Volume 44, Issue 6 - June 2009


Know What’s New? We Do!
The 26th Annual Guide to New Products

In times like these, savvy glass companies are investing in innovative and efficient new products to help them pull ahead of their competitors. New products certainly continue to hit the market—from more efficient glass and windows to time- and cost-effective material handling equipment and machinery—as evidenced by USGlass magazine’s 26th Annual Guide to New Products. Check out the next 26 packed pages for information on the new products that just may help you get more work for less. 

PPG Introduces Five Blue Architectural Glass Tints
PPG Industries in Pittsburgh has introduced five blue glass tints, giving it a broad palette of tints and performance options.

Two new glass substrates are among the new options. Pacifica glass has been added to the Oceans of Color collection of ocean-inspired tinted glass, which now has Atlantica, Azuria, Caribia and Solexia glasses. Solarblue glass joins Solargray, Solarbronze, Optigray 23 and Graylite glasses in the collection of Earth and Sky Tones.Three additional tints can be specified by adding Solarcool reflective coatings to Pacifica and Solarblue glasses, or by combining Pacifica glass with subtly-reflective, color-enriched Vistacool coating.yyä www.ppg.com

Guardian Goes Low Maintenance, High Privacy and Fabricator Friendly
The durability and low maintenance of ShowerGuard has been combined with the distinctive beauty of privacy glass through the new acid-etched product from Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich.: ShowerGuard SatinDeco. 

ShowerGuard resists pitting and staining as the result of a patented ion beam sealing process. The addition of acid-etching leads to a smooth, flat surface that disperses light and transforms transparent float glass into translucent glass. ShowerGuard SatinDeco is available in 10- and 12-mm on clear float glass and in UltraWhite. 

The company also is offering Neutral 70, a fabricator-friendly low-E glass that the company says is higher performing and more aesthetically pleasing than pyrolytic low-E glass. Designed for both light commercial and residential applications, Neutral 70 offers U-value ratings as low as 0.33 and solar heat gain coefficient ratings as low as 0.40. yyä www.guardian.com 

AGC Introduces Ti-Ac 23™ Low-E Glass
AGC Flat Glass North America in Alpharetta, Ga., has introduced the newest member of its Comfort Ti™ family of low-E, energy-efficient glass products. Ti-AC 23™ low-E glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23—the lowest level available in a high-performance product on a clear substrate.

Because it blocks the heat and glare associated with high levels of sunlight, while still allowing high levels of light transmittance, the company says Ti-AC 23 is suitable for commercial projects where energy efficiency and glare control are priorities, but aesthetics cannot be compromised. www.ti-ac23.com

Viracon Introduces a New VUE
The new VUE-50 insulating glass (IG) from Owatonna, Minn.-based Viracon provides a balance of light, comfort, solar performance and sustainability. VUE-50 features a visible light transmittance of 49 percent on clear glass and more than 50 percent on low-iron substrates. It also provides low interior and exterior reflectance and low UV light transmittance. In addition, it has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.26 and a light to solar gain ratio of 1.88, exceeding the standard for sustainable design based on ASHRAE 90.1 requirements.

VUE-50 has a subtle blue-gray hue and, because the coating is applied after heat-treating, its flatness is augmented compared to high performance coatings that are heat-treated after the coating application. www.viracon.com 

JEB Offers Invisiwall™ Units
JE Berkowitz LP (JEB) in Pedricktown, N.J., has expanded its Invisiwall™ point-supported insulating glass (IG) wall product line to include point-supported applications. The fittings have an articulating head, helping to minimize glass stress at the holes, and allow for field installation of the attachment bolts for an efficient package for jobsite delivery. Invisiwall™ IGUs can be constructed with tempered glass using clear, low-iron, pyrolytic or laminated glass. 

Invisiwall also is offered for glass canopies with SentryGlas® Plus (SGP), a unique Ionoplast structural interlayer. SGP is approximately five times stronger and 100 times stiffer than traditional PVB interlayer, allowing for thinner, lighter laminates of equal or greater strength and/or larger panel options. When combined with low-iron glass, SGP is nearly invisible. JEB representatives say SGP is the suitable choice for glass canopy applications, with its excellent edge stability suited for exposed edge applications found in canopies.  www.jeberkowitz.com

This Glass Looks Alive
LiveGlass, from LiveGlass International Inc. in San Francisco, is a proprietary laminated safety glass that is composed of two or more lites permanently bonded together with multiple independent layers of polymers. These interlayers offer static and dynamic control of the exterior climate for reductions in energy consumption. As an example, the company says one layer may warm the glass, one layer may reflect or absorb the heat of the sun, and one layer may contain photovoltaics or LEDs. 

