Volume 45, Issue 2 - February 2010


GANA Recognizes Its Leaders

Volunteers Provide Invaluable Resources
by Bill Yanek

Associations are only as strong as the volunteer leadership that supports its causes. At the Glass Association of North America (GANA), we have more than 60 committees, subcommittees and task groups that work to provide quality, industry-specific technical and educational tools for the glass and glazing industry. Within these groups are more than 500 active volunteers providing their time and expertise to enhance the knowledge GANA provides to the construction industry.

During 2009 the association published updates to the GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual and the GANA Fabrication, Erection and Glazing Hours Manual. GANA also revised and published ten technical informational bulletins, participated in ongoing discussions with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), formed a strong Energy committee and created the structure for code advocacy under the GANA umbrella.

I ask that everyone join me in expressing your appreciation to GANA’s volunteer leaders at the next opportunity you have. Our industry significantly benefits from their dedication and hard work.

GANA’s Volunteer Leaders:
GANA Board of Directors
• Michael Ondrus, Glasstech Inc. - GANA president
• Tom Crawford, Donisi Mirror Co. - GANA vice president
• Scott Surma, DecoTherm - GANA treasurer
• Jon Johnson, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. - GANA secretary
• Henry Taylor, Kawneer Co. Inc. - BEC Division chair
• Kris Vockler, ICD High Performance Coatings - Decorative Division chair
• Ariane Apler, Saint-Gobain Glass – Flat Glass Manufacturing Division chair
• Tracy Rogers, Edgetech I.G. - Insulating Division chair
• Jim Ventre, Vitro America Inc. - Mirror Division chair
• Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. - Tempering Division chair
• Brad Austin, Apogee (Viracon) - GANA Immediate Past President

Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Division
• Don Earnheart, Oldcastle Glass - Key Elements Glass Information Bulletin (GIB) task group chair
• Jon Kimberlain, Dow Corning Corp. - Proper Procedures for Deglazing task group chair
• Bill Sullivan, Heartland Glass Co. - BEC Scholarship committee chair
• Doug Penn, United Glass Corp. - Technical committee chair

Decorative Division
• Michelle Burns, Ferro Corp. - Glazing Materials Compatibility Testing task group chair
• Jeff Nixon, Glass Coatings and Concepts LLC - Product Color and Durability subcommittee chair
• Cathie Saroka, Goldray Industries - Membership committee chair, Website committee chair
• Greg Saroka, Goldray Industries - Technical committee chair
• Matthew Tangeman, Custom Glass Machinery - Education committee chair
• Geoff Weinstock, Schilling Graphics Inc. - Printing on Glass task group chair

Flat Glass Manufacturing Division
• Mitch Edwards, Guardian Industries Corp. - Technical committee chair
• Steve Farrar, Guardian Industries Corp. - Educational committee chair, Climate Change committee co-chair
• Mike Turnbull, Guardian Industries Corp. - Climate Change committee co-chair

Insulating Division
• Joe Erb, Edgetech I.G. - Website committee chair
• Randi Ernst, FDR Design Inc. - IGU with Gas Content task group chair
• Jon Kimberlain, Dow Corning Corp. - Education committee chair
• Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. - Edge Seals for IG Units task group chair
• Tracy Rogers, Edgetech I.G. - Capillary Tubes task group chair

Laminating Division
• Valerie Block, DuPont - Membership committee chair
• John Bush, Oldcastle Glass - Glass Flooring task group, Hurricane Substitution Criteria task group chair
• Dan Laporte, Solutia Inc. - Technical committee chair, Education subcommittee chair
• Julie Schimmelpenningh, Solutia Inc. - ASTM C 1172 task group chair, Laminated Glazing Reference Manual subcommittee chair, Laminated Glass Weight task group chair, Nominating committee chair
• Aaron Thompson, Apogee (Viracon) - Product Labeling task group chair

Mirror Division
• Randy Brooks, Gardner Glass Co. - Concentrating Solar Power task group chair
• Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass - LEED task group chair
• Mandy Marxen, Gardner Glass Co. - Mirrors: Handle with Extreme Care task group chair, Website committee chair

Tempering Division
• Ren Bartoe, Vesuvius USA - Membership committee chair
• Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. - ASTM C 1048 task group chair, Education subcommittee chair, Optical Distortion subcommittee chair
• Jeff Nixon, Glass Coatings and Concepts LLC - Engineering Standards Manual subcommittee chair
• Kevin Olah, Guardian Industries Corp. - Vehicular subcommittee chair
• Doug Penn, United Glass Corp. - Fully Tempered Heavy Glass Door Manual task group chair
• Mike Rupert, PPG Industries Inc. - Construction subcommittee chair
• Chuck Wencl, Apogee (Viracon) - Standards & Engineering committee chair

• Valerie Block, DuPont - Protective Glazing committee chair
• Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass - LEED subcommittee chair
• Jeff Griffiths, SAFTI FIRST - Fire-Rated Glazing Council Labeling task group chair
• Jeff Razwick, Technical Glass Products - Fire-Rated Glazing Council Education committee chair
• Jerry Razwick, Technical Glass Products - Fire-Rated Glazing Council chair
• Helen Sanders, SAGE Electrochromics Inc. - ASHRAE subcommittee chair
• Christine Shaffer, Apogee (Viracon) - Marketing committee chair
• Nathalie Thibault, Prelco - Solar Products and Applications subcommittee chair
• Stanley Yee, The Façade Group - Energy committee chair

Bill Yanek is GANA’s executive vice president. Mr Yanek’s opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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