Volume 43, Issue 9 - September 2008

USGlass Guide to Equipment & Machinery

Lean, Mean Glass Processing Machines
An Inside Look at the Latest Glass Processing Machinery and Equipment

Many of the amazing applications of glass are due to the increasingly high quality of machines and tools available. From furnaces to washing machines, they all have their place—and we have a list of who has what. After checking the many options available on the chart on page 70, read on for a more in-depth look at our sampling of glass processing machinery and equipment. For even more equipment and machinery options, check out the glasstec preview on page 54.

Direct from Italy
DeGorter Inc. in Monroe, N.C., supplies grinding and polishing machines from Schiatti Angelo srl in Italy that work on two sides of a lite simultaneously. The machinery creates flat and arris or pencil prof i l e s on glass thicknesses between 0.08 to 0.79 inches. A complete grinding line, composed of two grinding machines and a transfer table, also can be supplied for processing all four edges. These machines are designed for mass production and, according to the company, numerous complete lines have been successfully supplied for producing photovoltaic panels. ❙❙➤ www.degorter.com

Salem Seams,
Bevels and Drills
Salem Distributing Co. in Winston-Salem, N.C., offers a wide selection of machinery and equipment options, including the Bovone ELB edgers. The ELB 17/45 is a 16,770-pound, 17-cup wheel edger designed to produce precision flat edges, mitrers and arrises, all cerium polished. The 11,030- pound, 14-cup ELB 14/45 wheel edger produces precision cerium polished flat edges with seams. This high production edger features the Bovone “signature” track system able to process glass as small as 1 3⁄8 inches square or as large as 2,200 pounds.

The company also offers three models of the Bovone MINI MAXI straight-line bevelers: the 371, 362 and the 361+1, which differ in their wheel configuration. This line is available with a programmable logic control, which features a touch-screen interface. These bevelers can accurately and quickly adjust pertinent settings from data entered from the interface or recalled from a memory of up to 1,000 programs.

The CAMBI VERTICAM C 130 is able to drill sheet glass in the vertical position, and utilizes numerical controls to ensure accurate drilling even in high production settings. The easy-to-use program is capable of storing drilling jobs for future work. ❙❙➤ www.salemdist.com

Heavy-Duty Movers
Woodstock, Ill.-based Groves Inc.’s heavy-duty transport racks help move material around the shop and transport material to the jobsite. Each transport rack features hold-downs for added safety. Quick release mounting pins change the transport rack from mobile to stationary in less than a minute.

Transport rack capacities range from 4,000 to 10,000 pounds per rack. ❙❙➤ www.groves.com

Taking Control
of Autoclaving
Columbus, Ohio-based McGill Air- Pressure’s glass laminating autoclave systems provide an advanced method for uniformly bonding the glass and plastic surfaces together. The hot pressurized air process developed for the autoclaves allow users complete control of temperature and pressure during the bonding process. The company reports that its high-quality autoclaves are safe and easy to operate and are custom designed to meet processing requirements and particular climate conditions in the architectural laminated safety glass industry. ❙❙➤ www.unitedmcgill.com

Tandem Fabrication
Automated Window Machinery in Akron, Ohio, has released the AMPC255- H Automated Multi-Station Fabrication Center, a system that allows unitized curtainwall manufacturers to fabricate multiple features on a pair of mating vertical mullions—simultaneously reducing cycle time and improving accuracy. Punching stations are independently controlled and a “quick change” die system allows multiple part configurations and punching options. Each punch station features its own selfcontained hydraulic system and digital position read-out. The entire system is controlled by a touch-screen PC. ❙❙➤ www.automated-inc.com

Hardly Dispensable
DuraDrum™ IG bulk melters from Nordson Corp. in Duluth, Ga., deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives to insulating glass production. The gear pump and metering capability provide positive displacement even for high viscosity materials and eliminate need for regulators or compensators. The all-electric, seal-less pump offers easy operation and eliminates maintenance associated with seals wearing. DuraDrum IG melters install quickly and easily on linear extruders and most edge sealers, or manual systems for fourth corner patch or handgun use. ❙❙➤ www.nordson.com

Get Onboard with
Demountable Concepts
With a new, larger facility in which to work and increased production capacity, Demountable Concepts in Glassboro, N.J., is able to offer its glass carriers to a wider client base than ever before. The company produces glass carriers for vans, pick-ups and small trucks, although custom configurations are available. Each rack includes features such as removable access panels to service rear wheels and convenient built-in pole-holders. A 16-gauge stainless steel tube frame and 2-inch-wide padded support slats form a durable and rigid carrying surface. Easy-to-adjust patented System-2 cleats on 1 ½-inch 16-gauge square tube poles hold the glass or stone securely in place. ❙❙➤ www.myglasstruck.com

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