Company representatives say that LiveGlass integrates seamlessly with “smart” building controls. The monitoring of real-time energy performance and automated controls deliver optimal occupant comfort. 

decorative glass 
Walker Adds New Textures 
Montreal-based Walker Glass Co. Ltd. is expanding its Walker Textures™ Nuance Stock line of patterned acid-etched glass and mirror with the introduction of the 300 series. The stock line of acid-etched patterns is available in five distinctive designs with the 100 and the new 300 series. 

The 100 series is an acid-etched finish that combines Velour and Satin for a true sense of privacy. The 300 series is a satin finish on clear glass for increased visibility to the decor through the glass. Both of these series feature a relief effect that adds character to the glass surface. yyä www.walkerglass.com

Digital Images Decorate Your Lifespace
LifespaceART Inc. in La Habra, Calif., puts art to glass with is digital images printing process. The company uses its LifespaceART technology to add vibrant colors and opaque or translucent images on any type of flat glass, whether it be clear, low-iron, textured, tempered, laminated, sandblasted, frosted, insulating or even odd-shaped glass. Images can be printed on lites as large as 60 by 120 inches, as thin as 3⁄16-inch or as thick as 1-inch. yyä www.lifespaceart.com

Silastial’s Glass Masquerades as Granite or Marble
After two years of development, Silastial Glass Works in Sidney, British Columbia, is now able to produce an all-glass countertop that it says has similar fabrication and handling characteristics to granite and marble. The light transfer glass consists of a 4-milimeter shattered outer layer on top and bottom, laminated to a float core ranging from 10 to 19 milimeter in thickness. 

This product can be produced from 100-percent recycled glass, miscuts from glass suppliers or new glass. Because of the clear center core, the product produces spectacular visual results when used in conjunction with LED lighting, or Mylar graphics and some fabrics also can be laminated into the glass. www.silastialglassworks.com

fire-rated glass
Walking on Fire-Rated Glass
Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Snoqualmie, Wash., has introduced Fireframes ClearFloor™. The glass floor system is impact-resistant and fire-rated for two hours; according to the company, it’s the only glazed floor in the United States with that level of protection. Fireframes ClearFloor can be used as a durable, non-slip walking surface, if desired, and is approved for loads up to 150 psf. The system is available for both interior and exterior applications, and is UL-listed. 

The custom-built Fireframes ClearFloor system consists of two-hour fire-rated Pilkington Pyrostop™ heat barrier glass, a tempered and laminated walking surface glass and a steel framing grid. The unit allows for decorative color frits and sandblasted glass. www.fireglass.com

Glassopolis is on Fire with New Products
Toronto-based Glassopolis now is offering PYRAN Platinum. The fire-rated glass-ceramic is produced on a micro-float production line for optical clarity and to eliminate the need for surface grinding and polishing. The company says its latest offering does not have the yellow-brown tint characteristic of some fire-rated glass-ceramics and offers true color rendition though the lite. 

Platinum is eco-friendly and is the first glass-ceramic to be produced without hazardous heavy metals. It is available from Glassopolis in filmed and laminated versions that are CPSC Cat II impact safety-rated. www.glassopolis.com

Vitro Finishes Pavia in SatinZ
The newest addition to Memphis, Tenn.-based Vitro America’s Classic Line™ of architectural products is Pavia satin-finished glass. Pavia is produced using a special acid treatment process, which may be applied to either one or both sides of the glass. The architectural glass allows light, color and texture to blend for privacy and functional design.

Pavia is available in a variety of thicknesses from 2 to 12 millimeters in clear, tinted and designs. It may be used for interior or exterior applications, and may be tempered or laminated to meet safety requirements. www.vitroamerica.com

curtainwall and glass wall
GED Goes for Energy Star and Beyond
Manufacturers are striving to meet the .30/.30 U-value and SHGC requirements set by the 2009 and 2010 tax credit. GED in Twinsburg, Ohio, reports that its Intercept stainless steel spacers help products meet and exceed it. Intercept ULTRA stainless steel carries a conductivity rating of 13.63 W/mK, as verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council. That translates into a 20-percent reduction from standard stainless steel, resulting in unit U-values that are equal to or better than those found on other competitive spacer product lines. www.gedusa.com

Is it a Window or a Curtainwall?
The new Polytec™ 50 hybrid curtainwall system from REHAU in Leesburg, Va., offers flexible single- or multi-story window configuration capabilities. With slim 2-inch sightlines, the system admits maximum daylight. This polymer-based system promotes energy efficiency with exceptional thermal insulation, and can accommodate up to 1 9⁄16-inch thick glass or panels for enhanced acoustical and energy benefits. Offering a U-factor down to 0.28, it also provides water tightness of up to 25 psf according to ASTM E331, and a patented drainage system protects against inside water leakage. The system’s encapsulated steel reinforcement ensures strength for architectural designs that incorporate large spans.

