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In With the New
The 27th Annual USGlass Guide to New Products

If you’ve finished your “spring cleaning,” then now is definitely the time to bring in the new—new equipment, new coatings, new components and more. Take a look at your current product offerings and dated equipment and then read through the next 12 pages of all new glass industry products, sure to inspire you to update your stock, upgrade your production—and reinvigorate your customers!

Solarban® Becomes More Neutral
Solarban® R100, the newest product in Pittsburgh-based PPG’s Solarban family of solar control, low-E glass, offers a high-performing neutrally reflective glass option. Based on the same coating technology as Solarban 70XL glass, Solarban R100 glass delivers comparable solar performance with visible light transmittance of 42 percent. Compared to similar products, Solarban R100 helps building owners lower the amount of energy required for heating, cooling and artificial lighting.

Guardian’s New Products are Super Neutral and Ultra Strong
Guardian Industries of Auburn Hills, Mich., has introduced SunGuard SuperNeutral (SN) 62, its newest advanced architectural glass product. The glass has a 62-percent visible light transmission and a low 0.31 solar heat gain coefficient. With a best-in-class color rendering index, anything viewed through the glass will show an accurate and natural color, according to the company.

The company also has introduced a scratch-resistant decorative glass for interiors. DiamondGuard UltraMirror features the DiamondGuard coating and provides a mirrored look in heavy use applications where scratching, staining and other damage occurs, such as in tabletops, bathroom mirrors, display cases and decorative walls. On its back surface, the mirror coating is protected with a scratch-resistant UV-cured material that is permanent and durable, not a removable plastic film. A patented technology deposits a diamond-like protective layer on its front surface that the company says is proven to be more than 10 times more scratch-resistant than tempered and chemically strengthened glass.

Solar-E ™ is Now Available in a Variety of Colors
Pilkington in Toledo, Ohio, is expanding its architectural line of energy-efficient solar control low-E products. The Solar-E™ coating is now available on a palette of natural colors—Arctic Blue, Blue-Green and Grey—to complement Solar-E on clear and other lines of pyrolytic low-E products.

According to the company, Solar-E balances natural light, energy conservation and sustainability, and provides a combination of aesthetics and performance values with the same benefits of the on-line hard coat technology. Solar-E can be bent, insulated, laminated and tempered, and edge deletion is not required. It can also have a ceramic or frit applied to the coated surface for spandrels or a silkscreen pattern for the vision lites. It has an unlimited shelf life.

AGC Introduces Krystal Interiors™ Glass Family
AGC Glass Co. North America in Alpharetta, Ga., has introduced Krystal Interiors™, a new family of glass using ultra-transparent Krystal Klear™ low-iron glass as the base for the design-focused line.

According to company representatives, the low-iron formula of Krystal Klear delivers a product that is ultra-transparent and free of the greenish tint evident in traditional float glass. The virtually colorless appearance enables Krystal Klear glass to produce clearer clears, truer colors and distinctive patterns without dulling or distorting the color spectrum. Its neutral edge color are appreciated most in interiors such as partitions, railings, frameless doors and shower doors.

Another product in the family, Krystal Patterns™, features a choice of 12 patterns embedded in Krystal Klear glass. Each pattern was created to allow designers to separate space while sharing light. The company says the product offers the highest light transmission of any rolled glass product. The neutral edge color of Krystal Patterns is suitable for frameless applications such as shower doors and decorative furniture. It is available in a variety of thicknesses.

Finally, utilizing Krystal Klear low-iron glass as the base, Krystal Kolours™ is coated with a premium quality, technologically advanced enamel to produce a range of opaque colors. This coating process delivers a uniform finished product, making it suitable for large areas. Krystal Kolours are available in 10 colors.

fire-rated glass
SuperLite Expands
SuperLite X-90 from San Francisco-based SAFTI FIRST is the new 90-minute vision lite solution that the company has added to its growing family of SuperLite glazing products. 

SuperLite X-90 is an economical fire- and safety-rated glazing that meets all of the standards for 90-minute temperature rise doors. This non-wired clear glazing provides visual clarity and is impact safety rated to meet federal and code requirements. SuperLite X-90 can be used in any listed vision lite frame and comes with a lifetime warranty from the factory. 

Listed and labeled by Intertek/Warnock-Hersey, SuperLite X-90 is manufactured in the United States for fast lead times and competitive pricing.

