Volume 44, Issue 3 - March 2009


The 5th Annual Big Book of Lists

It’s nice to know where you stand, especially among your competitors. Who’s able to do more sales with fewer people? Who’s got all they need in their backyard of Los Angeles or Chicago? Take a page from the glazing contractors listed below, as they made up some of the top earning subs for 2008, based on information they submitted to USGlass. 

Top Glazing Contractors
Based on 2008 sales revenue for the commercial glazing business segment

1 Enclos Corp. 
Eagan, Minn. 
2008 Annual Sales: $305 million 
President/CEO: Gregg Sage
# of Locations: 18; 
# of Employees: 650
Years in Business: 33
Enclos Corp., one of the largest specialty contractors in the United States, designs, engineers, fabricates and installs exterior facades and curtainwall cladding systems.

2 Harmon Inc.
Bolingbrook, Ill. 
2008 Annual Sales: $291 million 
President/CEO: Russell Huffer (CEO of parent company Apogee Enterprises)
# of Locations: 9; 
# of Employees: 1,015
Years in Business: 60
Harmon provides glass installation for new construction, renovation and service. The company focuses on the office, healthcare, education, government and entertainment/hotel markets throughout most of the United States. 

3 Walters & Wolf
Fremont, Calif. 
2008 Annual Sales: $181 million 
President/CEO: Randy Wolf
# of Locations: 5; 
# of Employees: 669
Years in Business: 31
Walters & Wolf provides high quality design, fabrication and installation of custom curtainwall and exterior cladding systems. Regional production facilities allow single-source responsibility, commitment to quality and on-time delivery. 

4 Trainor Glass Co.
Alsip, Ill.
2008 Annual Sales: $178 million 
President/CEO: Thomas Trainor (president), Robert Trainor (CEO) 
# of Locations: 16; 
# of Employees: 677
Years in Business: 56
Trainor Glass possesses a dedicated project management team that delivers projects on time and on budget. The company houses manufacturing facilities that feature excellent safety and quality control programs. 

5 Haley-Greer Inc.
Dallas, Texas
2008 Annual Sales: $100 million
President/CEO: Letitia Haley Barker (president); Donald Haley (CEO)
# of Locations: 3; 
# of Employees: 300+
Years in Business: 30
Haley-Greer is a professional installer of high performance window wall and curtainwall systems on commercial projects. In conjunction with general contractors the company works directly with owners and architects to turn a vision into reality. 

6 W&W Glass LLC 
Nanuet, N.Y.
2008 Annual Sales: $75 million
President/CEO: Michael, Jeffrey, Howard and Scott Haber (co-managing members)
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 250
Years in Business: 31
W&W Glass is one of the largest glaziers in the United States and the exclusive North American representative of the Pilkington Planar structural glass system. 

7 TSI Exterior Wall Systems Inc.
Landover, Md.
2008 Annual Sales: $63 million
President/CEO: Victor Cornellier 
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 145
Years in Business: 31
TSI Exterior Wall Systems is a glazing subcontractor specializing in high-end custom curtainwall, windows, entrances, panel walls and canopy systems in projects in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

8 Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum Inc. 
Branford, Conn.
2008 Annual Sales: $56 million
President/CEO: Laura J. Massey (president); Robert J. Massey Jr. (CEO)
# of Locations: 3; 
# of Employees: 150
Years in Business: 36 
Since 1973, Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum has strived to provide on-budget and on-time projects. The company offers design consultation, technical expertise and single-source efficiency. It performs its own fabrication and specializes in unitized wall systems.

9 ASI Limited 
Whitestown, Ind.
2008 Annual Sales: $54.9 million 
President/CEO: Ken W. Smith
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 275
Years in Business: 20
ASI Ltd. is a curtainwall designer and manufacturer that supplies and installs facade solutions throughout the United States. ASI also produces ornamental metals that are required within the exterior design. It prides itself on its ability to take a project from design development to completion, in-house. 

10 Giroux Glass
Los Angeles
2008 Annual Sales: $53 million 
President/CEO: Anne-Merelie Murrell
# of Locations: 3; 
# of Employees: 306Years in Business: 63 
Giroux Glass is an employee-owned and multifaceted glass, glazing and architectural metals contractor, with top union glaziers. It builds and services complex multi-story curtainwall, storefront and unique fenestration installations. 

11 Karas & Karas Glass Co. Inc. 
2008 Annual Sales: $50.7 million 
President/CEO: Joseph Karas
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 90
Years in Business: 85
Karas & Karas focuses on challenging projects in which architects push building envelopes to new levels of sophistication requiring intensive management from pre-construction services through design assist, engineering, budgeting, fabrication and installation.

