Volume 45, Issue 12 - December 2010


machinery and equipment
GEMY Vertical Edgers Feature Performance and Reliability
The GEMY machinery series, which Glaston Bavelloni designed for processing flat edges with arrises, sets itself apart due to its high level of performance. The machinery is equipped with a patented glass conveyor designed to run on adjustable runners, which allows the processing of both large and small glass pieces. It is able to process glass thicknesses up to 35-mm.

According to the company, the conveyor requires minimal maintenance and the grinder box is composed of stainless steel due to the grinder’s constant contact with water. In order to improve the machine-handling by the operator, all GEMY edgers are equipped with a sophisticated control system. The CN features a video graphic LCD and a 24 key keyboard that can control all the machinery functions. The machine’s covers features excellent soundproofing and rust-resistance, and the electrical area is isolated.

The GEMY family consists of six models: four for processing flat edge with arrises and two variable-angle rounding-off processes.

Kawneer Introduces Versoleil™, Its Next Generation Sunshades
Kawneer Co. Inc., an Alcoa business based in Norcross, Ga., has introduced Versoleil™ SunShades, the next generation of its sunshade platform. Beginning with the Single Blade SunShade System, Versoleil™ SunShades’ design flexibility allows for easy incorporation into any building envelope.

Pre-engineered for multiple curtainwall systems, the design of Versoleil™ SunShades’ allows for adjustment of blade angles during installation based on sun angle and building orientation. Blades can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Horizontal blades can be tilted at eight different angles in 5 degree increments, while vertical blades can be oriented in 15 different angles in 5 degree increments. This product has been designed and tested to withstand stresses resulting from wind, snow or other factors.

When Versoleil™ SunShades are strategically placed they allow for maximum daylighting, all while minimizing direct sunlight and reducing solar heat gain. These sunshades can help earn LEED credits in several categories.

The sleek aerofoil-shaped blades are available in various depths from 6 to 14 inches. The Single Blade System can accommodate a full range of color options.

material handling
Salem Handles with Care

Salem Distributing Co. in Winston-Salem, N.C., is offering a complete line of high-quality, low-cost corner protectors. This inexpensive protection dramatically reduces glass breakage during handling, storage and shipping, the distributor reports. Corner covers are available in flexible and rigid styles and in color coded sizes to fit common glass sizes ranging from 1/8 to ¾ inches.

Fletcher Provides Convenient Packaging for Glass Cutting Technology
The Fletcher-Terry Co. LLC in Farmington, Conn., has introduced its market-exclusive blister packaging, designed to package its line of carbide cutting wheels, inserts, clip units and axles, offering customers the benefits of easy component identification at the process line and improved inventory control.

The company reports that its innovation provides easy component identification for process line operator reducing the risk of using wrong wheel angle or other glass cutting components. This also allows for customized package labeling based on individual customer needs, including production line identification, internal coding or part number and aiding internal process control standards. The customized labeling and packaging improves customer’s inventory and cost control as compared to existing packaging standards.


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