Volume 44, Issue 8 - August 2009

Company News


Alliance May Lead to North America’s Largest Glass Restoration Company
GlasWeld in Bend, Ore., and Stuart Dean Co. Inc. in New York have created a strategic alliance to form what they say will become the largest glass restoration company in North America.

Stuart Dean specializes in the restoration of metal, stone, and wood surfaces and is the largest national provider of these types of restoration services. Through a recent joint venture partnership with surface treatment provider CSG, Stuart Dean also will bring to the table PURETi Clear™, a coating that when applied to clean windows eliminates the presence of grime and bio-film build up. CSG says its photcatalytic surface treatment keeps glass free of organic matter without causing any visual distortion or haziness.

Each of the companies has strong environmental objectives and sees the launch of this venture as another way to help achieve these goals. “The recycling of automotive and architectural glass is pretty much non-existent, so most replaced glass ends up filling our landfills,” says Mike Boyle, president of GlasWeld. “The process to produce new glass is extremely energy-hungry. Add that to shipping and installation energy usage and restoration is the only thing that makes sense from a sustainability standpoint. We are looking forward to making a real environmental impact with this new alliance.”
www.glasweld.com or www.stuartdean.com

Stürtz Relocates to New Facility

Stürtz Machinery has relocated from Solon, Ohio, to a new facility in Twinsburg, Ohio. The new facility has a larger manufacturing plant floor and overhead crane capacity compared to the previous location.

“After 12 years of working out of the same facility it’s going to be a big change for us,” says Ellis Dillen, vice president, “but we have been looking for almost two years and finally found what will prove to be a more suitable location for our operation. The original plant was a renovated commercial and warehouse facility that was modified to fit our needs as much as we could. The new facility was originally built as a manufacturing facility.”

The new location offers approximately the same square footage as the old, but with a wide-open 21,000-square-foot shop floor. The two main bays are each serviced by an overhead crane and, according to the company announcement, two recessed loading docks will make shipping and receiving more efficient during the busy months.

Tru Tech Re-Opens Plant in Former Therma-Tru Location
Toronto-based Tru Tech Doors has expanded into the United States with its acquisition of a Therma-Tru facility in Fredericksburg, Va., that had been scheduled to close. The new Tru Tech Doors U.S.A. will will produce light-commercial steel doors primarily.

Tru Tech officials say they can’t figure out why the plant closed in the first place and cite the company’s seasoned employees and ideal East Coast location as its keys to success.

“It didn’t make sense why this facility was closing,” Tru Tech president John Careri told USGlass during the grand opening celebration on July 8.

Sam Collister, general manager for Tru Tech, came to the facility four days before it was set to close looking to buy the equipment. But when he saw the dedicated employees and impressive facility he changed his mind and thought the company should purchase the plant instead.

Collister was so impressed that he convinced Tru Tech president John Careri to travel to Fredericksburg to see the plant first hand and Careri was convinced as well.

briefly ...
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.’s Fort Worth, Texas, operation has been approved to become a Certified Fabricator (CFP) of PPG’s Solarban® products.

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