Volume 45, Issue 11 - November 2010



Great Products from GANA’s Members
Glass Association of North America Members Share New and Notable Products

The Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) member companies are responsible for shaping the industry both through their work in the association and through supplying safe, sustainable and striking products for the construction of new buildings. Read over the next 10 pages for a sample of the latest products produced by GANA’s members.

AGC’S U4 Coating Delivers R5 Performance in an IGU
AGC Flat Glass North America in Alpharetta, Ga., has introduced U4 4th Surface Technology™, which it says allows double-glazed units to achieve the same levels of efficiency as costlier triple-glazed units.

The U4 4th Surface Technology system incorporates a patent-pending pyrolytic low-E hard coating that can be installed on the fourth surface of the insulating glass unit (IGU). This coating technology enables manufacturers to use two low-E coatings in one IGU, resulting in an R5-rated glass package in a double-glazed unit.

The company reports that adding U4 coating to a double-glazed IGU reduces the center of glass U-factor by as much as 20 percent compared to standard IGU configurations with one low-E coating. The U-factor reduction gained with the coating improves the whole window performance by 16 percent when compared to a standard glass package. With the addition of the new coating to the room-surface of the inner pane (surface #4), the window is able to reflect energy to the inside as well as to the outside. This reduction improves the overall insulating properties by as much as 15 to 20 percent over conventional IGUs.

Pilkington’s Solar-E™ is Now Available in More Colors
Pilkington in Toledo, Ohio, is expanding its architectural line of energy-efficient solar control low-E products. The Solar-E™ coating, with its low solar heat gain coefficients and low reflectivity, is now available on a palette of natural colors—Arctic blue, blue-green and grey—to complement Solar-E on clear and other lines of pyrolytic low-E products.

The Solar-E family of products provides a combination of aesthetics and performance values with the same benefits of the on-line hard coat technology. It can be bent, insulated, laminated and tempered, and edge deletion is not required. It also can have a ceramic or frit applied to the coated surface for spandrels or a silkscreen pattern can be applied for the vision lites. It has an unlimited shelf life, and will not oxidize or change color over time.


Clearwall™ Delivers Monolithic Look for Low-Rise Applications
To provide a monolithic look for low-rise applications, Kawneer Co. Inc. in Norcross, Ga., has introduced its Clearwall™ curtainwall. The four-sided toggle glazed (TG) system features a breakthrough glass retaining mechanism. The company says its new curtainwall is a cost-effective alternative to four-sided systems, and its unique toggle mechanism reduces installation labor, simplifies onsite logistics and enhances safety while providing superior aesthetics.

The toggle mechanically captures the inboard lite of the IGU and is designed to rotate in place and automatically lock when the fastener is installed. Each toggle captures an edge of adjacent lites, increasing the efficiency of installation. Screw spline construction and straight cuts without any notching simplifies fabrication. Clearwall curtainwall features two mullion depths for design flexibility.

Clearwall is offered in two other glazing options, each accommodating 1-inch insulating glass and using the toggle system. Options incorporate an attached interface to the glass with structural silicone or 3M™ VHB™ structural glazing tape.

DuPont™ Structural Safety Glass Interlayer Stands Guard
SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayers from Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont™ are designed to help create light, safe, strong glazing that stands up to greater loads and higher threat levels. The interlayer’s rigidity and toughness are well-suited to structural glass in applications such as floors, stairs, balcony rails and minimally-supported facades and canopies.

Up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times tougher than traditional PVB interlayers, SentryGlas® also is noted for clarity, edge durability and an ability to bring more natural daylight into larger spaces. The interlayers are available in a range of thicknesses.

Vanceva® Creates Color Options
The Vanceva® color system by Saflex®, a part of Solutia Inc. in St. Louis, gives architects and designers the ability to create more than 3,000 colors for architectural laminated safety glass. Glass fabricators can leverage the color system to reduce traditional lead times for custom colored glass simply by stocking nine layers of Vanceva PVB and combining them in up to four layer configurations to achieve the architect’s desired color.

