Volume 44, Issue 12 - December 2009



shower enclosures
Fascia Mount Bracket for Glass Railings Simplifies Installation
Q-railing, the Tustin, Calif.-based railing systems provider, has created a fascia mount bracket that simplifies the installation of glass railing systems. The new model 760 is quick and easy to assemble—and only requires one anchor. The versatile adjustment options and integrated level (called a “Q-bubble”) make alignment nearly effortless. It is suitable for ½- to ¾-inch tempered or laminated glass.

The company also has released its latest catalog for the American market. It includes an extension to the company’s Square Line; fascia mount brackets, handrail brackets and new cross bar holders are now available in the square design.

Taco Expands Offerings
Taco Metals has expanded its Q-Rail line and is distributing that line from its master warehouse in Tennessee. According to company representatives, the Q-Rail components are compatible with the Taco railing system.

The company also has added glass clamps and spider fittings.

storefront and curtainwall

A-1 Makes it Quick and Energy-Efficient
For building project teams seeking energy-efficient, quick-to-install exterior cladding systems, A-1 Glass Inc. in Englewood, Colo., has introduced the Unistak™ AOne Wall System™. This unitized rainscreen wall system consists of a sturdy steel chassis that integrates aluminum, thermally-improved windows with dual- or triple-glazed insulating glazing units with pre-fabricated, R15-R22 insulating, factory-painted, galvanized steel or aluminum panels; air, water and vapor barriers; and an interior drywall framing sub-system. The patented, interlocking track system also allows for sunshades, louvers, terracotta tiles, stone, brick, stucco and custom finishes, as well as recycled metals and sustainable building materials.


Wood’s Powr-Grip Introduces New Remote Control Option
Wood’s Powr-Grip® in Laurel, Mont., has introduced a new option for certain high-flow DC-powered vacuum lifters (MRTA8-DCS quadra-tilt rotator, MR1611LDCS manual rotator 2800 and MTCL4-DCS cladding lifter). The EO8RC3 remote control system allows operators to attach or release the load at distances up to 250 feet. This radio-controlled system features a high-visibility strobe light to alert the operator and all surrounding personnel when a load release is possible. A green lift light indicates acceptable vacuum level for lifting and a warning buzzer signals low vacuum.

The P1 below-the-hook vacuum lifter is now offered with a new option: a power system to accommodate a compressed air power source. The P11104AIRS vacuum lifter employs a venturi-type vacuum pump that allows the lifter to attach 3 times faster than standard AC or DC versions. The P11104AIRS provides manual 180-degree rotation and manual 90-degree tilt movements. Due to its venturi-based power system, the P11104AIRS is less susceptible to contamination from sources commonly found in manufacturing environments than other standard P1 vacuum lifters.

machinery and equipment
Roller Development Maintains Glass Symmetry Through Washing
Following more than a year of close cooperation and development with Rochester Insulating Glass, UK-based Ashton Industrial has developed a new roller design that keeps batches of glass of any thickness perfectly spaced and symmetrical through the washing and drying process. There is no manual intervention required for glass thickness changes. Glass sizes can be totally random within a batch, and sizes as small as 12 by 6 inches are effortlessly accommodated. 

HWPRO horizontal washers are compact, high speed machines, with two upper and two lower pre-spray bars, two pairs of low-E-compatible cylindrical brushes, pre-drying and final drying, all within an overall length of less than 2 meters. It washes and dries at 12 meters per minute.

See IGE’s Latest Solution in Color
The latest offering from IGE Solutions in Jupiter, Fla., is the new UV flatbed printer from SkyJet. The height of the printer’s nozzle plate can be adjusted automatically for rigid materials such as glass up to 4 inches thick. A table with adjustable wheels was designed especially for the glass industry to allow for easy loading and unloading of large and heavy material; these tasks can be performed by one person. Several versions are available, and able to achieve high resolutions of up to 1440 DPI at a speed of up to 25 square meters per hour. Print heads last as long as two years and a liter of paint can cover 1,000 square feet, keeping maintenance costs low.

SCS Aims to Help Glaziers Profit
Built for the glass industry by glass professionals, Profit Center’s Glazier Edition is the first web-based business management software solution dedicated to glaziers and flat glass shops. The system from Simplicity Computer Solutions Inc. in Ajax, Ontario, provides the fundamental tools and features of a customized business management system to companies that don’t have the finances or resources available to implement a custom solution.

Profit Center’s hosted, on-demand, software delivery method means the system is accessed solely through the Internet with no additional hardware to purchase or software to install on company computers.

Bohle America Publishes Its Newest Catalog
Bohle America Inc. in Charlotte, N.C., has introduced a new main catalog. With almost 240 full-color pages, the catalog presents a large selection from the company’s comprehensive range of several thousand products for the glass professional. Within the new catalog, prices are included directly.

Viracon Launches New Glazing Selection Tool
Viracon of Owatonna, Minn., has launched a free online tool to help architects and building owners determine energy performance and cost savings achieved with different glazing configurations. The new product selection tool offers an easy and affordable way to calculate energy costs, peak demand, carbon emissions, daylight, glare and thermal comfort for various geographic regions, building orientations and glass configurations. It is one of the only tools available that calculates cost savings per square foot of glass and carbon emissions per square foot of glass.  

White Paper Asks Why Weld?
MyGlassTruck.com in Glassboro, N.J., has published a technical bullet on the differences between using mechanical fasteners versus welds on an aluminum glass carrier. As the paper’s publisher points out, glaziers don’t weld curtainwall, so why would they weld their glass carrier? The white paper, available online, offers a closer look at this question.

sealants and adhesives
Glaziers Have a New Tape Choice
Glazers Choice in Cleveland has introduced the Glazers Choice® Mounting Tape, a new product that the company reports will bond to all mirror backings and protective coatings without damaging the mirror. Special packaging reduces the minimum order size for best pricing.

In addition, Groves glass and stone handling and storage products are now available from the company.

Now You See It and You Don’t
Cardinal Shower Enclosures’ newest product is a glass that has features both cast and clear portions; because it has clear portions it does not block all of the view. The company is offering Ultra Optique as a more budget-friendly option than a total cast glass product. It can also be used in a variety of applications, such as walls or partitions.

IG components

New Technoform Muntin Bar Keeps Glass Toasty
Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) in Twinsburg, Ohio, is now offering a thermally optimized TGI® composite simulated divided lite muntin bar in North America. The bar can be color-matched to the TGI warm-edge IG spacer to provide a complete warm-edge solution for use in commercial and high-end residential market window construction. It has no direct contact with the glass itself, thus providing a thermally optimized system.

Glasslam’s New AirClip™ Accommodates Any Spacer
Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. in Pompano Beach, Fla., has unveiled a new muntin end clip, AirClip™. The clip was designed for easy installation of muntin grids to all warm-edge foam spacer systems. These molded plastic clips accommodate virtually any required air space or application, providing a metal-free component for a true warm-edge muntin bar or Georgian bar unit. The clip’s patent pending design and precision tolerance allows efficient ease of use with all manual and automated IG unit production lines. The company reports that the non-metal AirClip™ is 700 times less conductive than aluminum clips.

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