12 CBO Glass
Alden, N.Y.
2008 Annual Sales: $46 million
President/CEO: Paul F. Hogan Jr. 
# of Locations: 4; 
# of Employees: 200 
Years in Business: 43 
CBO Glass is a full-service glazing contractor serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. It designs, fabricates and installs unitized curtainwall systems, preglazed punched windows and blast-resistant systems. The company has a 230,000-square-foot fabrication facility and a testing chamber for product quality assurance. 

13 SPS Corp. 
Apex, N.C.
2008 Annual Sales: $43 million
President/CEO: Michael J. Russo
# of Locations: 3; 
# of Employees: 135
Years in Business: 27
SPS is a full service envelope contractor specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of curtainwall, glass and glazing, architectural metal panel systems, sunshades, louvers and skylights. 

14 Juba Aluminum Products Co. Inc. 
Concord, N.C.
2008 Annual Sales: $42.5 million 
President/CEO: John Juba (president); Joni Juba (CEO)
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 152
Years in Business:15
Juba Aluminum Products specializes in building exteriors for low- to high-rise projects. The company has created a niche for itself in working with pre-construction teams in the design-development phase. 

15 Heinaman Contract Glazing 
Lake Forest, Calif.
2008 Annual Sales: $34.6 million
President/CEO: John L. Heinaman
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 367
Years in Business: 20
Heinaman Contract Glazing designs, engineers and installs curtainwall, glass, panels, aluminum and specialty systems for office buildings, hotels, institutions, tenant improvements and retro-fitted projects, serving for a variety of clients. 

16 Architectural Wall Systems Co. 
West Des Moines, Iowa 
2008 Annual Sales: $33 million
President/CEO: Mike Cunningham 
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 125
Years in Business: 17 
Architectural Wall Systems Co. provides engineering, detailing, manufacturing, estimating and installation of exterior wall materials with professional project management and union craftspeople. Its expertise includes rain screen technology and unitized wall construction erected with the highest level of safety and quality. 

17 MTH Industries
Hillside, Ill.
2008 Annual Sales: $28 million 
President/CEO: Lyle R. Hill
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 118
Years in Business: 122
MTH prides itself on its reputation for superior customer service and its ability to make the difficult seem simple.

18 Champion Metal & Glass Inc. 
Deer Park, N.Y.
2008 Annual Sales: $26 million
President/CEO: Ali Ghahremani
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 50
Years in Business: 16 
Champion Metal & Glass Inc. is celebrating 16 years in the architectural and ornamental industry in the New York City metropolitan area. Champion continues to build on its reputation for quality and service on every project. With a focus on integrity and experience, Champion works hard to meet the demands of its clients. 

19 Sunset Glazing 
La Mesa, Calif. 
2008 Annual Sales: $25 million
President/CEO: Done E. Witte
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 55
Years in Business: 28
Sunset Glazing has established a reputation of excelling in quality, reliability and service. The company has the capability to provide single-source responsibility for the complete design and development of a project.

20 APG International Inc.
Glassboro, N.J.2008 Annual Sales: $24 million
President/CEO: Thomas Salzer (president); Edward Zaucha (CEO)
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 70
Years in Business: 6
APG International Inc. is an installer of curtainwall with immediate access to more than 125,000 square feet of enclosed shop space to provide unitized product for projects throughout the United States. The company is a completely unionized operation with its own engineering expertise and has done many multi-story projects along the East Coast. 

21 Emmitsburg Glass
Emmitsburg, Md. 
2008 Annual Sales: $24 million
President/CEO: Sheridan E. (Dan) Reaver Jr. 
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 90
Years in Business: 20 
Emmitsburg Glass is a well recognized and established company with more than 20 years experience in the industry. It has successfully completed many large curtainwall and panel projects in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C-area, and opened a new 53,000-square-foot facility in 2006. 

22 Builders Architectural Products Inc. 
Deerfield, Ill.
2008 Annual Sales: $24 million 
President/CEO: Jane Weber
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 20 Years in Business: 49
Builders Architectural Products has a range of specializations from high performance composite window wall systems for new construction high rises to retrofit/repair of existing exterior facades. 

23 InterClad
Plymouth, Minn.
2008 Annual Sales: $23 million
President/CEO: Bill John 
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 75
Years in Business: 11
InterClad is a division of the Egan Co., headquartered in Minneapolis. It specializes in the engineering, fabrication and installation of curtainwall, glass and metal panels for the exterior cladding on new construction projects or renovations of existing buildings, and also has the capability to fabricate and install specialty metal, such as stainless steel.