Based on a CMYK color model, the Vanceva color system consists of pink, blue, yellow and grey interlayers in two light transmissions. In addition, Solutia publishes color forecasts each year for the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific to assist fabricators and designers in understanding color trends around the world.

decorative glass
Dreamwalls Color Glass Introduces Glass Tile Program
Dreamwalls Color Glass by Gardner Glass Products in North Wilkesboro, N.C., has introduced a line of versatile glass tiles.
The tiles are available in sizes from 4 by 4 inches to 24 by 24 inches and can be specified in rectangular sizes as well. Designers and specifiers can match the glass to any color they choose: Pantone®, Benjamin Moore®, RAL® or other color specifying guides can be used.

The tiles are opaque, making them easy to install because there is no danger of seeing the adhesive or trowel marks behind the glass. The tiles feature a flat polished and arras edge for further ease of installation.

glass walls
Vitro Envisions Endless Possibilities
Envision™ glass walls by Memphis-based Vitro America™ include custom fabricated glass and unique styles of hardware to create glass walls, with or without entrances, allowing the maximum view of the interior space. The company’s Envision® all-glass doors were designed to deliver a stunning entry into any space, using durable hardware and a variety of glass options.

Tem-Pace Offers Sculpted Possibilities
Tem-Pace Inc. in Niles, Mich., has developed a unique product for the decorative glass market called SculpturLite. A single lite of the temperable formed glass becomes 3-dimensional with folds and valleys, multiple textures and colors to bring out a special and unique appearance. While maintaining a flat edge around the perimeter, SculpturLite glass can be used in numerous applications.

solar glazing

Hecker® Brings Its Glass to the Solar Industry
Hecker® Glastechnik in Dortmund, Germany, offers its heat-resistant glass worldwide, and now offers those products to the solar glazing industry. Among its products are EnergyVision, a highly transparent glass for solar collectors, and BoroVision, a borosilicate glass for thin film solar modules, among other applications.

sealant and adhesive
Dow Corning Sealants Now on GSA Federal Supply Schedules
Dow Corning in Midland, Mich., has announced that its silicone products for the construction industry, including its structural glazing sealants, are now available through the GSA Federal Supply Schedule.

The company reports that its silicone-based sealants provide building designers and contractors with resistance under temperature and weather extremes; superior flexibility and adhesion to a wide variety of building substrates; and building protection that lasts up to three times longer than organic materials used for the same application.

Edgetech Adds to Gas-Fill Capabilities
Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech I.G. has expanded its capabilities to service Gasglass argon gas detectors and Spyglass glass analyzers.

Gasglass is a non-invasive method for measuring insulating gas fill levels. It allows freedom of movement and quality control for doors and windows. The portable, user-friendly design allows for more suitable measurements at lower fill levels ranging up from 50 percent argon fill with high precision.

Spyglass is a laser-based gauge for measuring and detecting glass types, structure, coatings and thicknesses. With the product, users can measure the characteristics of installed insulating glass units and order the type.

In addition, the company has partnered with UK-based Inagas, a provider of gas-fill machinery. Under the agreement, Edgetech will be the exclusive distributor of Inagas products in North America and Central America, and also will distribute the products in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. According to the company, Inagas gas-fill solutions use the latest in oxygen sensor technology with auto-calibration functionality upon startup. This patent-pending SmartStart capability ensures accuracy and reliability for improved production flow and quality control. Edgetech will offer the full range of Inagas products, including gas fillers, accessories and test equipment.

machinery and equipment
Vesuvius Continues to Keep Things Hot
The experts at Vesuvius continuously are designing and developing fused silica products to meet the solar, glass fabricating, glass forming and foundry industries. Among those is the ZYAFOAM® fused silica insulating products, engineered to create a low-dust, fiber-free insulating product for lining heated chambers. The products are fully machineable and have capabilities to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company’s new SMARTLY DRIVEN® all mechanical end cap attachment design was developed to eliminate the high temperature adhesive attachment design. It also offers performance enhancement of withstanding temperatures to 662 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of 302 degrees Fahrenheit, with the adhesive design.

fire-rated glazing
SuperLite Meets Super Safe Requirements
SAFTI FIRST in San Francisco says that its SuperLite X-90 is the most affordable tint-free, non-wired, clear glazing available that meets all the fire and safety requirements for 90-minute temperature rise doors. SuperLite X-90 can be provided with a vision kit or used in any listed 90-minute vision lite frame. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is manufactured in the United States for fast lead times and competitive pricing.

The vision kits are available in 5 by 35, 6 by 27, 7 by 22 and 12 by 12, in a bronze or primed finish. Other sizes and finishes are available upon request.


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