Volume 44, Issue 9 - September 2009


Glass Takes a Bite Out of the Big Peach?
Glass Companies Journey to Atlanta for Annual Event


There’s plenty to keep visitors busy in Atlanta, the gateway of the South—and from September 30–October 2, GlassBuild America 2009 will be one more attraction. The exhibition, scheduled to take place at the Georgia World Congress Center, will house nearly 200,000 square feet of exhibits and more than 9,000 industry professionals.

On Thursday, October 1, after spending a full day looking at glass products, attendees will get a chance to look through the glass, as Atlanta’s own Georgia Aquarium will close to the public and open only for event attendees from 5-8 p.m. Guests will get the opportunity to explore the world’s largest indoor aquarium, which house more animals than any other aquarium. Glass industry visitors may be curious to know that Gardner Glass & Glazing installed glass supplied by Viracon for the more than 500,000-square-foot downtown aquarium.

Although Viracon is one more fabricator missing from this year’s exhibitor line-up—last year most of the primary glass manufacturers and several of the largest glass fabricators were absent from the show floor—show organizers remain optimistic about the event. Indeed, over the next 32 pages, USGlass has a packed preview of products expected to be at the show. (And for more brand-new products to incorporate into your next project, see our Showcase department on page 86.)


Holding the Record: 33 Years and Counting
Dan De Gorter, vice president of De Gorter Inc. in Monroe, N.C., has been a part of the glass industry since 1976 and a part of GlassBuild America, formerly known simply as the NGA Show, at least that long.

“We have been an exhibitor or co-exhibitor since the association first started its trade show, or at least since I have been working,” De Gorter says. “That would mean De Gorter Inc. has exhibited in 32 consecutive shows and this would be our 33rd show as an exhibitor.”

Few other exhibitors at the annual exhibition can make that claim. Over the course of 33 years, this exhibitor has seen a number of changes.

“We have seen the growth of the show from being a small local/regional trade show—where participants were strictly members and selective suppliers—to what is now considered one of the top four trade shows of the world where participants now come from all over the world,” De Gorter says.

This year De Gorter Inc. will spotlight the Model FPS-50M3B from Schiatti Angelo S.r.l. in booth 1037. “Because of the current market situation, we are showcasing our most popular and user-friendly 14 spindle miter machine,” De Gorter says.

Booth #35: JEB Exhibit to Support Two Architectural Glass Products
At this year’s event, JE Berkowitz of Pedricktown, N.J., will spotlight its SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass and Invisiwall™ point-supported glass systems.

The decorative laminated glass uses a proprietary process that prints directly onto the plastic interlayer. The process enables photo imagery, textures, patterns, company logos and other images to be incorporated into a variety of laminated glass applications. JEB says SentryGlas Expressions meets all ANSI Z97 specifications for safety glass.

The point-supported glass wall and canopy systems are custom-engineered to fit many locations, such as entrances, wall facades, partitions or canopies. According to the company, low-iron, silk-screened, acid-etched, tinted or insulating glass, and even SentryGlass Expressions, can be fabricated to connect with the specified hardware for a project. The fully tempered glass can be heat soak-tested and the system can be engineered to use full height or cantilevered fins.

Booth #1601: Pavia Satin Finish Glass by Vitro
Memphis-based Vitro America will have on-hand its PAVIA satin-finished glass. Pavia is produced using a special acid treatment process, which may be applied to either one or both sides of the glass. The versatile and aesthetic architectural glass allows light, color and texture to blend, creating privacy and functional design.

Pavia is available in a variety of thicknesses from 2- to 12-mm in clear, tinted and design options. Applications for Pavia include glass walls, partitions, shelving, tabletops, shower enclosures, lighting, furniture and more. It may be used for interior or exterior applications, and may be tempered or laminated to meet safety requirements.

