Volume 44, Issue 10 - October 2009


No, Lyle, Thank You!

Dear USGlass:

You weren’t kidding when you said Lyle would respond to the e-mail I sent him. Wow, did he ever (see July 2009 USGlass, page 64)! As I write this, it’s been just 72 hours since I walked out to the mailbox and received the shock of my career. The first thing that came to my mind was that “I’ve finally made it in the glass business: I got my name in a Lyle Hill article in the most widely read and quoted glass magazine in the country.”

That’s some pretty heady stuff, if I do say so myself. My name is now “rubbing shoulders” with some pretty unique and accomplished individuals, including, to just name a few: “The Mooch” Rago, “Jungle” Jim Bruney, and people with last names like Silverstein.

As the shock has worn off over the last several days I’ve received phone calls of congratulations from friends I’ve made in the last 22 years. Undoubtedly, the conversation got around to the question of: “What do you usually turn to first when you get the new issue?” Lyle, I want you to know that, almost without exception, it’s the back page. 

When I showed my wife the article, she expressed great pride in my accomplishment, saying that we needed to get a bunch of extra copies to show all our friends and family. In the moment of my exuberance I said, “Maybe if I play my cards right I can get to be a regular in his column.” Her reply was: “Good, then you too can not get paid just like Lyle.”  I told her, “That’s okay, honey, I’m used to it; I’m in the glass business.”

Bob Monroe
Tom Smith Glass Co. Inc.
Columbus, Ind.

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