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USGlass 2010 Product of the Year Winners Readers Honor Top Products of 2010

If you’re in the process of making your list and checking it twice—your list for products to purchase in 2011, that is—then look no further than the winners of USGlass’ 2010 Product of the Year Awards. USGlass subscribers in the retail and glazing contractor categories were asked to vote on all of the products featured in our pages in 2010 for those they felt were the most significant. Below are those products that our readers feel can help ease a tough job or add value to product offerings.

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Sunshade Product

April: Kawneer Complements Its Storefront with a Sunshade
To address the growing demand for sunshade applications for storefronts, Kawneer Co. Inc. in Norcross, Ga., has introduced its Trifab® SunShade. As an easy-to-install option for the company’s Trifab® 451 and Trifab® 451T storefront framing systems, Trifab® SunShade combines energy conservation and aesthetics.

The sunshade is pre-engineered and easily assembled using screw spline joinery and then attached to a channel that is bolted to the Trifab® vertical mullion, resulting in a 30-inch projection.

Glass Component

September: Technoform Keeps Glass, Aluminum Performing Efficiently
As insulating glass manufacturers prepare for significantly tighter energy codes, they are able to call upon Twinsburg, Ohio-based Technoform’s TGI® warm-edge spacer to provide high thermal performance, condensation resistance, structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal for commercial and residential applications.

Solar Glazing Product

March: Silicon Energy Produces Glass-Glass PV Modules with DuPont Encapsulant
Silicon Energy LLC and DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions have introduced the first glass-glass polycrystalline silicon (cSi) photovoltaic (PV) power-generating modules made with DuPont™ PV5300 series ionomer-based encapsulant for module strength and durability. Traditionally, protection of the fragile semi-conductive wafer material has been provided by surrounding the silicon wafers in a polymer called EVA, supplied in a sheet form. Compared with EVA and other available encapsulants, the new DuPont™ PV5300 sheet is based on ionomer, which the manufacturer says is up to 100 times stiffer, five times stronger and more resistant to moisture

Active Glazing Product

April: Pleotint’s New Product Responds to the Sun
Pleotint LLC in West Olive, Mich., has introduced a new thermochromic window. The sunlight responsive thermochromic (SRT) product incorporates a PVB-based film with the ability to absorb sunlight; as it does so, its transmission levels lower. In an insulating glass unit the visible light transmission goes variably from as low as 5 to more than 50 percent, depending on the glass used.

Hardware Product

May: Schlage Offers Modular AD-Series Electronic Locks
May: Schlage Offers Modular AD-Series Electronic Locks
The Schlage AD-Series electronic lock from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies allows security professionals to choose the specific electronic lock they need now—and upgrade it later without ever taking it off the door. The modular, open architecture AD-Series lets users customize door openings with options such as credential reader type, networking, finish and levers. Components that have been traditionally located around the door are now integrated into the lock itself.

Glass/Value-Added Glass Product - TIE

January: PPG Expands Residential Low-E Glass Portfolio

PPG Industries showcased its expanded low-E glass portfolio, including Sungate 400. Sungate 400 glass is a passive low-E glass developed for window makers seeking to meet Canadian Energy Star® statutes. It is ideal for use in northern U.S. climates as well, according to PPG.

April: AGC Adds to Krystal Klear™ Glass Family
Krystal Kolours™ from AGC Glass Company North America incorporate Krystal Klear glass coated with a high-quality, environmentally friendly paint and a layer of varnish to create bright, opaque colors. Krystal Kolours are available in 25 standard colors, as well as customized colors for large orders.

June: Guardian’s New Products are Super Neutral and Ultra Strong
Guardian Industries of Auburn Hills, Mich., has introduced SunGuard SuperNeutral (SN) 62, its newest advanced architectural glass product. The glass has a 62-percent visible light transmission and a low 0.31 solar heat gain coefficient. With a best-in-class color rendering index, anything viewed through the glass will show an accurate and natural color, according to the company.

Commercial Door or Window Product of 2010 - TIE

June: Wausau Offers New Advantage
Wausau Window and Wall Systems in Wausau, Wis., introduces the INvent™ Series of projected window products. These high-performance fixed and operable windows address weatherability, durability and thermal performance, while contributing to sustainability goals.

For maximum thermal performance and condensation resistance, INvent Series 2250i-XLT fixed windows use triple insulating glass and an extra-wide thermal barrier to achieve NFRC U-factors as low as 0.19, equivalent to R5.3.

June: Wojan Launches Its M-950 Window
Wojan Window & Door Corp. in Charlevoix, Mich., offers its latest new aluminum window: the M-950 Series. With a 3 ¼-inch frame depth, the single-hung is performance rated AW50, and the fixed model achieved AW80. Higher-performance options are available.

The M-950’s ergonomic-design lift rails are located at both bottom and top of the operable sash. For ease of operation, a Class I balance system is standard, with a Class V option available. Self-locking operation is standard, rated at grade 40 forced-entry resistance. Numerous installation systems are available, along with a variety of mulling and stacking options.

October: U.S. Aluminum Adds New Defender
U.S. Aluminum’s Defender Series of blast mitigation products is expanding with the addition of the BW8000 single-hung window. The high-performance window system was engineered to work with the company’s Defender Series blast mitigation storefront and curtainwall systems, with corresponding sight lines and glazing specifications.