Booth #401: Guardian Softens with Satin
Guardian Industries, based in Auburn Hills, Mich., will highlight its new acid-etched design ShowerGuard SatinDeco glass—although from within Coastal Industries’ booth at the show. According to information from Guardian, the surface of the diffused privacy glass is sealed through an ion-beam process during manufacturing, to help resist corrosion and discoloration. The glass is also offered in clear and ultra-white.

Booth #1301: Sheer Excitement for PPG’s New Glass
Pittsburgh-based PPG will introduce several new products at its booth.

Pacifica and Solarblue glasses, two new blue tints, will be available with reflective and subtly reflective coatings. The Sungate 400 and Solarban 65 glasses give window manufacturers additional options for meeting Energy Star® guidelines, the International Energy Conservation Code and the new .30/.30 ARRA criteria. The company also will introduce Clarvista shower glass, a durable, corrosion-resistant product.


decorative glass
Booth #603: Goldray Gets Decked Out
Goldray Industries in Calgary, Alberta, will display its new magnetic marker boards, as well as several types of decorative glass in a variety of applications, including signage, countertops, railing and flooring.

The glass marker boards are made using an opaque coating or interlayer applied to an unexposed surface of glass, resulting in an easy-to-clean, writable surface. This product is available in standard or magnetic, with either polished or framed edges, in virtually any color or custom artwork.

Among its decorative product offerings is a technographic interlayer—a high-resolution printed polyester interlayer—and its DecoTherm® digital ceramic frit glass decoration capabilities.


Booth #409: LMCI Forum Heads to Vegas
The Painters and Allied Trades (LMCI) will be exhibiting in Atlanta to inform the glass industry of another upcoming event. The fifth annual LMCI Finishing Industries Forum will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from November 15-19. The event, made up of plenary sessions and industry workshops, will be conducted by experts in the field addressing current issues. Along with social networking opportunities, the highlights of the conference include speaker Dr. James Canton, a business and technology futurist and author; workshops on registered apprenticeship programs and workers’ compensation; sessions on new LEED AP standards; an LMCI project management update; a seminar on the Finishing Contractors Association; and a workshop held by Mark Breslin addressing labor and management mutual needs.


Booth #610: Pres-On Handles With Care
Addison, Ill.-based Pres-On Inc. offers a line of adhesive and non-adhesive separator pads to protect fragile glass during shipping and handling. The pads, used for transporting, packing, storing and installing glass products, absorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage.

The non-adhesive pads are self-sticking and will not leave residue on glass or metal, while the company says its adhesive-backed pads are non-marring and easily removed. Separator pads come in die-cut sheets or on rolls, as well as in various thicknesses, colors and sizes. Combinations of cork or foam can be varied for added stability and firmness.

Booth #1723: Bond, CRL Glass Bond
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) is introducing a new glass bonding system that includes a complete line of UV and UV/visible light adhesives, fixation devices, UV curing lamps and glass display and furniture hardware.

With the advanced UV adhesives, glass can be bonded firmly to a wide variety of substrates, including laminated glass. The fixation devices keep glass parts from moving during set-up. Many of these feature adjustment screws to raise and lower the glass parts with precision for proper application of high and low viscosity UV adhesives. Other devices have marked dimensions for fixing glass parts at virtually any angle.

The UV/visible light cure adhesives come in seven different formulations, and in colors as well. CRL also offers a wide selection of UV curing lamps that emit the correct UV wavelength of 365 nm for curing.

All of these products are available from the GB10 Glass Bonding Catalog. To get fabricators started, the company is offering basic and professional glass bonding starter kits.

Booth #615: Bohle Gets A New Grip

Charlotte, N.C.-based Bohle America offers the Xtragrip Green, a new adhesive for installing and fixing mirrors. Its features include high tack and fast grab formula; bonding strength and suitability for unprimed surfaces; and hybrid sealant technology to meet countrywide environment compliance standards. According to the company, the solvent-free solids formula has low VOC and odor.

