Volume 44, Issue 2 - February 2009


fire-rated glazing
A Clear Choice for Fire-Rated Glazing
As codes have become more stringent, architects, specifiers and building owners are looking for cost-effective fire-rated glazing. 
FireLite® ceramic glass from Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Kirkland, Wash., is one “clear” choice for corridors, lobbies, sidelites and other highly visible fire-rated locations.FireLite is fire-rated for up to 90 minutes and passes the required hose stream test. It is 3/16 inches thick, available in large sizes and can be installed in standard fire-rated frames. It is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® www.fireglass.com 

Keralite Products Grow in Size
As many architects and building owners seek to maximize interior glazing elements in their designs, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain in Auburn, Wash., now is offering its Keralite® FR-R and Keralite® FR-F fire-rated glass-ceramic in larger sizes. The new 46- by 78-inch sheets join the company’s current offering, which is 30 by 60 inches in size.Keralite FR-R is a wireless, fire-rated glass-ceramic used in fire-rated locations such as transoms and borrowed lites. 
Keralite FR-F is a wireless, firerated glass-ceramic with surface applied safety film for high impact safety (CPSC Category II). It is designed for use in locations where accidental human impact safety ratings are required, such as doors, transoms and borrowed lites. www.vetrotech.com 

Fire-Rated Glazing Council to Meet this Month
The Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) Fire-Rated Glazing Council (FRGC) is scheduled to meet this month during Glass Week.
In the upcoming meeting, the Council’s Labeling Task Group has made plans to outline a clearly defined scope so the group can begin to make some decisions on how to resolve the issue of labeling. This goal followed the International Code Council’s (ICC) Code Technology Committee’s (CTC) decision to research the issue of how fire-rated glazing should be labeled (see August 2008 USGlass, page 32).
In addition, the FRGC approved a motion to assist the Americas Glass Association (AGA) in its creation of a fire-rated glazing product matrix. The goal of the matrix is to offer an inclusive list of products as an aide to construction professionals with little knowledge about the fire-rated glazing materials available. AGA has sent out a draft of the matrix to FRGC’s members to review and discuss at the upcoming meeting. www.glasswebsite.com 

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