Volume 45, Issue 1 - January 2010



The Big Event Gets Bigger

Glass Week and BEC Conference Ready to Roll

by Brian Pitman

Now that 2010 has begun in earnest (and hopefully is bringing more and more business to your company and our industry), it is time to focus on two of the biggest events in the glass and glazing industry and how they can help prepare your company for the economic upswing that is bound to happen. Glass Week and the Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference have been scheduled for late March in Las Vegas, and each offers a variety of reasons to attend.

Glass Week features meetings of GANA’s seven divisions and multiple committees, and generally attracts association members, fabricators, manufacturers, installers and suppliers. Glass Week meetings include updates of many activities of interest to the industry, including technical information and standards being crafted, energy code and product development information and advocacy updates to include work on the International Building Code and ASHRAE standards. Additionally, marketing and management will be discussed in meetings at Glass Week.

The BEC Conference has grown tremendously over the past decade and frequently draws top members of the contract glazing industry. Known as “the networking event of the year” for glaziers, it features a number of top-quality speakers and industry networking opportunities for glaziers unmatched by any other event in the glass and glazing industry. This year’s program was selected after carefully surveying GANA’s BEC Division and ranking potential presentation topics. Only the top choices by glazing contractors were selected to further increase and focus the benefits of attendance.

Still Growing
In addition to these two top events, GANA and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) announced the opening of registrations for their co-located meetings on a joint website at www.glassweek.com. Visitors to the website not only will be able to register for Glass Week and the BEC Conference, but also for the IGMA Annual Conference—all of which will be taking place at the Paris Las Vegas Resort in Las Vegas on March 23-30, 2010. The three conferences generally pull in an audience of more than 800 attendees between them. The addition of IGMA Annual Conference to the mix pulls in another segment of the industry, and the association’s conference will focus heavily on issues of importance to the insulating glass unit manufacturers and suppliers.

GANA and IGMA have a solid history of working together to create strong events with crossover networking potential. By combining our registrations on one website, we are making the process of getting information and registering for the event as easy as possible for all of our attendees. Furthermore, working together allows us to offer discounts to those attending more than one of these events.

These three meetings provide real-world reasons to attend for any company in the industry. Each can positively impact your business, the quality of your work and your bottom line. Jump online to our website at www.glassweek.com to learn much more about these events and why you need to be among the leaders who will join us in Vegas. Enjoy the New Year, and let’s work together to make it much stronger than 2009.

Brian Pitman is GANA’s director of marketing and communications. Mr Pitman’s opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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