24 Ridgeview Glass Inc. 
Upper Marlboro, Md.
2008 Annual Sales: $22.4 million
President/CEO: Andrew E. Canter, Jr. and Matthew R. Canter
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: varies between 80-135
Years in Business: 27
Ridgeview Glass is a subcontractor on commercial projects for standard to custom curtainwall contracts. Beyond the product, the company focuses on quality, relationships and its employees. 

25 Seele L.P.
New York
2008 Annual Sales: $21.7 million
President/CEO: Thomas Geissler
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 45
Years in Business: 8
Seele provides modern glass facades and glass roofs for high-design, high-tech glass structures. 

26 Metropolitan Glass Inc.
Denver, Colo.
2008 Annual Sales: $20.5 million
President/CEO: Michael C. Smith
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 100+
Years in Business: 45
Metropolitan Glass Inc. specializes in the installation of high quality curtainwall, storefront, skylights and metal panel systems. The company is a four-time winner of the ACE Award, presented by the Associated General Contractors of Colorado. Its reconstruction services offer creative and cost-effective solutions.

27 Tepco Contract Glazing Inc. 
Dallas, Texas
2008 Annual Sales: $19.1 million
President/CEO: Fred Keen
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 96
Years in Business: 25
Tepco is a regional glazing contractor with a specialty division devoted to sports venues. 

28 Galaxy Glass & Aluminum Inc. 
Manchester, N.H.
2008 Annual Sales: $19 million
President/CEO: Daniel Simpson (president); Mark Brown (vice president)
# of Locations: 3; 
# of Employees: 100
Years in Business: 19
Galaxy Glass is a design-build glass and glazing subcontractor in the New England and Mid-Atlantic area. 

29 Crawford Tracey Corp.
Deerfield Beach, Fla. 
2008 Annual Sales: $18 million
President/CEO: Raymond Crawford
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 100
Years in Business: 56
Crawford Tracey specializes in the development, manufacturing and installation of high-quality custom, impact and conventional glazing systems that meet or exceed the tough Florida building code. 

30 American Glass & Metals Corp. 
Plymouth, Mich.
2008 Annual Sales: $17 million 
President/CEO: James D. Vogelsberg
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 35-85
Years in Business: 30
American Glass & Metals Corp. is a glazing contractor with more than two decades of experience in the Michigan area. 

31 Baker Glass Co. Inc.
Antioch, Tenn.
2008 Annual Sales: $14.8 million
President/CEO: Jim Baker
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 60
Years in Business: 18
Baker Glass Co. is a “typical” glazing subcontractor with projects ranging from $1,000 to $6 million. 

32 R&R Window Contractors Inc. 
Easthampton, Mass. 
2008 Annual Sales: $14.8 million
President/CEO: Roger A. Fuller
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 80
Years in Business: 30
R&R Window Contractors Inc. is a well-established commercial window, storefront and curtainwall trade contractor with a strong presence throughout New England. 

33 Gatewood Glass
Ft. Meyers, Fla. 
2008 Annual Sales: $14.5 million 
President/CEO: Kevin Gilligan
# of Locations: 2; 
# of Employees: 103
Years in Business: 23
Gatewood Glass has been serving Florida’s West Coast since 1986. The company specializes in curtainwall and storefront hurricane impact systems, including but not limited to schools, high-rise and office-type buildings, as well as hospitals and doctor office-type facilities. 

34 Hilboldt Curtainwall Inc.
St. Louis
2008 Annual Sales: $14.5 million
President/CEO: Dennis Hilboldt (president); Jane Hilboldt (CEO)
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 44
Years in Business: 4
Hilboldt Curtainwall Inc. is a commercial construction company specializing in high quality exterior wall systems. It works with architects, construction managers and developers to build, panelize and install custom enclosure systems with an emphasis on prefabrication to the fullest extent possible.

35 Del Ray Glass
Alexandria, Va.
2008 Annual Sales: $14 million 
President/CEO: Mitchel Papanicolas 
# of Locations: 1; 
# of Employees: 70
Years in Business: 55
Del Ray Glass is a high-end glazing contractor specializing in smaller exterior buildings and interior tenant build-outs.


The Biggest Lite

It’s true, it’s not the size of the lite but how well it’s installed that matters. But let’s face it—there’s something pretty cool about telling friends over a drink about the day you installed “the big one.” Based on submissions from our top glazing contractors, USGlass has the story on five of the country’s biggest glass installations. 

