Volume 45, Issue 1 - January 2010


As Seen at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas

Despite another rough year in the residential building market, many manufacturers of door, window and related products launched new options and features at the International Builders’ Show. The annual event was held January 19-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read on for a look at some of the products that were on display.

CRL Cites Header-Free Criteria
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has engineered a new system for installing safe “header-free” shower enclosures, using engineered criteria and four different wall-mounted brackets that are large and strong enough to keep a panel stable.

The header-free criteria requires the use of ½-inch tempered glass on fixed panel from which the door hinges; the fixed panel from which the door hinges can’t exceed 22 inches in width or 84 inches in height; the door can be either 3/8- or ½-inch tempered glass; door width must not exceed 30 inches; the enclosure must use CRL’s brackets fastened to the vertical wall on the fixed panel from which the door hinges; the same number of brackets must be used on the wall as there are glass-to-glass hinges; only a fixed panel fastened to a vertical wall can be used to hinge from; and the fixed panel from which the door hinges must have valid bottom support.

Style + Substance from Häfele
Häfele America Co.’s new Voga series of door hardware finishes offers fashion and reliability, according to the company, and integrates refined Old World craftsmanship with the latest technological solutions for performance and functionality.
The Voga HIGHCOAT® process is an exclusive brass protection system of clear lacquer. Voga’s PROTECT® PVD finish provides twice the strength of chrome with elevated resistance to corrosion and surface abrasion. Company officials say the PROTEC finish also is environmentally friendly.

PPG Expands Residential Low-E Glass Portfolio
PPG Industries showcased its expanded low-E glass portfolio, including two new glass products, Solarban 65 and Sungate 400. Solarban 65 is a double-silver, solar control, low-E glass that the company says helps window manufacturers achieve the .30/.30 requirement for energy-efficient windows as defined in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Sungate 400 glass is a passive low-E glass developed for window makers seeking to meet Canadian Energy Star® statutes. It is ideal for use in northern U.S. climates as well, according to PPG.

Glazelock Keeps Windows Straight
The wood composite shims, called Wedge-Lock shims, from Glazelock Shims Inc. in Kankakee, Ill., were designed to maintain alignment. The company reports that its shims resist splitting, snap off clean and are made out of recycled wood, polypropylene and other natural products. The shims measure 1 ½ inches wide by 8 inches long and 5/16 inches thick.

The company offers interlocking, non-interlocking and stackable shims.

glass walls
Sliding Door Company Unfolds Its Products
The United Kingdom-based Folding Sliding Door Co. has been manufacturing folding sliding door systems for nine years and is looking to bring its products to North America. The company offers a thermally broken aluminum 45-mm system; thermally broken aluminum 70-mm system; and thermally broken aluminum systems with timber cladding. The company’s timber systems are available in oak, pine and Meranti.

The sliding doors can be manufactured up to 45 feet wide and up to 13 feet high. Flush tracks are standard. The doors feature finger-safe gaskets; security-tested inward and outward opening; security hinges, none of which are face fixed to the door; concealed tracks and rollers; and single-action locking using hardened steel shootbolts.

The products are fully tested to European standards in both the weather and security fields and are manufactured in accordance with the international standard ISO9001:2008.

NanaWall Pairs Folding Glass Wall with Triple Glazing
With the NanaWall® SL70 its manufacturer in Mill Valley, Calif., has paired a folding glass wall with triple glazing. The triple-glazed SL70 system provides flexible solutions to architectural openings from three to 36 feet wide using one to 12 panels.

The triple glazed system has an NFRC-certified U-value of 0.30 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.24. It meets Energy Star requirements for all areas of the United States and areas A and B of Canada. It also provides high weather resistance and structural performance; for inswing and outswing models with a raised sill, independent testing indicates that there was no water leakage at 12 psf or 68 miles per hour. It is available in more than 200 finishes as a floor-mounted system with more than 50 stacking configurations.


Antibacterial Door Handles Break Down Bacteria
Sweden-based hardware manufacturer ASSA ABLOY has collaborated with Polygiene to develop a door handle that features an antibacterial surface coating with a wear-resistant metallic surface. Called Addion, the surface is said to break down bacteria faster than other surface coatings such as nickel, chrome, brass and stainless steel.

The company reports that at least one school in Sweden has installed the product to reduce the spread of bacteria among its students.

PGT Launches PremierVue
PGT Inc. in North Venice, Fla., has launched PremierVue, a vinyl impact product line for the single- and multi-family residential markets. The company says it has produced highly air-, water- and structurally-rated vinyl impact product lines, the result of it recent acquisition of the operating assets of Hurricane Window and Door Factory

in other product news
Glaston Helps Fabricators Upgrade
Finland-based Glaston offers a variety of machinery upgrades intended to help fabricators improve reduce energy consumption. Each upgrade has been designed for minimal production downtime or disturbances, helping an enhanced glass processing line to be up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

For example, the company’s VFD Blower allows users to cut back on energy use when high-pressure tempering is not necessary. Its software controls pressures by motor speed rather than using a damper. Blowers remain idle if no glass is present. A VFD drive for each blower can be a suitable replacement for a Star-Delta Starter.

The company’s variable speed blower helps fabricators save energy on thick glass (6- to 19-mm) tempering with a tempering pressure-energy ratio to ensure the highest energy-efficient for quenching. Peak power is reduced, eliminating need for starters.

The company’s vane control and energy saving (VES) offering decreases energy costs up to 25 percent for 3- to 4-mm glass by lowering the quenching pressure during the cooling cycle and reducing the air intake opening advance.

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