TGP’s Latest Protects Buildings While Looking Good
Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Snoqualmie, Wash., has a modern alternative to traditional aluminum hollow metal frames for fire-rated applications: the Fireframes® Aluminum Series. The frames incorporate precision engineering to create narrow profiles and crisp sightlines. The system combines aluminum frames with Pilkington Pyrostop® glass to provide a barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer, allowing unlimited areas of glazing in fire separations. The UL-listed series carries 60-minute fire-ratings as a wall assembly, and may incorporate 20-, 45- or 60-minute fire-rated doors. Custom extrusions and colors are available.

For daylighting designs in hurricane regions, TGP is offering Pilkington Profilit™ Hurricane, the only tested and approved hurricane impact channel glass system in North America. Approved by Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida, Profilit Hurricane is approved for 60 psf design loads in channel glass lengths up to 10 feet. It consists of dual glazed, vertically oriented, self-supporting, “U-shaped” cast glass channels with a polycarbonate laminate and a thermally broken perimeter frame. The channel glass is available in numerous colors, coatings and patterns.

Glassopolis Turns Up the Heat
Glassopolis in Toronto is offering a new UL-listed wire glass that is labeled with both fire and impact-safety ratings. It is available with Cat II Impact-Safety ratings, making it a fully code compliant fire-rated option for high traffic applications.

In addition, the company has announced that the PYRAN Platinum fire-rated glass it offers is now Cradle-to-Cradle certified, qualifying it for LEED points. This achievement is the result of a re-engineered manufacturing process that eliminates the use of heavy metal toxins in glass-ceramic production. According to the company, this is the only glass-ceramic in the world with this certification, and can help contribute up to 5 LEED points to a project. The certification also makes it an EPA environmentally preferable purchasing product.

A New Vision in Fire-Rated Glass Walls
InterEdge Technologies in Sausalito, Calif., is offering an entire fire-rated wall uninterrupted by framing. The Vision 60 System™ is a fully glazed, 60-minute transparent wall with no intermediate framing. Each panel of Pyrobel-60® fire-rated glazing is separated by a slim silicone caulking. With numerous framing options available, this system is suitable for locations where uninterrupted viewing is desired.

Coral Offers a Range of Fire-Rated Products
The FireVision collection from Coral Industries in Tuscaloosa, Ala., is designed to meet the challenges of fire and impact safety ratings with a glass for each level of protection and clarity. The collection includes Schott’s Pyran Platinum L, Platinum F and Platinum, as well as Coral’s FireVision 20. Thicknesses range from 3/16 to 3/8 inches, with varieties available filmed or laminated, meeting safety ratings from 20 to 120 minutes. Robax glass ceramic, designed for temperature ranges from -400 to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, also is available as part of the collection.

glass walls
SUNFLEX Unfolds New Sliding Wall Options
The new SF 75 folding-sliding glass wall system from SUNFLEX Wall Systems in Bonita Springs, Fla., features an average U-factor of 0.32 W/m2K and a narrow profile for maximum transparency. The sliding-folding wall offers the advantages of aluminum, including longevity, stability and narrow profiles. The company also offers a SF 75c version, which covers the aluminum base with natural wood materials. Many different wood grains and surface finishes are available, and existing systems can be upgraded with wooden cladding.

SUNFLEX says the system reaches the warm insulation values, depending on glazing, of 0.18 to 0.26 W/m2K, courtesy of its specifically developed profile systems. The solid profile features a 75-mm design for added security, as well as concealed fittings and mushroom locks. The patented running gear and track system features stainless steel bearings and running tracks for smooth handling. The system gaskets feature patented hinge sealings and special corner castings that guarantee 100-percent protection from humidity. An installation height of up to 11 feet is possible. SUNFLEX systems feature rounded corners, stainless steel hardware, stylish hinges and a variety of handles.

According to the company, the sliding wall is suitable for residential and commercial applications, and is available in three variations: folding-sliding, slide and turn and horizontal sliding wall systems.

Vetrotech Puts Its Product Binder Online
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain North America in Auburn, Wash., has brought its new fire-rated product binder online. The interactive website www.weknowfire.com allows readers to flip through pages, select from a table of contents and search by product name.