The 8000 single-hung is an AAMA CW60-rated and NFRC-certified window, designed for heavy commercial and institutional projects. The 4 ½-inch-deep frame is designed to match typical building conditions. An efficient pour and debridge thermally insulating frame accepts glazing infills from 1 to 1 5/16 inches, with convenient extruded pulls at the interlock and bottom rail.

Adhesive and/or Sealant Product

May: UltraGlaze Offers Flexibility and Efficiency
GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze™ from Momentive Performance Materials in Albany, N.Y., is a high-strength, two-part silicone elastomeric adhesive/sealant for use in a multitude of structural glazing applications, including the fabrication and shop glazing of curtainwall systems.

The company says that the combination of durability, flexibility and strength means that SSG4600 can be used in an array of façade bonding and sealing applications, including protective glazing applications. Due to the combination of high tensile and tear strength and great flexibility, the product can remain intact when exposed to extreme conditions.

Shower Enclosure Product

July: Coral Provides Two Ways to Stay Clean
Coral Industries in Tuscaloosa, Ala., is offering a new line of easy-to-clean glass called CleanVision. CleanVision offers two options for easily maintained glass: Clarvista Glass by PPG and EnduroShield glass treatment. Both Clarvista and EnduroShield coat the porous glass surface, sealing it and providing a protective barrier against corrosion, staining, etching and mineral deposits. With regular maintenance, both options help keep glass like new for a longer period of time.

Curtainwall/Window Wall/Storefront Product

January: NanaWall Pairs Folding Glass Wall with Triple Glazing
With the NanaWall® SL70 its manufacturer in Mill Valley, Calif., has paired a folding glass wall with triple glazing. The triple-glazed SL70 system provides flexible solutions to architectural openings from three to 36 feet wide using one to 12 panels.

The triple glazed system has an NFRC-certified U-value of 0.30 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.24. It meets Energy Star requirements for all areas of the United States and areas A and B of Canada. It also provides high weather resistance and structural performance; for inswing and outswing models with a raised sill, independent testing indicates that there was no water leakage at 12 psf or 68 miles per hour.

Inspection Tool

August: Glass-Chek Pro 3000 Identifies Low-E Coatings
The new GC3000 Glass-Chek Pro digital instrument from EDTM in Toledo, Ohio, measures the glass and air space thickness of single-, double- and now triple-pane windows from a single side. The GC3000 allows users not only to identify the low-E surface of a double pane window from one side, but also to identify the type of coating used.

Scratch Removal Tool

June: New Products Help Glass Look New Again
The Glass Guru in Roseville, Calif., is now offering its Glasstastic water stain remover and surface protection crème cleansers that can restore damaged glass, porcelain, metal, tile and other hard surfaces. It comes in 32-ounce bottles individual or by the case.

Equipment and/or Machinery - TIE

February: Glaston Helps Fabricators Add Capabilities
Finland-based Glaston has developed a number of solutions to help fabricators move into new application areas, such as low-E glass production, simply by upgrading their existing machinery. Among its offerings are the SuperE™ high speed convection system, which helps fabricators reach high optical glass quality and high low-E tempering capacity for 0.04 soft coatings. It processes all temperable pyrolytic and soft-coated glass types with relative ease, and features balanced heat transfer and fast cycle times. In addition, the CGS™ coated glass system uses profiled air flow by incorporating a focused convection system lengthwise between all upper heating elements. It provides thermally stable glass sheet, and features high optical quality and flexibility for both low-E and traditional glass. The company also offers a low-E kit for VX machines, DE machines and lines to replace the upper belts with softer ones to protect the sensitive low-E coating. Cylindrical brushes keep the belts constantly clean.

June: Bavelloni Adds Power to the Edge
Glaston Bavelloni’s PowerEdge series combines high performance, reliability and user-friendliness. This new series of double edgers designed specifically for the architectural glass sector is suitable to process small batches as well as large lites of monolithic, laminated and coated (low-E) glass.

The PowerEdge line feature a new machine basement, with movements performed by brushless motors and ball bearing guides, as well as new electrospindles and a glass conveyor designed to increase performances and reduce maintenance costs.
The line is available in a variety of models, dependent upon wheel configuration and glass size.

Transportation/Handling Equipment - TIE

September: Lamatek Packaging Protects Glass Products
Lamatek in West Deptford, N.J., has expanded its line of Protek™ packaging products to include IG shipping channels, sash shipping corners, lift rail channels and extruded foam fill for lineal chambers.
According to the company, extruded polyethylene packaging materials are an improvement over Styrofoam, corrugated, wood and other sacrificial packaging methods.

June: Glass Racking Co.’s New Offerings Secure Glass
The Seattle-based Glass Racking Co.’s tooth-based IGU trolleys and storage system assist with the storage and movement of IGUs around factories. The tooth system firmly secures IGUs of 45/64 to 1 3/8 inches thickness in a single trolley. Spacers also allow for tooth-based storage of doors and windows.

Other Product of Note

Don’t let the name fool you—for Joe’s Refrigeration Inc. in Withee, Wis., it’s not just about keeping cool, it’s about keeping clean. The company offers clean room solutions for glass fabricators. Joe’s helps fabricators to identify their needs in a clean room, delivers all necessary components and performs the installation.

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