Volume 45, Issue 7 - July 2010


Duralite® Spacer Offers Strong Thermal Performance
Duralite®, a third generation warm-edge spacer system from Truseal Technologies in Solon, Ohio, offers the industry’s lowest U-value rating compared with other spacers.

The patented Duralite design features a composite laminating technology without the use of metal. The multilayer spacer uses proven components to produce condensation resistance, a warm edge of glass temperature, a smooth surface appearance and long-lasting argon gas retention.

Duralite was designed for high-volume production of dual- and triple-pane insulating glass units in a one-step process where units are sealed using heat and compression. Although designed as a single seal system, Duralite can also be used with a secondary sealant to create a dual seal unit.

PPG Introduces SUNGATE 400 Low-E Glass
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries’ performance glazings business has introduced Sungate 400 glass, a passive low-E glass with a magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) soft coat designed to help commercial buildings in heating-dominated climates retain heat from the sun and reduce winter heating costs.

Sungate 400 glass has a winter U-value that is 9-percent better than that of Sungate 500 glass. When coated on a conventional clear glass substrate, visible light transmittance (VLT) for Sungate 400 glass is 76 percent. On an ultra-clear Starphire glass substrate, VLT is 80 percent.

PPG representatives say Sungate 400 glass was originally developed to address new residential building codes, and then refined for commercial applications.

Sungate 400 was engineered to be paired with Solarban 60 or Solarban 70XL solar control, low-E glasses to optimize performance in triple-pane insulating glass units.

shower enclosure products
Basco Unveils Two New Shower Enclosures
Mason, Ohio-based Basco Shower Enclosures has introduced two new shower enclosures: Rolaire and Evo.

The Rolaire door features large industrial rollers at the top. With the glass integrated into the functionality, Rolaire was designed to evoke a sense of urban sophistication. It features a raised, roller-style track header; 8-inch ladder handle; towel bar and knob.

Evo features concealed rollers in its header, presenting an open all-glass look. Evo doors allow for maximum shower access even in confined spaces, as the door slides open and closed as opposed to swinging out into the bathroom. In addition to concealed rollers, Evo’s also features an ergonomic handle.

Both enclosures feature 3/8-inch glass in the following glass options: Arctic Frost, Clear, Cobblestone, Rain, Silk, Symmetry and Venetian.

Coral Provides Two Ways to Stay Clean
Coral Industries in Tuscaloosa, Ala., is offering a new line of easy-to-clean glass called CleanVision. CleanVision offers two options for easily maintained glass: Clarvista Glass by PPG and EnduroShield glass treatment. Both Clarvista and EnduroShield coat the porous glass surface, sealing it and providing a protective barrier against corrosion, staining, etching and mineral deposits. With regular maintenance, both options help keep glass like new for a longer period of time.

production tools
Consider Your Swarf Busted
Swarf Buster is a patented green technology from SlagEase LLC that helps overcome problems caused by glass swarf, a byproduct of the manufacturing process. According to information from the company, the product helps clear obstructions in water lines, thereby providing savings in energy, extended equipment life and improved water quality.

machinery and equipment
Glaston Offers Options for Low-E Cutting
With the increasing demand for low-E products, Glaston Bavelloni has enlarged its range of low-E cutting solutions, including the REV and Syncro low-E cutting lines. Upon request, the REV models are available equipped with an automatic device for shaped and straight edge deletion, which is carried out by a cup wheel system. The redressing cycle of the wheel is carried out directly on the glass edge automatically and requires no intervention by the operator. The device is equipped with a suction/filtering unit of the powder produced during the grinding or dressing operations.

The Syncro cutting technology range can be supplied with an automatic device (peripheral wheel) for edge deletion. The NC controls both the grinding path and pressure, as well as the rotation speed of the wheel as adjusted according to its diameter, which is automatically read.

material handling
Film Prevents Damage During Transportation
Pres-On in Addison, Ill., is offering its new PBCMF-1.5. The optically clear masking film adheres to fragile plastics, glass and polished metals that require temporary surface protection through assembly or shipping to help prevent damage along the supply chain. The film’s light-tack, static-cling properties allow it to be removed, leaving behind no adhesive residue. 

PBCMF-1.5 consists of a removable acrylic PSA coated on a 1.5-mil polyester film. According to the manufacturer, the adhesive does not build over time, and is removable from most surfaces up to six months after being applied, or up to one year depending on the environment. It has a very low initial grab which allows for repositioning over the surface, plus exhibits suitable resistance to plasticizers used in PVC and elastomers. 

PBCMF-1.5 is also suitable as a support film for thin film substrates, or as a carrier film to die cut against.

inspection systems
Edgetech Test Equipment Powered by EDTM Now Available
Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, is adding to its 360 family of products with the new Edgetech Test Equipment powered by EDTM. The product line was designed and developed for the fenestration industry, and includes glass, window and film measurement tools.

Edgetech Test Equipment powered by EDTM is a full line of portable measurement tools for quality control in the factory and testing in the field. Products include glass thickness gauges, low-E coating detectors, surface resistivity meters, tempered glass detectors and various light measurement tools.

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