products, a Las Vegas glass fabricator using the company’s Master 43 three-axis work center. Visitors can see for themselves the machine’s cutting, drilling, edging, engraving, grinding, inlaying, milling, polishing, profiling and sawing capabilities. ❙❙➤ www.intermacamerica.com

Booth #2008:
Visit This New Avenue Mainstreet Computers Inc. in
B el l e v i l l e , Mich., has launched its Gl a s - Av - enue 8.0 s o f twa r e system containing more than 130 new features—many of which are specific to flat glass point of sale. New features allow users to perform mail-merge printing with Word documents, quicklink to MapQuest for job locations and add automatic surcharges for transportation or fuel charges, to name a few. Flat glass enhancements include a simplified parts search, the introduction of a progress billing feature and the ability to print item labels. More than 40 new shapes were added, along with the ability to assign any shape to glass. ❙❙➤ www.mainstreetcomp.com

Booth #1519:
GTS Makes Flat Glass
Businesses Flexible
With the latest release of its flagship product, GlasPac®LX, GTS Services in Portland, Ore., offers flat glass businesses a flexible software system thatcan accommodate the intricate pricing variables inherent in flat glass configuration setup.

For starters, the adaptable product and pricing capability allows users to set up pricing by any common unit of measurement and define variables specific to that item for quick and accurate quoting and work order set-up. Building a catalog also is flexible with LX, whether starting from scratch or incorporating vendor catalog information. ❙❙➤ www.gtsservices.com/glass-flatglass.aspx



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