Volume 44, Issue 11 - November 2009


Welcome, Win-door
New Products on Display in Toronto

This November glass industry company representatives and suppliers will travel to Toronto for the annual Win-door North America Show, November 17-19. The event, which will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, South Building Hall E, is sponsored by the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

Following is a sneak peek of the products that will be displayed there.


Booth #1749/1751:
Get Centered with WTS Paradigm
WTS Paradigm will feature its CenterPoint software system, which is used to generate quick, accurate and professional-looking quotes. Quotes include to-scale drawings of each door or window, and the system acts as the central repository for cataloging options and pricing.

The Middleton, Wis.-based company also offers software solutions for companies that provide renovation options to customers. The tools help manufacturers manage contacts, schedule installations and track and manage workflow.



Booth #1717:
Edgetech to Promote SustainaBLOCK™ Setting Blocks
The new setting blocks from Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, were designed to help meet the need for total system compatibility and are available in a wide variety of material options, including the latest in stable silicone technology. The SustainaBLOCK line of setting blocks can be used to position, cushion and support glass in a window frame or opening, and are compatible with most sealant types. In addition to their sustainable attributes, SustainaBLOCKs are available in a variety of sizes, profiles and materials, including silicone rubber, EPDM and plastics. With a minimum order, Edgetech also can customize SustainaBLOCKs based on color, material, packaging and self-adhesion needs.

The company also recently upgraded its Super Spacer® Premium and Premium Plus silicone warm-edge spacer systems. Company officials say that these new systems have been tested to show that they can improve U-values and condensation resistance and have low thermal conductivity numbers.


Booth #1614/1616:
Spacers in a Range of Colors
Steve Brown Machinery Solutions now offers the painted top stainless steel air spacer in more than 45 standard colors and in custom colors. The spacer has a long life, high thermal performance and gas retention and, according to the company, can lower consumers’ heating and cooling energy consumption.


Booth #1603:
Truseal Highlights Envirosealed Windows™ Advantage Program
Truseal’s new Envirosealed Windows Advantage program gives manufacturers choices among pre-certified packages that the company says exceed Energy Star® 2010 and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act .30/.30 tax credit requirements. Through the program, producers are able to create windows with ratings as high as R-6 (0.17 U-value) economically. This is 50 percent better than Energy Star 2010 criteria, according to the company.

Windows rated as Envirosealed Windows Advantage feature Duralite® spacers by Truseal, one of several premium glass options from the Envirolite™ glass pack program, and EnergyCore™ frames by Mikron.


Booth #1515/1517:
Get Smart with Glasslam
Glasslam in Pompano Beach, Fla., will display its Air-Tight™ spacer products. The company’s patent-pending Air-Tight SmartEdge is a one-step product that incorporates a sealant, allowing for easy and efficient production warm-edge insulating glass. The flexible foam spacer provides the same warm-edge performance as the company’s Generic spacer with the added convenience of a pre-applied butyl secondary seal.



Booth #1807:

FeneTech Displays A Range of Products
In addition to information on its software offerings, visitors to the FeneTech booth can learn about the Aurora, Ohio-based company’s new laser marking system. Powered by an integrated CO2 laser device, the marking system comes either as a vertical or horizontal conveyor system.

The vertical laser marking system allows for identification of each lite after the breakout table at the cutting stage. After the operator confirms the sheet by means of a touch-screen monitor, the automatic laser device marks all necessary and configured information onto the glass in seconds. Each sheet is then automatically indexed on the conveyor to a position where an offloading monitor displays the necessary racking or slotting information to the second operator. The system is controlled by the company’s FeneVision software.



Booth #1323:
More Options from Truth
Truth Hardware will display several new hardware options.

The Marve­l™ power operator system has a sleek design that the company says is simple to install, easy to operate and is reliable and affordable. It can lift skylight sashes weighing up to 90 pounds and operates from a standard 110-volt current. An optional RF remote control and roof mount rain sensor also are available.

The new PAL also will be on display. The company’s new positive action lock is available in the original “push button” design and the new “slide tab” design, both of which lock automatically upon closure. The PAL also offers a snap-on cover.  



Booth #1708/1710:
IGMA to Have New Publications On Hand
Representatives from the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) will be on hand to answer questions and offer information. Among the organization’s latest informational publications is its recently released Technical Publication TM-3100-09, Voluntary Guidelines for the Identification of Visual Obstructions in the Air Space of Insulating Glass Units. The association says these advisory guidelines assist in achieving long-term performance of sealed insulating glass units. These guidelines are intended for use by those who design, specify, manufacture and install insulating glass units. They were written as a result of open discussions and review by the IGMA Visual Quality Working Group and others knowledgeable in the field. Association representatives note that the guidelines were developed in accordance with IGMA due process procedures, reflect existing technology and are subject to periodic review and change.








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