EFCO® Enhances Product Line
Monett, Mo.-based EFCO, a Pella company, has launched its newest curtainwall, the Series 8700 (7-inch depth) and 8800 (8-inch depth) unitized product line. The curtainwall’s aesthetically pleasing 3-inch sightline, performance capabilities and 4-sided structural glazing option provide a well-rounded design intended to meet a wide spectrum of job requirements. www.efcocorp.com 

Solar Innovations Offers All Glass or Unique Wood Frames
Wood windows, yes, but wood curtainwall? That’s just what Myerstown, Pa.-based Solar Innovations is now offering. The 2 ½-inch-wide laminate system is available in Douglas fir and Southern yellow pine, with numerous custom wood species available. Wood horizontals or aluminum purlins can be incorporated into the structure to maintain design integrity. This system is in the process of being tested for hurricane resistance and thermal performance. 

The company also reports that its new clear glass wall system can be utilized for interior applications and light exterior applications. This non-thermal system has largely unobstructed sightlines and a clean architectural appearance. No vertical frames are necessary, and narrow stiles are available. Several sill options are available for this system including the flush, surface mount and no-sill systems. Clear glass walls are available as standard hinged pairs or independent panels. www.solarinnovations.com

EN-WALL Innovates with Curtainwall 
Through innovations such as fresh air synthesis, building integrated photovoltaics, thermal and solar control, daylighting and third-party product integration, Las Vegas-based EN-WALL is able to provide a variety of new environmentally sustainable products in an increasingly green industry. 

The company is the first approved curtainwall fabricator for 3M’s new 23F structural glazing tape. Its energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building envelopes systems are available from fully assembled and glazed curtainwalls to stock lengths, along with engineering support and quality control services. www.EN-WALL.com

frames and components
Doralco is All About the View
Alsip, Ill.-based Doralco has been busy creating a host of new products. Among them are two intended to minimize view interference from frames.

With 12 standard finishes, the Slimline door rails for all-glass doors can be used when a clean and crisp space with minimal visual interference is the order. The field-adjustable door rails install easily and can accommodate up to ¾-inch glass. The rails can be used in combination with center lock, strike housings and vertical stiles.

The company’s new standoffs also can help create walls of glass with minimal visual interference. These structural glass wall brackets can be used to design glass walls of any size. www.doralco.com

Raco Slides in a New Aluminum Frame
A flush slider has been added to Houston-based Raco Interior Products Inc.’s Sliding Innovations line of interior aluminum frames. The flush slider’s design allows it to fit a top-hung sliding door with a center-glazed sidelite within a standard 4 7⁄8-inch wall. The flush slider has no floor tracks, which eliminates the unsightly trip hazards at the opening and allows for a monolithic floor at the opening, if desired. The slider has a low profile head detail and is compatible with the company’s line of 487 series components. www.racointeriors.com

doors and windows
CGI Offers Two in One
CGI Window and Door Inc. of Miami is introducing a new horizontal rolling window for hurricane protection that combines the strength of commercial products with the aesthetics residential customers demand. The Series 375 impact-resistant horizontal rolling window comes in sizes as large as 126 by 76 inches with design pressures up to +120/-210 psf. 

The company has introduced a large-format, factory-glazed impact-resistant window that has the look of a storefront window. Available in sizes up to 60 square feet with design pressures as high as +133 /-210 PSF, the Series 410 system is suitable for large punched openings in commercial and residential applications. www.cgiwindows.com

ISOWEB Gives You a Thermal Break 
The AA® 3200 ISOWEB® sliding door from Kawneer Co. Inc. in Norcross, Ga., was designed to meet the challenges of thermal, coastal and hurricane conditions. With the high-performance ISOWEB® thermal break, the sliding door meets current energy codes, increases end-user comfort and provides capabilities for a dual finished product. For sound resistance the slider accommodates 1 5⁄16-inch insulating laminated glass, or 1-inch insulating glass for improved thermal performance. A large wheel stainless steel tandem roller with precision ground sealed bearings provides smooth operation of panels and protection against wind-blown sand and salt water. www.kawneer.com