Along with the Xtragrip, the company also will present its new range of consumable supplies, cleaning agents, silicone adhesives and a new, comprehensive catalog.

Booth #513: Capital Tape Highlights Selection
Capital Tape in Cleveland, Ohio, will be spotlighting its full line of glazing, mirror mounting and high-performance attachment tapes at the event. Company officials say their products meet industry performance standards for residential glazing and structural silicone glazing. The company also supplies materials for weatherstripping and sound and vibration dampening.


IG components
Booth #523: Technoform Pops the Champagne
Twinsburg, Ohio-based Technoform will feature a new warm-edge IG spacer color, champagne, as well as the Bautec structural insulating strut, at its booth. The warm-edge insulating glass spacer’s new color is designed for wood window frames as well as beige and brown windows of any material. According to the company, the spacer is a hybrid of stainless steel and advanced polymers for superior warm-edge performance. Standard colors include white, light gray, black and bronze.

The strut, constructed of polyamide 6.6 with 25-percent glass fiber content, achieves low U-values. It features an expansion/contraction rate equal to that of aluminum and thermal conductivity rates lower than aluminum.

Booth #1031: Fenzi Adds to Show Display
Toronto-based Fenzi North America will display its complete line of insulating glass components. This year the company will have a new addition to its product base with its Hotver hot melt butyl. Along with the their Molver desiccant, Alu Pro and Roll Tech spacer profiles, company representatives will be on-hand to meet attendees’ IG component needs.

Booth #1731: Truseal Goes Green
For Truseal Technologies in Solon, Ohio, the focus will be on energy efficiency. The company will highlight several products and programs that meet and exceed Energy Star® Phase 1 criteria for 2010, as well as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 .30/.30 tax credit requirements. The products include the company’s warm-edge spacer system, Duralite and the Envirosealed Windows program.

In accordance with the green theme, the booth itself will be made of environmentally friendly materials.

Booth #2219: Edgetech University is Back in Session
Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech will bring back its Edgetech University (ETU) booth theme for a second semester this year. ETU will focus on educating customers about upcoming Energy Star changes, IG certification and practices for meeting the stimulus bill’s .30/.30 requirements. Edgetech also will sponsor an energy efficiency seminar. The highlights of ETU’s campus will be the new SustainaBLOCK™ setting blocks and the enhanced Super Spacer®.

The setting blocks can be used to position, cushion and support glass in a window frame or opening and are compatible with most sealant types. The blocks are available in a variety of sizes, profiles and materials. The blocks also can be customized based on color, material, packaging and self-adhesion needs.

The enhanced Premium and Premium Plus silicone warm-edge spacer systems help customers achieve low U-values and improve condensation resistance.

Booth #1019: Glasslam Goes All Out
Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Glasslam N.G.I. will exhibit its full line of architectural glass products at its booth. According to the company, the increased global demand for warm-edge foam spacer has compelled it to expand its production capacity and capabilities to include silicone products as well as EPDM. Glasslam also is introducing its new patent-pending Air-Clip non-metal muntin key program for any and all foam spacer systems. The booth also will display the company’s line of spacers, sprayed glass systems, laminated glass products and decorative doorlites, windows and glass.


glass walls

Booth #15: Solar Innovations Stacks Up
Pine Grove, Pa.-based Solar Innovations Inc. has introduced two new stacking glass wall systems. According to the company, the systems utilize stainless steel trolley bearings developed to withstand a high-load capacity and the longevity required for large architectural applications.

The standard glass wall is designed for relatively heavy residential and commercial projects and may be used for exterior applications primarily. It is offered in three different stiles, as well as clad, veneer or standard painted options.