The new online binder offers a green and paperless alternative to a printed catalog, allowing architects and contractors to view and bookmark websites of building product manufacturers to their “favorites” list for easy access.

equipment and machinery
Bavelloni Adds Power to the Edge
Glaston Bavelloni’s PowerEdge series combines high performance, reliability and user-friendliness. This new series of double edgers designed specifically for the architectural glass sector is suitable to process small batches as well as large lites of monolithic, laminated and coated (low-E) glass.

The PowerEdge line feature a new machine basement, with movements performed by brushless motors and ball bearing guides, as well as new electrospindles and a glass conveyor designed to increase performances and reduce maintenance costs.

The line is available in a variety of models, dependent upon wheel configuration and glass size.

IGE Expands Fabrication Offerings
IGE Solutions in Jupiter, Fla., has been busy bringing a wide range of fabrication products to North America. The company now is offering a new generation of Francesca drilling and milling machines for frameless shower door and other fabricators from Forvet. The Francesca 1600 features a new patented belt hold down system, new Siemens controls and a small footprint. It can produce a square or out-of-square frameless shower door, 10-mm with two mouse ear notches finished and two holes finished with countersink, in under three minutes. The company reports that users operating the machine with Mini Max tooling are seeing production increases from the earlier 1200 model, in some cases as much as 8,000 holes before replacement with no dressing needed.

A new autoclave-free laminating system from Clim Glass also works as a heat soak oven. The product allows large temperers to check the tempering quality with the heat soak operation. Smaller temperers can do the same, as well as produce laminated glass without an expensive autoclave. 

IGE Solutions also is introducing the first water recycling system that requires no chemicals. The technology from Winkerman Filtration features an automatic self cleaning system.

In addition, the company reports that its Skyjet Glass Master now features 16 Konica Minolta Digital printing heads. The easy-to-use machine features 1440 dpi resolution for bright and vivid UV printing.

MS1532 Has an Edge to Grind
Italy-based Schiatti Angelo’s new MS1532 arrissing/grinding machine was designed and built to arris and grind edges on flat rectangular glass automatically to obtain an even edge. The automatic machine is equipped with sensors placed near the tools that detect and record the dimensions of each lite being processed. On the basis of the data collected, the machine automatically manages the movement of both the sheet of glass and the tools. Therefore, a series of any size and thickness can be processed in succession.

It consists of three independent sections: an entry conveyor; a closed central chamber where the glass is processed; and an exit conveyor. The complete independence of each of these parts allows for the efficient management of loading and unloading, which the company says optimizes productivity. The machine is able to process glass 3- to 15-mm thick.

Wood’s Powr-Grip® Provides Cladding Lifting Solutions
Wood’s Powr-Grip in Laurel, Mont., has recently developed an option that affects the versatility of its manual rotator/tilter (MRT) and MRT assisted (MRTA) series below-the-hook vacuum lifters: cladding pad frame extensions.

These plug-in style pad frame extensions enable the MRTA line of vacuum lifters to handle metal wall and roof panels. By simply removing the standard pad arm extensions and replacing them with the cladding pad frame extensions, users can transform the MRTA lifter to lift and maneuver cladding, insulated metal panels and architectural panels with a variety of surface contours.

New Secondary Sealer Keeps IG Production Simple
Princeton, Mich.-based Erdman Automation Corp.’s new fixed head insulating glass (IG) secondary sealer is a simple and economical solution for IG secondary sealing needs. Without gantry movement, the sealer gives operators the ability to apply a professional secondary seal to IG units easily.

It is capable of dispensing hot, cold or two-part sealants and has both dual- and triple-glazed unit capabilities. It also offers an option for a single pass on triples. The company says its sealer features high-end components and a steel tube frame.

Glass Racking Co.’s New Offerings Secure Glass

The Seattle-based Glass Racking Co.’s adjustable Packlifter is an engineered steel lifting frame for use under a gantry crane for unloading packs of stoce glass from containers and stacking them onto storage systems, trolleys and free-falls. The securing arms at top and bottom ensure safety and make the process of both loading and unloading quicker than with traditional strops. The narrow thickness of the lifter means that even the first pack can be lifted out of the narrow central gap in a loaded container.

The company’s tooth-based IGU trolleys and storage system assist with the storage and movement of IGUs around factories. The tooth system firmly secures IGUs of 45/64 to 1 3/8 inches thickness in a single trolley. Spacers also allow for tooth-based storage of doors and windows manufactured in aluminium, PVC and hardwood.

