Volume 45, Issue 5 - May 2010


Major Skylights Offer Major Energy Savings

Major Industries Inc. in Wausau, Wis., wants to help illuminate interior spaces with energy-saving natural light. The company says its skylights and translucent curtainwall are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to artificial lighting.

The company offers a range of daylighting products, from Guardian 275® translucent panel skylights and curtainwall, which controls glare and virtually eliminates damaging UV rays, to Auburn® Engineered skylights in glass, polycarbonate multi-wall or acrylic glazing.

machinery and equipment
Glaston Offers Options for Low-E Cutting
With the increasing demand for low-E products, Glaston Bavelloni has enlarged its range of low-E cutting solutions, including the REV and Syncro low-E cutting lines. Upon request, the REV models are available equipped with an automatic device for shaped and straight edge deletion, which is carried out by a cup wheel system. The redressing cycle of the wheel is carried out directly on the glass edge automatically and requires no intervention by the operator. The device is equipped with a suction/filtering unit of the powder produced during the grinding or dressing operations.

The Syncro cutting technology range can be supplied with an automatic device (peripheral wheel) for edge deletion. The NC controls both the grinding path and pressure, as well as the rotation speed of the wheel as adjusted according to its diameter, which is automatically read.

adhesives and sealants
UltraGlaze Offers Flexibility and Efficiency
GE SSG4600 UltraGlaze™ from Momentive Performance Materials in Albany, N.Y., is a high-strength, two-part silicone elastomeric adhesive/sealant for use in a multitude of structural glazing applications, including the fabrication and shop glazing of curtainwall systems.

The company says that the combination of durability, flexibility and strength means that SSG4600 can be used in an array of façade bonding and sealing applications, including protective glazing applications. Due to the combination of high tensile and tear strength and great flexibility, the product can remain intact when exposed to extreme conditions.

storefront and curtainwall
Vitro America™ Expands the Meaning of “Classic”
Memphis-based Vitro America has introduced a comprehensive line of architectural aluminum products designed to complement its full line of architectural glass in its Classic Line™.

The Classic Line™ Series 200, 300 and 500 entrances incorporate a corner block construction with an interlocking design, mechanical fasteners and back-up plates. The company says this construction ensures structural integrity and eliminates the need for welded corners, enabling the glazing contractor to modify the doors quickly by taking them apart and cutting them down to size, as needed.

The Classic Line storefront systems include a specially designed full-height interior leg sill flashing for enhanced protection against water infiltration. The systems also include full-depth pockets that remove the need for flat fillers at the perimeters and allow direct anchor attachment to the substrate.

To further streamline fabrication and installation of its screw-spline systems, the company offers the TIME FABSAVER™ hydraulic punch press and die sets to glazing contractors.

The company says impact-resistant systems are planned for availability this summer.

dynamic glazing
SAGE Introduces Energy-Efficient, Energy-Generating Window
SAGE Electrochromics Inc. in Faribault, Minn., has unveiled what it calls the world’s most energy-efficient window glass. The new suite of products is the first to combine electronically tintable “dynamic window” technology with high R-value, triple-pane construction. The result is a window that provides greater thermal and visual comfort than any equivalently configured glazing product.

Tests show the dynamic, triple-glazed glass has an insulating R-value higher than 8, compared to an R-3 value typical of most low-E insulating glass units. Combining super insulation with a dynamic tinting capability provides a 16-percent energy improvement over static triple-lite glass with low-E, and better than a 50 percent improvement over monolithic glazing.

SAGE’s dynamic tinting technology uses nanotechnology, which users can change electronically from clear to opaque to manage daylight. The technology saves building energy by managing natural daylight and solar heat gain.

MyGlassTruck Releases Curtain-Side Glass Carrier
MyGlassTruck.com in Glassboro, N.J., has announced the addition of a new 24-foot aluminum curtain-side glass carrier truck body to its line-up of commercial glass transport systems. The curtain-side body protects glass from weather and highway debris like a van body while providing open access for loading glass like a flatbed or trailer.

The weather-resistant curtain is made from a single piece of PVC-coated double-weave polyester designed for long-term use. Each curtain is double-hemmed and reinforced with high-frequency welded webbing to maximize tensioning capabilities. The curtains are available in a wide variety of colors and also can be imprinted with custom graphics. Ball-bearing rollers surrounded on three sides by a one-one piece aluminum track ensure that the curtain glides easily.

Stay-Flat™ Vacuum/Flotation Tables Eases Glass Handling
Large, heavy pieces of glass requiring the application of special coatings or screen-printed designs can be difficult to handle, but Graphic Parts International Inc. (GPI) in Chicago, part of the A.W.T. World Trade Group, aims to make the process easier with its a vacuum hold-down/flotation tables.

Manufactured using a proprietary process and built around an all-aluminum honeycomb core for maximum airflow, the Stay-Flat™ vacuum table is covered with thick top and bottom plates for extra strength, and a durable, non-oxidizing, anodized aluminum tabletop that resists warping. GPI offers a stainless-steel surface for tough applications, as well as Formica and phenolic tabletops for sensitive materials.

In moving the glass to the next station, the hold-down table becomes a flotation table that uses “blowback” to lift the glass and ready it for transport. Recessed rollers and specially designed rubber-coated guides help glide the glass along if necessary. Maintenance-free vacuum motors feature a multi-stage centrifugal design to quickly and quietly provide hold-down.

ABC Aluminum Offers Economic Solutions
ABC Aluminum Solutions in San Diego is offering economical aluminum manufacturing solutions from basic mill-finished extrusions to complex curtainwall assemblies. The company offers prime aluminum billet using automated manufacturing and packaging equipment. The company also employs proprietary quality control and continuous improvement systems, processes and procedures managed in compliance with ISO9001:2000 certification.

briefly ...
Custom-Bilt Metals in Chino, Calif., and Alcan Composites USA in Benton, Ky., have joined the PPG Certified Metal Panel Program (PPG/CMPP), administered by the PPG coil and extrusion coatings group. The certification program is designed to give architects a direct channel to metal panel manufacturers certified by PPG to apply Duranar coatings …

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