The clear glass wall, while still intended for residential and commercial uses, is designed for interior or light exterior applications. It incorporates a clear gasket on the panel verticals for a nearly-uninterrupted sightline.



tools and equipment
Booth #1111: Options Added to Glass Carrier Line-Up
Glassboro, N.J.-based Myglasstruck.com has added to its aluminum value-line of glass carriers new standard features and optional equipment that will reduce breakage by improving how glass is secured and transported. The new features include an integrated vertical rubber padding that runs all the way from the top to bottom of the carrier’s frame posts. This protects smaller lites by supporting edges that extend above or below the carrier’s horizontal padding.

In addition, computer designed load-bearing under-body mounts provide added protection against bumps and vibration. Aircraft-grade Huck® locking mechanical fasteners secure all load-bearing connections between the carrier’s 1/8-inch-thick extruded 6061 T6 aluminum posts and slats. Each carrier also now features three fully adjustable T6-Adjust-A-Poles per side as standard equipment.

Booth #702: The Latest Powr-Grip Lifter Helps in Tight Spots
The low-profile design design of Laurel, Mont.-based Wood’s Powr-Grip’s newest vacuum lifter, the MRTALP611LDCS, was inspired by customers who requested a way to lift glass between scaffolding and buildings during high-rise window installations.

This below-the-hook lifter combines a thin vertical profile, mechanically assisted tilt mechanism, reduced lifter weight and high lifting capacity. With its movable and removable pads and extension arms, the lifter is able to accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes.

Booth #1247: Salem Polishes Product Lines
Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Salem Flat Glass and Mirror will spotlight its BOVONE diamond tools, the Nova Felt synthetic polishing wheel and TWINBOX® autoclave-free laminating systems.

According to the company, the line of diamond tooling offers a high-speed, maximum operational life and a quality finish. The polishing wheel’s base construction is polyester fiber infused with bonding agents and polishing enhancers using polymer technology. The fiber architecture yields to an open pore structure that will readily accept a cerium charge but resist loading and glazing.

The integrated laminating systems incorporate the oven and PVB, EVA and TPU storage into a single unit that features a small footprint. The system is approved to laminate glass with Saflex foil according to EN-365 drop ball testing, making it suitable for class P2A security glass.

Booth #2017: Measure Up with EDTM
Electronic Design To Market Inc. (EDTM), based in Toledo, Ohio, is growing line of instruments and sales kits, including the Glass-Check Pro meter and “Window Energy Profiler” SK1740 sales kit.

The new digital meter can measure the glass and air space thickness of single-, double- and triple-pane windows from a single side. The new laser device offers improvements and features over the previous model, including applications involving tinted and reflective glass and triple-pane windows. The meter also can accommodate expanded thickness ranges, accuracies and the ability to identify suspended film applications in windows.

The company’s new sales kit for promoting energy-efficient windows features an energy profiler that tests windows in-frame. The kit also includes heat lamps and surface temperature guns.


Booth #1511: Doralco Splices Up its Exhibit
Alsip, Ill.-based Doralco will showcase its glass splice plates. According to the company, the plates provide a strong joint solution, from structural glass fin walls to glass wall panels, with a contemporary industrial design. Each plate is made to fit the application and can be accessorized with any hardware, including bullet bolt covers.

Booth #2621: Decon Anchors a New Line
Decon® USA Inc. is the exclusive representative of Jordahl in North America and that company’s new anchor channel product line. The hot-rolled anchor channels are imbedded in concrete and used to securely transfer high loads. Their main application is for flexible connections of glazing panels to high-rise buildings.

According to information from the company, the products allow for anchoring without damaging the concrete structure and reinforcement. No welding or drilling is required. It allows for an increased load capacity near reinforcement and a high load capacity for static and dynamic loads, as well as time-efficient onsite installation.


Booth #2602: Blast Off with Acurlite
Having completed several projects that require extreme blast pressures resulting in extreme loading, Berwick, Pa.-based Acurlite will focus on its line of blast and impact skylights. The blast skylights have been engineered and manufactured for requirements from low standard UFC to high GSA/ISC extreme blast requirements.