The company also is offering transportation racks for pick-ups, vans and open trucks with height extension on both the rack and the glass retention poles. The lightweight aluminium rack and poles are sleeved and pinned to allow for height extensions of 18 inches in 5 increments. For most racks this extends overall load height from 86 inches to 104 inches. Because both the rack and the poles are extended, the process for securing the load is unaffected.

scratch repair
CRL Offers New Tools for Glaziers
The SRS1 scratch removal system from Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) uses a combination of thermal energy (heat), chemical reaction (polishing compound) and mechanical energy (actual force) to remove scratches and restore glass’ surface clarity without the use of fixed abrasives. The kit will remove scratches and surface blemishes from any type of glass in a one-step procedure that is fast and efficient. Each kit comes with an electric polishing tool, polishing compound, 2- and 3-inch Velcro backer pads and polishing disks, an attached pressurized water system, spray bottle and a combination IR thermometer and LED inspection light.

New Products Help Glass Look New Again
The Glass Guru in Roseville, Calif., has introduced the ScratchPro scratch and graffiti removal kit that can remove scratches and acid graffiti quickly and efficiently, without leaving distortion. The kit uses dry grinding technology that does not require an outside water source or slurry canisters. The system is compact and portable and set-up and clean-up take just minutes, according to the company.

The company also is now offering its Glasstastic water stain remover and surface protection crème cleansers that can restore damaged glass, porcelain, metal, tile and other hard surfaces. It comes in 32-ounce bottles individual or by the case.

impact products

CGI Earns Approvals
CGI Windows and Doors Inc. (CGI), a Miami-based manufacturer of impact-resistant doors and windows, has some new certifications and new options. For starters, the company has received Miami-Dade approval for its Series 560 3 track, 6 panel system. The system is available with 5- by 10-foot panels allowing configurations up to 30 by 10 feet. The Series 560 system is available in a variety of configurations with design pressures as high as +120 /-170 psf.

The company also has received Miami-Dade approval for its series 410 large format fixed window in both large and small missile glass types. The window is available in sizes up to 60 square feet with design pressures as high as +133/-210 psf. It reports that the window has the appearance of a storefront system, yet it is factory glazed with an interior snap cover to cover the installation fasteners.

Vitro Adds to Its Classic Series
Vitro America in Memphis is offering a new line of architectural aluminum products to complement its full line of architectural glass in its Classic Line™. The Classic Line™ Series 200, 300 and 500 entrances incorporate a corner block construction with an interlocking design, mechanical fasteners and back-up plates. According to the company, the system construction eliminates the need for welded corners, allowing the glazier to modify the doors quickly by taking them apart and cutting them down to size, as needed.

The Classic Line storefront systems include a specially designed full-height interior leg sill flashing for enhanced protection against water infiltration. The systems also include full-depth pockets that remove the need for flat fillers at the perimeters and allow direct anchor attachment to the substrate.

To further streamline fabrication and installation of its screw-spline systems, the company offers the TIME FABSAVER™ hydraulic punch press and die sets to glazing contractors.

New Aluminum-PVC Curtainwall Comes to U.S.
L. B. Plastics Inc. in Mooresville, N.C., has introduced to the U. S. market an advanced system for curtainwall/storefront applications that incorporates the advantages of both aluminum structural members and PVC doors and windows. The company says its SHEERFRAME curtainwall system is an energy-efficient and sound abatement alternative compared to traditional metal curtainwall systems. Units will accept 1/8- to 2-inch glazing. The SHEERFRAME system features the ability to incorporate both fixed and operating units into the assembly.

New Curtainwall is Sustainable, Too
Tubelite Inc. in Walker, Mich., has introduced Therml=Block™ 300ES curtainwall, its newest product manufactured using

EcoLuminum™, a recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally-friendly finishes. EcoLuminum’s recycled billet consumes 95-percent less energy to produce than that of standard, non-recycled billet. According to the company, its eco-friendly anodize finish sends 90-percent less waste to landfills than traditional anodize.

Therml=Block 300ES curtainwall features a 1.5-inch thermal strut and accommodates 1-inch-thick insulating glass. The system provides a 0.46 U-value for thermal transmittance due to conduction and a 72 CRF for condensation resistance of the framing. It can be installed from either the building interior or exterior.

