Volume 44, Issue 5 - May 2009

Hardware Focus

company news
G-U Hardware Consolidates Divisions

G-U Hardware Inc. plans to consolidate its United States distribution operation in Newport News, Va., into its Canadian division located in Montreal. “Our Newport News facility has worked out very nicely for us since we opened here in 1987 … Our Montreal facility has enough capacity to easily provide service to all of our customers throughout North America,” says general manager Yvon Soucy. “The Montreal facility also provides manufacturing capabilities helping us with shorter lead times for delivery. It’s basically a logistics decision that benefits our customers.” 

G-U will maintain U.S. sales offices in both Newport News as well as in Medford, Wis. 

“The only change our customers will see is the warehouse location that their orders will be shipped from,” adds Kevin O’Connor, national sales manager. “Customer service, technical support and sales will all continue to be serviced from the U.S. Invoices, orders and company contacts will also continue to be located in the U.S. These changes are very positive ones for us during a time when taking care of the customer is so important.”

The consolidation is anticipated to be complete by June. www.g-u.com/us 

product news
New Catalog Showcases CRL's Commercial Door Handles

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has published its new 32-page full-color Commercial Door Handle Catalog (LP10), which showcases the company’s line of locking ladder handles in a variety of styles and sizes. The design of these handles puts the locking mechanism at a comfortable height above the floor to lock and unlock glass doors. 

The LP10 catalog is dedicated to the company’s expanded selection of commercial door handles for the construction of all-glass entrances in commercial office buildings and retail storefronts. Other featured products include one- and two-point center locks; deadbolt, panic and electronic egress handles; and handles for aluminum and glass doors. yyä www.crlaurence.com

Ellipse Keeps Doors Transparent

Ellipse Keeps Doors Transparent There is a new addition to City of Industry, Calif.-based EPCO USA Inc.’s pivoting door systems: Ellipse. The Ellipse series incorporates a patch that is smaller and heavier than the conventional patch that provides a larger area of glass transparency while supporting the same size door or glass structure. A rich contemporary shape and polished finish complement the glass. 

The ST17 ladder pull and lock adds to the contemporary aesthetics while providing security to the heavy glass door system. www.epcocorp.com

MAGNEO Slides Down the Line

Powered by advanced linear magnetic drive technology (LMD), the MAGNEO sliding door system from DORMA Entrance Systems in Reamstown, Pa., is the only sliding door entrance system to utilize LMD technology instead of belts, pulleys, gears or motors. The MAGNEO system enables a sliding door to open and close on an electromagnetic “cushion,” reducing wear, noise and maintenance. 

MAGNEO is engineered to meet all safety requirements for low-energy applications. Its sensitive operation detects obstructions and reverses the closing operation to prevent potential injury. The system can be configured with MANET fixings from DORMA Glas and either a recessed door grip or minimalist handle. A glass-clamping rail is available for added stability. MAGNEO is suitable for all-glass, framed glass, wood and metal doors up to 175 pounds. www.dorma-usa.com 

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