1. Water Tower Storefront in Chicago 

- 38,056 square inches

MTH Industries in Chicago set this big lite—measuring 142 by 268 inches by 7⁄8-inch thick—in the Water Tower storefront with a crane back in 1982. Although the building has since been remodeled, it’s left a massive marker to match. 

2. Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Conn. 

- 37,440 square inches

Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum in Branford, Conn., installed 36 of these 10- by 26-foot unitized panels around the casino. According to Robert Massey, Jr., chief executive officer, the biggest challenge of installing this massive lite “was just getting it to the site.” Having a fabrication site only five miles away made the special arrangements for hauling these heavy units a little bit easier. 

3. Jewel Box in Los Angeles 

- 37,440 square inches

When Los Angeles-based Giroux Glass was asked to temporarily remove and reinstall a large 10- by 26-foot annealed lite of glass for the filming sequences of several scenes of the Rush Hour 3 shoot, the engineers of the building expressed concerns about the probable damage during the glass removal that might affect the expensively “raised” terrazzo floor tiles that covered the extensive ground level plaza directly below. The massive lite to be removed was on the second floor of the Jewel Box, a building between the two high-rise Arco Towers, in downtown Los Angeles. The engineers were sure that the weight of the men, machinery and 1,800 pounds of glass would crush the tiles. Gil Martus, Giroux Glass’ project manager, brought in a 42-foot, 3-story rolling scaffold and tower that was weight-proportioned to protect the tiles, and directed the tiles be covered with steel plates.The Giroux crew mounted the power cups to the glass and broke the seal with a team of eight glaziers, each one dedicated to a specific task. Once the lite was removed, it was rotated by crane down to the street and rolled, scaffold and all, out of screen shot. Once the scene was completed the lite was rolled back, reinstalled and sealed. Much to the engineers delight, not a single tile was damaged. 

4. Solae in St. Louis 

- 35,712 square inches

Hilboldt Curtainwall Inc. in St. Louis installed these 4- by 62-foot panels of Viracon’s VE 1-40 low-E insulating glass, within Hilboldt’s 2.5-inch curtainwall system, in the Solae Global Headquarters in St. Louis. According to chief executive officer Jane Hilboldt, “Our biggest challenge on panelizing this job was the coordination from manufacturing to the installation sequence since we were dealing with six different radiuses and a random pattern of fritted glass—resulting in each panel being unique.”

5. General Motors Building in New York 

- 32,220 square inches

W&W Glass in Nanuet, N.Y., set this 90- by 360-inch ¾-inch float glass into the General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue. According to Scott Haber, managing partner, “It was custom-made right off the float line because it’s not something somebody stocks.” Something that big—no kidding! Haber says the lite was shipped directly to W&W from the former Libbey Owens Ford. 

The Way to the 100-Year Mark and Beyond

Sure times are tough, but given the cyclical nature of the commercial construction market, there are plenty of glass industry companies out there that have faced tough times before. Those companies that have passed the 100-year anniversary just have a deeper well of experience from which to draw. 

“It’s not news to anyone that our industry faces a difficult road ahead,” says Bob Leyland, vice president of sales for Kawneer. “And, although we are a company with more than 100 years of experience, we feel that these challenges bring us new opportunity to reassess how we do business and find better ways to add more value to our customers. The team at Kawneer is focused on deploying initiatives that will enable us to outperform in a down market just as we have during the up cycle.”

Leyland cites initiatives ranging from new products to new services. 

“It is energizing to see the resourcefulness with which we are attacking business issues,” he says.

PPG Industries certainly has seen its share of changes since it was founded as Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. 126 years ago. 

“While I can’t claim to have witnessed all 126 years of PPG’s history, I do believe we have inherited a legacy of innovation, quality and integrity,” says Gary Danowski, vice president of PPG’s Performance Glazings strategic business unit. “The generation before us set a high bar for us and we seek to measure ourselves against that every day. From research and development investment to operational discipline, we work to continue the steady stream of innovation and performance evidenced by a litany of industry ‘firsts’ throughout our history.”

These firsts—including development of the first high-performing, energy-efficient glass in the 1930s—still depend on one thing, Danowski points out. “It’s highly qualified and motivated people who carry all this out,” he says. 

Danowski adds, “In my view, the companies that come out of this recession the strongest will be those that can be quick without being rash; who can take care of their bottom line and still take care of customers; and who can manage their business tightly without sacrificing future opportunity. It won’t be easy for any of us, but I do believe that if we work hard on the right priorities and keep focused on our markets, we’ll get through this.” 