Quality Metalcrafts Offers Small Run Custom Colors
Quality Metalcrafts LLC/Americlad® now has the ability to meet small run custom color composites of ACM. The process includes applying a chrome phosphate pretreatment to the mill finish composite and applying an air dry system Kynar® paint finish meeting the weathering requirements of AAMA 2605-05. A minimum requirement as little as two sheets of composite can be easily achieved to accommodate smaller composite projects that require a custom color.

doors and windows
Wausau Offers New Advantage
Wausau Window and Wall Systems in Wausau, Wis., introduces the INvent™ Series of projected window products. These high-performance fixed and operable windows address weatherability, durability and thermal performance, while contributing to sustainability goals.  

As part of the Advantage by Wausau standard product offering, INvent Series windows are available on an accelerated delivery schedule and backed with a warranty of up to 10 years. INvent Series’ products are tested to meet AAMA AW-100 Architectural Performance Class ratings, including lifecycle testing.

For maximum thermal performance and condensation resistance, INvent Series 2250i-XLT fixed windows use triple insulating glass and an extra-wide thermal barrier to achieve NFRC U-factors as low as 0.19, equivalent to R5.3. Condensation resistance factors range from 44 to 68. The windows’ acoustic performance is tested for sound transmission class ratings of 31 to 43 and outdoor-indoor transmission class of 26 to 31.

Wojan Launches Its M-950 Window
Wojan Window & Door Corp. in Charlevoix, Mich., offers its latest new aluminum window: the M-950 Series. With a 3 ¼-inch frame depth, the single-hung is performance rated AW50, and the fixed model achieved AW80. Higher-performance options are available.

Along with the window’s enhanced-design thermal break, available high-performance glass packages help achieve U-values not typical of other AW-rated hung product.

The M-950’s ergonomic-design lift rails are located at both bottom and top of the operable sash. For ease of operation, a Class I balance system is standard, with a Class V option available. Self-locking operation is standard, rated at grade 40 forced-entry resistance. Numerous installation systems are available, along with a variety of mulling and stacking options.

J.E. Berkowitz Helps RENOVATE

J.E. Berkowitz in Pedricktown, N.J., reports that its new RENOVATE by BERKOWITZ™ window retrofit system can help convert single-pane windows to an energy-efficient, triple-glazing system without the commitment of a full window replacement.

According to the company, the RENOVATE triple glazing system saves 65 percent or more of energy lost through the glass without disrupting current tenant activity. While a traditional rip-out is costly and creates additional landfill waste, RENOVATE helps avoid this in greening the building.

YKK AP Expands ProTek Family
YKK AP America in Austell, Ga., has expanded its ProTek line of impact- and blast-resistant products with updates and new products.

The application of the YHC 300 OG system has been expanded across a wider range of design pressures and configurations. It now allows for dry-glazing in large missile applications. New mullion and glazing options enable it to cost-effectively meet the project’s design requirements in lower pressure regions, inside the high velocity hurricane zone, and has also added Missile Level E protection.  

The Model 35H entrance system features expanded hardware options, including mid-rails, continuous hinges, offset pivots and Von Duprin brand exit devices. In addition, the Model 35H is the first entrance system in the industry to provide impact-rated rim panic exit devices paired with an aluminum removable mullion. 

The new YFW 400 TUH fixed window system offers cross-functional design options allowing it to be used in applications for hurricane impact resistance and/or blast mitigation applications. This system is suitable for protecting punched openings and other fixed window configurations. It has been tested to the ASTM F 1642 blast mitigation standard at a 6 psi peak pressure and a 41 psi-ms impulse where it received a “Minimal Hazard” rating.

Bromer Delivers New Glass Truck Racks

Bromer in Terrebonne, Quebec, reports that it has recently delivered a 28-foot-long truck to Kenworth Truck Center for Canada Cartage, with an exclusive option. The sides of the truck can be reached from outside by aluminum folding doors. The section can be opened and closed in a fraction of the time that it takes with curtain tarps. The truck is made with thick aluminum to remain rust-free and obtain good gas savings by virtue of its light weight. This unit also is equipped with different interior glass racks and the Bromer pole system. According to the company, because poles are locked in place with a minimum of operations, glass loads are always well secured on racks.

shower enclosures
Basco Aqua Glide XP Makes Clean Last

Mason, Ohio-based Basco Shower Enclosures, has unveiled an enhanced version of its Aqua Glide glass protection product. Aqua Glide XP Clear Glass is a patented, ultra-protective coating bonded to the glass at the factory to increase its sheen and luster while preventing spotting, soap scum and mineral deposits.

