Volume 45, Issue 12 - December 2010


Gifts from GANA
GANA Offers Resources for the Industry
By Ashley M. Charest

In todayís fast-paced environment in the construction industry, you and your staff must have current information (or at least access to that information) on your products and how they interact and compare with a variety of other products. Because of this increasing need in the industry, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) puts great effort in providing updated and timely documents for the glass and glazing industryís use.

The newest manual from GANA is the Protective Glazing Manual, which was co-produced by the Protective Glazing Council (PGC) International. This manual serves as an introduction to protective glazing technologies and products, the materials incorporated into protective glazing and the various applications available to glazing contractors and building owners. Written from the commercial architectural perspective, the Protective Glazing Manual also offers information on maintenance and care, along with current standards, glossary terms and other organizations that offer resources to the protective glazing industry. Available in print or electronically, the document may be purchased at www.glasswebsite.com in the publications section for $25 to members of GANA or PGC International, and $45 for all others.

GANA also has released the Guide to Architectural Glass (formerly the Specifiers Guide to Glass), which focuses on the float glass process, the various types of architectural glass, physical properties and glass strength, thermal and optical properties, along with providing a list of applicable reference standards, technical resources, and appropriate industry-related organizations. This document is available electronically for $25 to members of GANA, and $50 for all others.

"The Glass Association of North America (GANA) puts great effort
in providing updated and timely documents for the glass and glazing industryís use."

In addition to these two new resources, GANA provides a wealth of other industry-specific resources such as the GANA Glazing Manual, the GANA Sealant Manual, the GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual, the Project Managers Reference Manual, the Engineering Standards Manual, the Fabrication, Erection and Glazing Hours Manual and the popular GANA Blueprint Reading and Labor Estimating Course.

The GANA Glazing Manual has been in publication for over 50 years, and continues to be the associationís most popular document, primarily for the vast number of glazing industry topics it touches upon, along with the detailed charts, tables and graphics. This manual includes complete information about primary and fabricated glass products, quality standards, design considerations, general and specific glazing guidelines and glazing in hazardous locations. Available in print or electronically, the manual can be purchased by GANA members for $35, and $70 for all others.

If you are looking for coursework to educate an employee new to the glazing industry or looking to increase his or her knowledge base, sign them up for the GANA Blueprint Reading and Labor Estimating Course. This correspondence course is designed for beginning estimators in the contract glazing business and is intended to provide the beginner with many of the basic facts about the materials used as well as a basic systematic approach to estimating metal, glass and labor. Using a 14-course lesson plan, the course starts off with the basics and evolves into a final exam in bidding a real-life project. Currently priced at $275 for GANA members and $350 for non-members, this course keeps companies coming back with new batches of employees.

Visit our website at www.glasswebsite.com for additional details and to review each publicationís table of contents. Manuals may be purchased in bulk for discounted pricing. Contact the GANA office at 785/271-0208 for additional details regarding bulk purchasing.

Ashley Charest is account executive for GANA. Ms. Charestís opinions are solely her own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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