Volume 45, Issue 3 - March 2010


Pilkington Solar-E™ Is Now Available in a Variety of Colors
Pilkington is expanding its architectural line of energy-efficient solar control low-E products with the addition to the Solar-E™ coating of a palette of natural colors: Arctic Blue, Blue-Green and Grey. The additions are intended to complement Solar-E on clear and other lines of pyrolytic low-E products.

The product line features low solar heat gain coefficients and low reflectivity, and provides the same benefits of the online hard coat technology, the company reports. Solar-E can be bent, insulated, laminated and tempered, and edge deletion is not required. A ceramic or frit can applied to the coated surface for spandrels or a silkscreen pattern for vision lites. Company representatives say it has an unlimited shelf life and will not oxidize or change color over time.

Cleaning House
Don’t let the name fool you—for Joe’s Refrigeration Inc. in Withee, Wis., it’s not just about keeping cool, it’s about keeping clean. The company offers clean room solutions for glass fabricators. Joe’s helps fabricators to identify their needs in a clean room, delivers all necessary components and performs the installation.

Glass Industry Has New Track and Trace Solution
Panasonic Electric Works AG and tesa SE have teamed up to provide a “track and trace” solution for the flat glass industry. The technology combines laser markers and automation equipment from Panasonic with a special marking film from tesa, yielding a permanent, high contrast mark.

The companies report that glass marked with this technology is resistant to scratches, chemicals and UV radiation, as well as temperatures up to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. Panels are marked quickly, automatically and without ever having to worry about micro-cracks.

Demountable Glass Carrier Offers Flexibility and Fuel Economy
MyGlassTruck.com in Glassboro, N.J., has released a demountable glass carrier designed to improve the maneuverability, flexibility and fuel economy of commercial glass delivery vehicles. The carrier can be removed from a standard cargo van or Sprinter quickly and easily and reinstalled when there is glass to deliver. As company representatives note, removing the attachment can make sales calls, errands and small deliveries more convenient—and improve fuel economy due to the reduction in overall vehicle weight when the glass carrier is not attached.

machinery and equipment
Landglass, Vesuvius, Keep Schott’s Furnace Running
Landglass in Luoyang, China, reports that the combined force convection tempering furnace supplied to SCHOTT in Suzhou has now been operating continuously for nearly three months. The furnace includes Landglass’ jet heating technology, 3-mm tempering technology supported by Siemen’s control system and Vesuvius’ Smartly Driven® tempering rollers.

Landglass and SCHOTT conducted tempering tests on printed panels ranging from 2.85- to 8-mm and low-E glass. Quality indicators such as bow, waviness and granularity all met or surpassed SCHOTT’s acceptance standards.

In early 2008, Vesuvius launched the patented Smartly Driven all-mechanical end caps attachment system. This end cap eliminates the need for a resin bond requiring chemicals such as formaldehyde. It is capable of withstanding arduous temperatures and torque operating condition.

AB1200 Picks Up Heavy Glass
Arlington Equipment Corp. in Queensbury, N.Y., stresses that its AB1200 RD glass handler is not an adaptation of general purpose material handling machinery, but has been designed specifically for the movement and installation of up to 1,200 pounds of glass on project sites and in the fabrication shop. It is designed to fit through personnel doors and into commercial elevators or construction lifts and can be operated indoors or outdoors. The patented manipulator end effecter system and adjustable vacuum lift frame enables handling of glass and glass units in any frame and mullion pattern.

Superior Enhances Its Aluminum Offerings
Superior Metal Technologies LLC in Indianapolis is now offering a new acid-etch process in addition to its standard caustic etch.

Caustic etched anodized material can be converted to acid etch and vise-versa. This new addition is intended to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the clear, architectural champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black anodized finishes available.

Although neither process removes all irregularities on the aluminum, company representatives say that acid-etch does a better job of concealing them, giving the material a better aesthetic finish on both primary and secondary billet. The finish achieved by acid etching is similar to the appearance from blasting parts with glass beads.

SAF Offers 3-Day Out Paint Program for Aluminum
Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) has added a three-day paint service for in-stock aluminum extrusions and sheet. The 3-Day Out Paint Program provides Fluoropolymer-painted extrusions and sheets in just three business days.

To be eligible for the program, customers must select from catalog-listed, in-stock aluminum sheet or extrusions, and choose colors from the stock paint and EZ mix color lines. EZ mix colors are 2-coat Fluoropolymer AAMA 2605-compliant coatings, which are non-exotic, non XL, non-metallic, non-mica and non-barrier.

storefront and curtainwall
U.S. Aluminum “Defends” Against Blasts and Hurricanes
United States Aluminum in Waxahachie, Texas, has unveiled the Defender Series BT601 Storefront System, a versatile thermally improved product that can be used in a blast mitigation environment, a hurricane-resistant environment—or a condition that requires a system to meet both.

In its primary configuration as a thermally improved blast mitigation system, the BT601 can be specified for up to a 1 psi blast load. BT601 is tested in accordance with both DOD UFC and Dade County Protocols to make the product applicable for blast mitigation projects in HVHZ coastal regions. Thermal efficiency is accomplished using a pour and debridge thermal barrier. The thermal improvement, combined with insulating glass, produces a system compliant with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Energy Codes Program.

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