Company representatives say that Aqua Glide XP Clear Glass helps shower doors look new longer by causing the water to bead on the glass, thereby protecting it against spotting, soap scum and mineral deposits. Cleaning becomes as simple as spraying the glass with water.

The coating is available as an option for all Basco glass patterns.

inspection systems
Edgetech Offers Gasglass Trade-In Program

Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, the exclusive Gasglass distributor, is offering a trade-in program that makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever for users to upgrade to the enhanced Gasglass Handheld v2. The program, which will run through August 31, provides a $6,300 trade-in value for older Gasglass models, including 1002 and V-1, that are in working condition.

According to the company, the updated product features improved optical filters and updated operating software that allows the device to measure with greater accuracy and repeatability. Its user-friendly design and non-invasive methods are intended to help prevent operator error and ensure improved quality in the manufacture of gas-filled IG.

EdgeSealPLUS Protects Laminated Glass Composites

Argotec Inc. in Greenfield, Mass., a producer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet, has introduced EdgeSealPLUS, an updated version of its product used to seal the edges of multi-layered laminated glass composites.

The company says the addition of a patent-pending foil layer between two sheets of TPU gives EdgeSealPLUS enhanced resistance to moisture, window cleaning solutions and the solvents contained in caulks and sealants. The product also helps protect the edge of glass laminates from chipping and other minor damage, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance on the composite edge.

Chromatech Plus Keeps IGUs Stable and Warm

The Chromatech Plus stainless steel profile was designed by Rolltech, a part of the Glass Alliance network, to guarantee high performance in insulating glass units. The strength of stainless steel makes Chromatech Plus a stable profile with a long lifespan.
According to the company, the thermal expansion coefficient of a stainless steel profile is low and similar to that of glass and, as a result, the sealants in insulating glass units using the profile are subjected to less strain when the outside temperature changes. The stainless steel profile also improves gas retention in IG units, helping them maintain the same levels of thermal performance over time.

Chromatech Plus’ unique shape allows the thickness of the metal to be slimmed up to 0.15-mm; the thickness of the steel is thus reduced and can guarantee a low level of heat conduction, optimizing its performance versus that of profiles made with conventional shapes. The warm-edge profile features enhanced thermal insulation at the edges of the glass for comfort and reduced risks of condensation.

HPP™ Coating Protects Warm-Light®
AZON USA Inc. in Kalamazoo, Mich., is now offering its Warm-Light® warm edge spacer in a high-performance polymer (HPP) coating. Three new HPP™ colors are now offered; Silver Matte, Stone and Monumental Bronze.

According to information from the company, the HPP coating inhibits oxidation on the aluminum surface. The aluminum in Warm-Light is comprised of 78-percent recycled content with the material advantage of complete recyclability at the end-of-use.

dynamic glazing
Pleotint Adapts to Dynamic Glazing Demand
Pleotint in West Olive, Mich., is introducing a new adaptive glazing product called sunlight responsive thermochromic (SRT) film. This PVB film, when laminated between glass, creates a window system that adapts to ever-changing environmental conditions. Windows incorporating SRT film help maximize daylight and minimize solar heat gain. At high sun angles the window lets in diffuse daylight. As the earth rotates and the sun becomes more direct on the window, the window progressively tints, getting darker and thus reducing the solar heat gain and glare associated with direct sun.

As SRT windows only use the sun’s energy to manage daylighting and solar heat gain, they need no external power, wires, power supplies or control systems. They install like any ordinary window.

spandrel glass
Chromatic Glass Cuts Its Teeth on Spandrel
Chromatic’s Glass Inc. in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., has debuted its Chromatics range of architectural glass panels in the United States. The cuttable architectural opaque spandrel glass panels were designed for both external and internal applications. The company reports that any color from the RAL spectrum can be replicated consistently, even years after the original panels were supplied, due to a process based on automotive industry color standards.

In addition to its range of color panels, the company offers printing of any digital image or texture directly onto the glass. The unique Chromatics’ aluminum backing allows invisible fixing with structural adhesive systems such as “Sikatak.”


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