Volume 45, Issue 4 - April 2010


storefront and curtainwall
YKK Expands Its enerGfacade
YKK AP America in Austell, Ga., has expanded its enerGfacade family with the addition of two new aluminum fenestration products for commercial use: the MegaTherm® XT entrance and YCU 750 TU unitized curtainwall. The most energy-efficient, aluminum swing entrance system in its class, the MegaTherm XT entrance provides resistance to energy loss and achieves U-factors as low as 0.49 when used with standard low-E glazing. The YCU 750 TU is the first dry-glazed unitized curtainwall system manufactured in the U.S. that features a polyurethane barrier to minimize energy transfer.

NFP Introduces Strong Storefront Options
National Fenestration Products Inc. (NFP) in Pompano Beach, Fla., is aiming to combine two of today’s biggest glass demands—impact resistance and energy efficiency—in its entrances and storefront products.

All products are tested to meet the most stringent Miami-Dade, Fla., requirements for hurricane high wind events and large missile impact. The products feature aluminum frames and Glasslam’s SPII laminated glass or Sudden Impact® insulating impact glass.

Kawneer Complements Its Storefront with a Sunshade
To address the growing demand for sunshade applications for storefronts, Kawneer Co. Inc. in Norcross, Ga., has introduced its Trifab® SunShade. As an easy-to-install option for the company’s Trifab® 451 and Trifab® 451T storefront framing systems, Trifab® SunShade combines energy conservation and aesthetics.

By utilizing pre-engineered outriggers, louvers and fascia, designers can mix and match components to maintain consistency between the curtainwall and storefront areas of the overall building façade when sunshades are desired. The sunshade is pre-engineered and easily assembled using screw spline joinery and then attached to a channel that is bolted to the Trifab® vertical mullion, resulting in a 30-inch projection.

machinery and equipment
Bromer Adds Speed, Strength to Unloading Glass
Terrebonne, Quebec-based Bromer Inc. is offering new equipment to help glass companies reduce the risk of injury, while speeding up the process of unloading cases of glass. Its new spreader bar provides the extra strength and speed needed for unloading these cases.

The steel spreader bar has a 4,500-pound capacity. Anchors located under the bar receive the forks from the lift, enabling secure movement. When installed, the bar gives direct access to each case in the container, decreasing the time spent for receiving glass cases.

Glaston Offers Equipment to Improve Quality
Finland-based Glaston has developed a number of solutions to help fabricators upgrade their existing machinery. A high-speed infeed is available to improve the end product quality of large glass lites (6 ½ feet or longer) in continuous tempering lines. By modifying the furnace entrance section, the glass enters at a high speed, reducing leading and trailing edge temperature difference along with leading edge kink. The company’s QMS™ quality monitoring system allows online quality observation and monitoring of potential process failures. It captures and stores all process data and then can print a quality management certificate. The SCS integrated scanner measures and visualizes temperature distribution of batch at the furnace exit to improve glass quality and yield. And the company’s cross laser for suction cup positioning helps accurately position those suction cups to reduce set-up time; once the software has created the path, the operating head with the cross laser moves automatically to the correct position for suction cup placement.

Andscot Helps Hang Mirrors
Franklin Park, Ill.-based Andscot Co. Inc. offers mirror installers Hang-It™, a high strength adhesive backing that adheres to all mirror paint backings that meet industry standards. According to the company, Hang-It saves time and labor when installing decorator mirrors. Installers need only peel off the protective paper on the back of the metal hanger, align the saw tooth slot of the metal hanger with centering lines established on the mirror and press it in place.

GANA Releases 25th GIB
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released its 25th glass informational bulletin (GIB). Titled Detention Facility Glazing, the GIB discusses technology and several test standards used for detention facility glazing. It is available as a free download on the association’s website.

doors and windows
Winco’s New Terrace Door Complements Growing Line of Blast Windows
Winco Window Co. in St. Louis reports that it was growing demand from security-minded private sector and government building owners and managers that led the company to develop a reinforced factory-glazed blast protection aluminum terrace door. The door complements its other blast protection fenestration products. The out-swing door meets strict Department of Defense blast mitigation requirements, while retaining the aesthetics and total glass area of non-reinforced exterior doors of similar appearance.

The company’s blast protection windows and doors are made with reinforced 3 1/4-inch aluminum frames and feature a laminated interlayer behind a sacrificial exterior lite of glass. All have been successfully blast tested to over 7 psi and 48 psi-smec.

Horton Adds Smoke-Rated Seal to ICU Door
Corpus Christi, Texas-based Horton Automatics’ Profiler® self-closing ICU door system is now available with a smoke-rated seal. Exceeding NFPA 105 air leakage requirements, this system needs no power and can be specified in a single slide track or trackless configuration for openings ranging from 7 to 9 feet.