The company offers single-glazed and insulating skylights, which have been tested for large- or small-missile impact and have Florida building approval or Miami/Dade NOA. The skylight is tested for most geometries required and can be offered as a fully tested system.


Booth #2623: Glasstech Introduces the CRB-S 1900 for Fabricating CSP
Glasstech in Perrysburg, Ohio, has introduced the CRB-S 1900 for the concentration solar power market. The CRB-S 1900 is the newest addition to the company’s CRB-S technology for solar parabolic trough glass shaping and strengthening. It precisely shapes 1.6- to 5-mm low-iron glass up to the increased width of 1.9 meters with the advantage of strengthening or fully tempering parts, depending on the thickness. The system also consumes less energy than more traditional forming methods.

Booth #2141: Tekna Introduces TK444
Tekna in Crystal Lake, Ill., will introduce the TK444 four-axis machining center for the fabrication of aluminum extrusions. The TK444 features all-welded steel fame construction, linear guides, clamps that are positioned automatically, a high RPM electrospindle and extremely fast axes travel speeds. Users have the ability to choose from 3D CAM programming, conversational graphical user interface or seamless integration with third-party software.

Booth #909: J&S Rolls with the Pinches
J&S Machine in Ellsworth, Wis., is introducing the CR148 RIMW, a PC-based CNC double pinch storefront material roll bender utilizing the CNW333 control. The control, a Windows XP-embedded CNC, consists of an industrial PC with 40GB hard drive, USB ports, 17-inch color monitor, wired mouse and keyboard. It can be operated manually by push button or programmed to run automatically. The control also allows users to download information directly from a DXF drawing file to create a new program and create a network connection to interface with other PC’s for exchanging data.

Booth #2133: Quattrolifts Looks Toward a New Horizon
Look out attendees: Australia-based Quattrolifts will be showing off its new Horizon lifting machine and a new attachment for the Nomad glass transporter.

The lifting machine can lift, tilt and transport 144- by 96-inch lites. The machine also allows the operator to rotate the glass 90 degrees, which helps with edgework machines.

The new 11-inch all-terrain wheel attachment for the company’s glass transporter allows the machine to transport glass over difficult jobsite terrain.

Booth #1717: Sommer & Maca Cleans Up
The Sommer & Maca Machinery division of C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. will showcase the VHDW60, its new heavy-duty, 60-inch vertical open-top glass washer, as well as a heavy-duty directional glass transfer table section.

According to the company, the motors of the washer can move large lites through low-E brushes and air knife dryers at speeds up to 18 feet per minute. Glass up to 60 inches tall and ¾-inch thick can be cleaned in one pass. The re-circulating detergent and miser rinse feature is standard, while a final rinse water saver solenoid also is included.

With the transfer table, glass is introduced from one side on powered rollers and then lifted to another set of rollers by a pneumatically controlled belt section. The 90 degree directional move is down without having to be physically rotated, reducing the risk of scuffs, smudges or breakage. The transfer table can also be built in any width to fit new or existing production lines.

Booth #1831: Glaston Features One-Stop-Booth
Through its Bavelloni, Tamglass, Uniglass and Albat+Wirsam brands, Finland-based Glaston will demonstrate its one-stop-partner (OSP) product portfolio, designed to give glass industry customers the best combination of machinery, tools, software solutions and services from one supplier. OSP includes Glaston’s latest technologies for the architectural and solar markets, as well as its innovations for environmental sustainability.

At the show, visitors can see the benefits of the OSP concept at work through the Virtual Factory, a video projection system showing the special integrated solution, which combines machinery, tools, software and services. Attendees also can learn more about the company’s solar energy business, which provides solutions for producing bent and flat top quality glass for solar panels.

