Volume 44, Issue 4 - April 2009


Beveling a Straight Line
GMS Machinery in Warren Mich., is offering the XM351 straight-line beveling machine from Guangdong Enkong Machinery Co. Ltd., a China-based manufacturer specializing in glass processing machinery. XM351 grinds and polishes beveled edges, with the bottom edge of the glass in different sizes and thicknesses. Rough grinding, fine grinding, bevel polishing and grinding of the bottom edge all can be completed at the same time. Processing thickness, angle and remaining thickness appears on a digital display. The processing speed is adjustable with a step-less motor that offers a wide range of speed selection. The grinding wheels are indirectly connected to the motor by a belt to reduce vibration. The company says this high efficiency machine offers precision, consistent quality and easy operation. www.gmsmachinery.com 

Goes for the Gold
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) has added a gold finish to its anodizing line at its headquarters in Atlanta. SAF Gold is a satin or "matte" finish similar to the company’s other architectural anodized colors and is not the reflective or "bright" finish associated with shower doors, the company reports.  For maximum durability the new multi-part gold anodizing process begins with clear anodizing before a dip into an inorganic gold dye prior to sealing. The process yields light fastness and can be used outdoors with good results.

The new gold dye anodizing process joins the company’s existing line of clear and bronze architectural anodized finishes. Custom fabricated brake metal also can be ordered with the new gold finish. www.saf.com 

YKK’s YWW50T Creates the Curtainwall Look
YKK AP in Austell, Ga., is now offering the new YWW50T window wall system, with an optional slab edge cover, for multi-story buildings. The slab edge cover creates the appearance of a top to bottom curtainwall exterior. It reduces building envelope cost, according to the company, and can be installed from the interior or exterior. Thermal performance is enhanced by the company’s patented MegaTherm® thermal break technology. www.ykkap.com 

repair systems
Scratch Hog™ Repairs Glass

Durango, Colo.-based Glass Technology says its Scratch Hog™ glass repair system recently has passed tests for ASTM standards for distortion and structural integrity results. According to information from the company, the Scratch Hog™ system has been seeing additional interest from companies looking for cost saving alternatives during tough economic times. www.gtglass.com 

Super Spacer® Cushions Triple-Glazed Units

To simplify production of triple-glazed units, Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, offers the Super Spacer® Cushion Edge™ spacer system, which eliminates the need for oven roll presses. According to information from the company, using oven roll presses to produce triple-glazed units risks under-heating the center-lite seal, which can lead to premature seal failure in the unit.

Super Spacer Cushion Edge is a flexible, U-shaped silicone foam spacer system that features a multi-layer vapor barrier backing and dual seal design for enhanced thermal performance and improved argon gas retention in triple-glazed insulating glass (IG) units. With chamfered corners for increased sealant depth, Cushion Edge must be used in combination with conventional IG sealants.

The pre-applied U-channel assembly provides fast wrap-around, simplified production of shaped units, elimination of desiccant filling and corner key assembly for high-volume production with a small labor force. www.edgetech360.com

JAG Installs Shower Doors Fast

H Squared Marketing LLC in Porter, Texas, has introduced Jack A Glass (JAG) for efficient installation of heavy frameless shower doors. The JAG allows shower door adjustments in seconds as opposed to the minutes it takes with old fashion shims.

The JAG’s unique commercial-grade bladder system has a central groove to accept 3⁄8- or ½-inch glass. Finger grooves are embedded to allow easy horizontal alignment of the glass door. In most installs the door is set once in place and rarely picked up for adjustments. The JAG reduces the chance of chipping by eliminating the repeated door movements required when using shims. Installers have reported 15-45 minute time savings in labor costs per install, as well as improved safety factors.

The JAG comes with a compartmentalized storage bag to hold items such as hardware, marker, cellular phone, torpedo level, etc.

In addition, the company has introduced the JAG Assistant. When used in conjunction with the JAG, one person can install a straight-line shower panel or door easily. www.hsquaredmarketing.com 


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