In use, the sliding panel opens manually like a regular ICU door and then closes quietly as a person enters or exits. If needed, the door can be left open and comes with full break-out capability. New options with this smoke-rated system include an electromagnet hold-open device that ties to the fire alarm system in a health care facility and will automatically close the door when an alarm is activated. Another feature is the magnet-to-latch option in place of the positive latch; it keeps the door securely closed and meets the requirements of NFPA 101.

Second-Gen Solucent™ Offers Whole Building Shading
Cambridge Architectural in Cambridge, Md., has developed its Solucent™ mesh shading system to create a more comprehensive version for building exteriors. There are four different pre-packaged products that make up the second-generation product: veils are placed parallel to the building, fins are placed perpendicular to the building, visors are placed perpendicular to the building above windows and canopies provide an overhead exterior shade environment. All of the products combine to provide various levels of shading and views on various building facades.

The second generation of Solucent has been designed to impart the minimum amount of loading back into the curtainwall and to utilize the brackets of a wide range of curtainwall manufacturers.

Quality Metalcrafts Offers Stock or Custom Americlad™
Quality Metalcrafts LLC in Rogers, Minn., has released its Americlad™ insulating glaze-in panels to the marketplace. The panels are offered in stock or custom sizes. Standard and custom colors are available for prompt turnaround.

In addition, the company has released two new brochures highlighting the Americlad™ brand name. One brochure is dedicated solely to architectural sun control devices, while the other encompasses the entire Americlad™ product line.

New Source for Custom Brake Metal
Columbia Commercial Building Products LLC has announced that computerized, custom brake metal capabilities are now available in its Rockwall, Texas, manufacturing facility. This new equipment is expected to increase the company’s daily capacity for custom brake metal orders significantly, while providing computer-aided dimensions for more exact measurement, degree of angles and shape capabilities and reducing material waste and production errors.

The company now has up to 12-foot sheet length capabilities and can handle brake metal sheet thicknesses from 0.040 to 0.250.

Mapes Reveals Its Flush
Mapes Industries Inc. in Lincoln, Neb., designed its new panels to create a flush appearance with the wall surface and framing. MapeShape panels have formed edges that can be glazed into standard 1-inch glazing channels with panel thicknesses up to 4 inches. Butt joint panels also are available to eliminate exterior mullions in some spandrel, curtainwall and window applications. Formed corner panels can eliminate the need for framing or molding at corner transitions.

glass handling
Pres-On Separator Pads Protect Glass During Shipping
When a job calls for the safe handling of fragile glass, Addison, Ill.-based Pres-On has separator pads to protect employees and products.

Supplied in die cut sheets or on rolls, the pads are available in various thicknesses, materials and sizes. Non-adhesive pads are self-sticking and will not leave adhesive residue on glass or metal, while the adhesive backed pads are non-marring and easily removed.

Pres-On separator pads are set between the glass pieces to absorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage. Company officials also report that they are suitable for protecting aluminum window frames during transport.

dynamic glazing
Pleotint’s New Product Responds to the Sun
Pleotint LLC in West Olive, Mich., has introduced a new thermochromic window. The sunlight responsive thermochromic (SRT) product incorporates a PVB-based film with the ability to absorb sunlight; as it does so, its transmission levels lower. In an insulating glass unit the visible light transmission goes variably from as low as 5 to more than 50 percent, depending on the glass used. The windows feature all of the properties of PVB such as impact resistance, safety and sound reduction—all while providing an adaptive glazing with a variable light transmission, variable solar heat gain and very low fading coefficient. As the SRT product is sunlight-responsive, it uses no power supplies, electrical wires or control systems. 

AGC Adds to Krystal Klear™ Glass Family
AGC Glass Company North America says that its ultra-clear Krystal Klear™ glass family is the most transparent glass product available on the market. With its visible light transmission rating of 91 percent and high shading coefficient, strength and durability, the glass is suitable for a wide range of interior and solar applications. Easy to fabricate and process, the glass can be laminated, tempered, bent, silk-screened and insulated to meet many specific performance requirements.

Another product in the family, Krystal Patterns™, features a choice of 12 faultless patterns embedded in Krystal Klear glass to provide a wide variety of design possibilities. Company representatives say it offers the highest light transmission of any rolled glass product and the patterns are suitable for interior applications. Krystal Patterns are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Finally, Krystal Kolours™ incorporate Krystal Klear glass coated with a high-quality, environmentally friendly paint and a layer of varnish to create bright, opaque colors. Krystal Kolours are available in 25 standard colors, as well as customized colors for large orders. The product can be ordered with a polypropylene film on the painted side of the glass that protects the layer of paint from scratches. Antibacterial versions also are available.

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