Booth #2923: Nordson Delivers Cobalt
According to Westlake, Ohio-based Nordson, the company’s Cobalt™ GR systems deliver precise meter/mix capability to window fabrication, commercial glazing and curtainwall production and insulating glass processes. Single or tandem spur-gear pumps help companies simplify adhesive and sealant handling and metering directly from their shipping containers to reduce residual waste. The systems offer PLC controls with touch-screen interfaces and mix ratio controls and can handle combinations of high-, medium- or low-viscosity materials.

Booth #3131: Billco Saves the Leftovers
Billco Manufacturing is gearing up to introduce its new equipment. The Zelienople, Penn.-based company’s new products include a remnant storage system that stores, then redistributes, glass leftover from the cutting process. This optimizes and reduces waste. Additionally, the company will debut its new vertical insulating glass line, which features multiple zones that can be interchanged to accommodate each manufacturer’s unique processing needs. The line can per perform a range of processes including washing, edge deleting, gas filling and secondary sealing.


doors and windows
Booth #201: Chelsea Reinforces its Showcase
Chelsea Building Products in Oakmont, Penn., will showcase its Restoration Pro window series.

The window series, developed for the commercial and premium replacement market, has a 1-inch insulating glass package, can accommodate simulated divided lites and is compatible with many combination latch-and-lock systems. According to the company, the window’s structural performance gives the series an LC-50 performance rating and has been impact tested. Models within the system include double hung, horizontal slider and picture window.

Booth #509: Paint the Town with Ramco
Detroit-based Reliable Architectural Metals Company (Ramco) will feature its new café style doors and windows at its exhibit. According to the company, the doors and windows were designed specifically for the entertainment and restaurant industry. The commercial-grade aluminum doors and windows are custom manufactured to specific size and color needs. The company also offers new exotic paint colors for its products, including patterns and designs.


Booth #2331: AAMA to Provide Educational Seminar for Architects
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) will host local architects during the Architects of a Better Mind educational seminar, offered concurrently with the trade show.

The AIA-approved continuing education seminar will include courses related to the commercial and residential door, window and skylight industry, and will be held Wednesday, September 30 and Thursday, October 1 from 8:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. The event will focus on up-to-date insights on commercial and residential fenestration product applications. Architects who attend the full program will earn eight learning units, all of which qualify as Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) credits—the full year’s HSW requirements for AIA members.


Booth #2423: Interlock Takes Hold of New Products
Along with its European partners, Siegenia-Aubi & KFV, Reno, Nev.-based Interlock USA will present new door and window hardware.

The new concealed hardware solution for Siegenia-Aubi Tilt & Turn windows features three-way adjustment and an integral adjustable turn restrictor. The hardware includes low-wear bearings for all moving parts, an integral turn limiter at 90 degrees and stability at high sash weights.

The HEMISPHERE™ folding door mortise hinges are stainless steel and non-corrosive. They feature a flush mount application, can accommodate doors that weigh up to 165 pounds and are available in a range of durable finishes.


Booth #105: RiteScreen Latches On
The Elizabethville, Penn.-based RiteScreen Co. has a new latching window screen. The newest screen for double-hung windows securely latches into place upon closing. The screen has a wall thickness of 0.04 inches and features staked corners to build strength and eliminate gaps at the miters. Shapes with an integral stop leg, latch and interior wool pile also are available.


Booth #1203: New Curtainwall Uncovered by EFCO
Monett, Mo.-based EFCO will feature its newest curtainwall series 8700 and 8800 unitized product line. The Pella company’s new wall series feature a 3-inch sightline and a 4-sided structural glazing option to meet a wide spectrum of job requirements.



material handling
Booth #2722: Groves to Wheel In Latest
Woodstock, Ill.-based Groves Inc. will feature its new six-wheeled fabrication cart. The two-fixed, four-swivel wheel design gives the cart tight turning radii to maneuver around facilities. The carts are available in 48- and 82-inch lengths and feature galvanized steel and heavy-duty casters and wheels, industrial rubber padding and welded construction. According to the company, the carts were designed with an elevated ergonomic load height to reduce back strains.



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