Peerless is Saving EnerG
Peerless Products Inc. in Ft. Scott, Ks., developed its new green series of EnerGsave windows to meet a demand for better performance, lower U-values and more environmentally friendly materials than were available. The company uses six core extrusion dies, various crimpable polyamide strips and simple hardware that rides in a Euro-groove track for its windows options. Configurations can be produced in a 2 ½- or a 3 ¼-inch frame depth simply by changing the polyamide strips, which adjusts the frame depth without changing the extrusion. Thermal performance values as low as 0.230 are available. www.peerlessproducts.com

Wausau Doors Welcome ADA Requirements 
For projects such as residential towers and high-rise hotels, hardware must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility criteria. In response to this, Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ terrace doors now offer low-profile sills on both in-swing and out-swing models for improved accessibility. Part of the Advantage by Wausau product line, these terrace doors are pre-engineered, competitively priced and available on accelerated delivery schedules.

The terrace doors feature a polyamide nylon barrier that enhances thermal and condensation performance, while a single, European styled handle actuates multi-point locks. www.wausauwindow.com 

NanaWall Launches Single-Track Sliderz
A curtainwall isn’t the only way to get an expansive view. NanaWall Systems in Mill Valley, Calif., offers glass walls—and with its new VSW65 single-track slider the operable glass wall can disappear within a pocket closet.

When closed, the wood-framed individual panel sliding door system can lock end-to-end for an energy-efficient seal and streamlined appearance. Each system is custom designed to the size and number of panels needed, and can have an almost unlimited number of panels. The sliding panels glide easily without the need of guides and channels in the floor. www.nanawall.com

C2000 Windows Approved to Weather Storms
Columbia Commercial Building Products in Rockwall, Texas, has received large-missile impact approval for its C2000 project-out, C2000 fixed and C2060 casement window products. 

The C2000 window series is designed in an “overlap” style where the vents, in the closed position, lay on the surface of the frame rather than flush with it. This gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the 2 1⁄4-inch frame depth. This series can be self-mulling or use structural mulls for larger openings and has a full receptor system available. 

Look Up to Weiland’s Lift-Slide Doors
Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows Inc. in Oceanside, Calif., has introduced an AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05 rated 16-foot-tall lift-slide door. A pocketing 16-foot-tall, five-panel door achieved this rating using Weiland’s standard flush track, which is only 3⁄16 inches above the finished floor. 

window film
Solamatrix Ups Its IQue™ 
Solamatrix Inc. in St. Petersburg, Fla., has released IQue, its newest line of spectrally selective solar control window films. IQue 78FG, engineered by V-Kool, is a full-fledged, spectrally selective film with improved solar heat rejection properties over clear glass. The film features visible light transmission of 75 percent, which is often required for certain architectural applications. By tapping the patented technology and perfecting multi-layer dielectric stack, IQue spectrally selective films are able to filter out unwanted and harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays while allowing that desired visible light through. 

Commonwealth Launches Architectural Line
Commonwealth Laminating & Coating Inc. (CLC), parent company of SunTek Window Films, has launched a new architectural program. The program includes versatile new merchandising materials, designed with the dealers’ needs in mind, as well as a complete new product line. 

To complete the existing architectural line are three new product lines.Ultra-VisionDS is a non-corrosive, spectrally selective product that offers high VLT, low visual reflectance and good solar performance. Dual-ReflectiveDS is a dual-reflective film with a neutral appearance and great solar performance. The specialty DR Mirror product was designed for “one-way mirror” applications. 

material handling
The Glazier and Contractor Are Ready to Rol
Innovative new site vehicles for the glass and fenestration industries have been released by the Glass Racking Co. The Glazier (11 ½-foot body) and Contractor (14 4⁄5-foot body) fit multiple cab chassis and are multi-purpose vehicles designed for glaziers and window installers. 

The truck bodies feature a lockable enclosed workshop and storage area at the front, massive glass and window frame racking on the sides and bulk glass and frame racking on the bed. The load is secured using the company’s spring loaded poles with non-marking rubber polymer blocks and series three scissor clamps. Use of T6 aluminum keeps the weight of the body down, while hot dip galvanised mild steel components ensure strength in key load bearing areas.

The vehicles are available via Allied Body Works in Seattle. 