F. Barkow in Milwaukee has crept well over the 100-year mark. 

“This is Barkow’s 130th year of family owned business in the same city,” says John Weise, president. “It's unusual in it's longevity.”

According to Weise, the secret to that longevity is that the company has “always delivered a quality product at a fair price, and we try to give the customer as much or more than they are expecting. We listen closely to what our customers tell us they need for their business. We employ craftsmen and we don't cut corners. We genuinely care about our customers’ well-being and if they are happy with what they bought, they will come back. It's a cliché, but I believe in 130 years our motivation has always been honest work and honest pay. If any of my Barkow relatives before me had become wealthy in the long history of F. Barkow Inc., I believe the company would have changed dramatically or would have been sold or worse. As the current owner I'm perfectly fine with those set of facts.”

Weise adds, “As for the year ahead, we are living in very uncertain times and our goal is to come out stronger when the economy does eventually improve. That may not happen this year. We are planning to service our customers now and into the future.”

Braxton Smith, owner of The Glenny Glass Co. in Milford, Ohio, lays claim to being “the oldest flat glass distributor/fabricator in the United States, started in 1851.”

How has the company managed to stay strong for so long? 

“Frankly we’ve increased the amount of value addition to our glass products,” Smith says. “When we first bought the company in 1989 there was just stick cutting glass now we’re cutting, beveling, polishing, we’re doing insulating glass … and just bought a sandblasting machine …” In addition, the company is adding thermal performance. 

“You have to go with the flow and adapt and right now everybody’s scrambling for energy-efficient products,” Smith says. 

Go with the flow indeed. In an industry that has seen its share of consolidations and sales—in the last year much less last 100—it surely takes some savvy maneuvering to mark that 100th anniversary and rank among the industry’s oldest companies. 

The Industry’s Centenarians
Saint-Gobain 344 years 
DuPont 206
Pilkington North America Inc. 183
The Glenny Glass Co. 158 
Fletcher-Terry 140
Showerite 138
Vitro America 137
Kohler 136F. 
Barkow 130
Barber Glass Industries Inc. 126 
PPG Industries 126 
MTH 122
Goldfinch Bros. Inc. 117
Thad Ziegler Glass 116
General Glass International 109
Peterson Glass Co. 106
J. Sussman 103 
Kawneer Co. Inc. 103 
Toledo Mirror & Glass 100
DORMA Group North America 100 
Syracuse Glass 100 

Top 10 Insulating Glass Producers
Oldcastle Glass® 
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
AGC Flat Glass North America
Vitro America 
JE Berkowitz LP
United Glass Corp.
Rochester Insulated Glass
PRL Glass Systems
Virginia Glass Products

Top Architectural Metal Producers
Kawneer Co. Inc. 
Oldcastle Glass® Vistawall®
YYK AP America 
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
EFCO Corp.
United States Aluminum Corp.
Southern Aluminum Finishing
Accura Systems Inc.
Architectural Wall Systems Co.

Top 5 Low-E Glass Fabricators
(excluding primary glass manufacturers)
Oldcastle Glass® 
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
JE Berkowitz LP
Rochester Insulated Glass

Top 8 Float Glass Producers in North America
Pilkington North America Inc. 
Guardian Industries Corp.
PPG Industries
AGC Flat Glass North America 
Cardinal Glass Industries 
Vitro S.A.B. de C.V.
Saint-Gobain Glass 

Top 7 Curtainwall and Storefront/Entrance Fabricators
Kawneer Co. Inc.
Oldcastle Glass® Vistawall® 
YYK AP America
EFCO Corp.
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
United States Aluminum Corp.

Top 8 Laminated Glass Producers
Oldcastle Glass® 
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
Guardian Industries Corp.
AGC Flat Glass North America
Vitro America 
JE Berkowitz LP
Dlubak Corp.

Top 10 Tempered Glass Producers
(excluding primary glass manufacturers)
Oldcastle Glass® 
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.
JE Berkowitz LP
PRL Glass Systems
Dlubak Corp. 
Rochester Insulated Glass
Glasswerks L.A.
Virginia Glass Products
Custom Glass Products

Top 5 Fire-Rated Glass Producers
Pilkington North America
AGC InterEdge Technologies
SAFTI First Fired-Rated Glazing Solutions
Schott Corp. 

Top 5 Fire-Rated Glass Distributors 
Technical Glass Products
Oldcastle Glass®
Vitro America
General Glass International

Top 5 Hardware Wholesale Distributors  
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. 
Midwest Wholesale Hardware
JLM Wholesale
Mayflower Sales Co. Inc.


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