MyGlassTruck Helps You Deliver
MyGlassTruck.com, a division of Demountable Concepts Inc. in Glassboro, N.J., offers custom designed and built full-body aluminum or stainless-steel glass carriers for most makes and models of mid-sized trucks. The “Value-Line” aluminum glass carriers offer an affordable and stable platform for transporting large loads. They are constructed from strong 6061-T6 aviation-quality aluminum and aircraft-grade Huck® fasteners that provide stronger connections between rack components than bolts, screws or welds on aluminum that can crack when stressed.

The premium “Stainless Heavy-Duty” line features welded 16-gauge stainless-steel posts and slats that provide a strong and rigid glass carrying platform for heavy or difficult to secure loads. Stainless-steel carriers are resistant to bending and denting and typically have longer service lives than other types. 

machinery and equipment
Somaca Offers Free 18-Month Warranty on Edgers
The Sommer and Maca Machinery Division of Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has a new offer for some familiar products. The company is offering free 18-month warranties on all of its American-built glass edging machines, including the VE1P 1-spindle automatic edger, the VEA1 heavy-duty edger, the VE2PLUS2 vertical edger, the VE4 automatic vertical edger and the VE4PLUS1 five-spindle automatic vertical edger. The offer expires July 31, 2009. 

IGE Brings in the Glass Master™ 
IGE Solutions Inc. of Jupiter, Fla., is bringing the TECHNI Waterjet™ Glass Master™ to the North American glass industry. Designed by glass people for glass people, the Glass Master™ can cut from 1- to 100-milimeter-thick flat, laminated and bullet-resistant glass without any set-up changes. 

The waterjet comes standard with easy slide rubber slat covers designed to reduce scratching of the glass, airtight bellows, TECHNI’S break-away head and Softec™ Glass Master software. The patented EZY LOAD material handling solution allows glass to be loaded in a vertical plane and lowers the glass into a horizontal position inside the tank. 

Bohle GlassBuddy Analyzes Installed Lites
Until now, several devices were required in order to obtain parameters such as glass thickness, glass construction or possible coatings. With the newest development from Bohle, based in the U.S. in Charlotte, N.C., one device does it all. The GlassBuddy allows users to measure single lites, laminated glass and insulating glass units with a thickness of up to 50 millimeters. The device analyzes glass thickness and the airspace between lites. By calculating the refraction index, the GlassBuddy recognizes coatings and PVB films and determines their positions. Results are obtained with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters through one measuring operation, according to the company, or it is possible to get an average from several comparison measurements. 

Jordon Glass Laminates with EVA
Miami-based Jordon Glass Corp. has introduced a new line of machines for laminating using ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) film. The company says its new line provides a simple and affordable solution for laminating glass, noting that EVA film does not require special storage as PVB interlayers do. It allows fabricators to use decorative interlayers such as fabrics, rice paper or photo images to make artistic laminated glass for a variety of applications. 

Besten’s TAPE MT1500 IG 
Line Increases Throughput The new totally automated production equipment (TAPE) MT1500 from Besten Equipment Inc. in Solon, Ohio, enables insulating glass (IG) fabricators to produce between 1,400 and 1,600 units per shift on a single line. The new equipment layout in the offering pairs two applicators in a single line to improve efficiency and prepare fabricators for higher-volume triple-pane IG unit production.

The second spacer applicator on the TAPE MT1500 drives the increased throughput, although camera squaring technology added to the applicator head also helps total IG application cycle time. When a lite of glass stops beneath one of the applicators, the digital camera snaps a picture and the equipment instantly adjusts for the location of the lite on the application bed. Spacer application starts immediately thereafter.Features for automated triple-glazed IG unit production will be available later in 2009. 

GlasWeld Goes Extreme
The next evolution in glass damage removal is now available from GlasWeld in Bend, Ore. The GlasWeld Gforce Extreme has been field-tested and proven to handle almost any type of damage—including vandalism, graffiti, acid-etching, hurricane damage, deep scratches and more. The proprietary commercial solution for post-installation damage uses a progressive, three-step treatment process. Purchasers are required to participate in product training at GlasWeld’s headquarters. 

The company also is offerings its new patent-pending Gforce Glass Inspection Station (GIS). The self-contained GIS helps reduce loss and decrease scrap ratios during the production and distribution process by integrating glass restoration into standard operating procedures. The integrated glass polishing station is floor-mounted and ergonomically designed for safety while removing damage from all types and sizes of glass. A proprietary, energy-efficient lighting system allows operators to inspect inspection for defects while polishing.  

Frank Lowe Says It’s Magic
In 1986, Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc. of Shirley, N.Y., brought to the glass market a glass separator cork pads; the static foam laminated to cork adhered to glass without an adhesive. Twenty-three years later the company is introducing FLowe Magic Separator Pads®. These firm pads can be cleanly removed from glass, vinyl and aluminum easily, without residue or delamination because no adhesive is used. The company says its product is denser than cork. 

Standard sizes range from ½- by ½-inch to 3 by 3 inches. The functional thickness of FLowe Magic Separator Pads® is between that of a 3⁄16- and ¼-inch static backed cork pad.

glass railings
Livers Bronze Goes for Maximum Visibility
Kansas City, Mo.-based Livers Bronze Co. has a number of ways to support your all-glass railings. 

For point-supported structural glass system, the company’s high-strength machined steel Bloks support ½-inch tempered glass balustrade panels. Only available with ½-inch tempered glass lites, this system is designed to truly give the floating appearance often associated with glass railing design. It incorporates three mounting styles, all tested to ASTM 935 and 985 standards. The top- and side-mount styles incorporate steel mounting blocks that are field-welded to embeds at the time of field measuring so that drywall or other finishes can be installed prior to the glass and railings. 

“Perfect vision” was the idea behind the company’s 20/20 pre-engineered railing system. It incorporates the clean look of a glass railing system with stylish low profile SS supports that can be either side- or top-mounted to the building structure. Strength is coupled with a variety of handrail and bracket combinations to fit every situation. Features include maintenance-free stainless steel and highly styled buttons to support ½-inch tempered glass lites. 

SAF Now Offers Acid-Etch Anodizing
Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) has added an acid-etch process to its anodizing product line. The company says the acid-etch process yields better color consistency than traditional caustic soda-etch, will reduce color variation and is able to hide some kinds of metal defects that caustic soda cannot hide. While SAF continues to supply soda etch, the acid-etch treatment offers a uniform matte finish that meets or exceeds all AAMA 611 specifications. 

SAF also announced that it has enrolled in the PPG Duranar Certified Applicator Program (CAP) as an Americas Powder CAP member. The PPG CAP program certifies member applicators to apply high-performance Duranar powder coatings for commercial construction. 

glass floor
Sevasa Stops Slips
Sevasa North America Inc. in Sugar Land, Texas, reports that its new nonslip glass—CriSamar® STEP—can be used outside without risk, even under wet and slippery conditions. The new line offers eight non-skid glass designs that combine luminosity and elegance with resistance to scratches and stains, easy cleaning and durability.

The company says its product won’t wear-out or degrade with time, weather or use. CriSamar®STEP is UL-certified for use as floors, runways, stairs, footbridges, slopes, platforms and more. 

OMNIA Offers Timeless and Modern Designs
With the introduction of OMNIA Traditions, OMNIA in Cedar Grove, N.J., presents 14 new and existing knob and lever designs that can be integrated into commercial or residential projects requiring a timeless style. All of the knob and lever designs in the Traditions line are available in the company’s seven finishes with multiple rose options. Locksets are offered in tubular deadbolts or mortise lock functions.

For commercial projects with a more modern aesthetic, stainless steel and Max•Steel latchsets and locksets are available. The complementary Max•Steel finish allows for a traditional accent, by utilizing a unique process coating over solid brass that retains the brushed steel look with curvy, intricate detailing. Both finishes are easy to clean and provide resistance to tarnishing, pitting and corrosion.

All of the lever designs meet ADA accessibility requirements. 

Ellipse Keeps Doors Transparent
There is a new addition to City of Industry, Calif.-based EPCO USA Inc.’s pivoting door systems: Ellipse. The Ellipse series incorporates a patch that is smaller and heavier than the conventional patch that provides a larger area of glass transparency while supporting the same size door or glass structure. A rich contemporary shape and polished finish complement the glass.

The ST17 ladder pull and lock adds to the contemporary aesthetics while providing security to the heavy glass door system. www.epcocorp.com

Edgetech Enhances Super Spacer® Line
While representatives of Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, note that silicone Super Spacer Premium and Premium Plus silicone warm-edge spacer systems already offered U-values that meet the .30/.30 tax credit requirements, third-party testing shows that the new enhanced products can improve U-values and condensation resistance further because of its low thermal conductivity. The improved products will help customers achieve lower U-values and improve condensation resistance. www.edgetech360.com  


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