Volume 45, Issue 10 - October 2010


New Address
GANA’s New Headquarters Brings New Opportunity
by Brian Pitman


As you may have read or heard, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) moved its headquarters at the beginning of July this year. Our physical location moved about six miles from southwest Topeka, Kan., to downtown Topeka. The opportunities created by the move, though, are a bigger jump than a six-mile relocation.

Of course, GANA members helped out with the new office by providing a touch of glass. Decorative glazing from Goldray Industries and fire-rated glazing from Technical Glass Products gives the entrance to the new office suites a glass-focused, modern approach to office design. Several workers in the office building housing GANA’s new headquarters have commented positively on the glass products, many asking to contact GANA members for potential interior glazing for their own office suites.

In addition to the entrance, glass is featured prominently in the office in the form of a sign provided by Arch Deco Glass. The sign, which features the logo of GANA’s management company, Centric Management and Consulting, is made of decorative laminated glass, with the logo being printed on the interlayer. Each of these contributions by GANA members make the new headquarters a welcome office environment.

One of the new features of the headquarters is a fully-operational video studio, complete with multiple cameras, professional sound, a chroma-key (“green screen”) environment, studio lighting and new video editing bay. The studio is being used in the creation of several new items from GANA and other Centric clients. For GANA, new educational videos and presentations are being filmed for the launch of a new online education and training portal in 2011, as well as a new video program for the organization. Portions of the studio are portable and will be used in the creation of sponsored video podcasts at various tradeshows and events. Finally, a series of live video presentations from the studio will occur in 2011 as part of the burgeoning GANA: Advocacy efforts.

The new GANA headquarters also features enhanced conference space. Educational seminars for up to 75 people are now possible, as well as smaller board of director-type events. Centric already has held multiple events for other clients and is looking to use the facilities to offer AIA presentations from GANA to local chapters.

As these new services from GANA and its management company continue to grow, new opportunities are available to you and your company. If you are interested in the creation of an online presence, social and more traditional media, online versions of your presentations or more, your trade association and its management company can help make this happen. Feel free to contact me at brian@glasswebsite.com to discuss the possibilities. Membership in GANA does have its benefits.

The new GANA Headquarters is located at 800 SW Jackson St., Suite 1500, Topeka, KS 66612. Please feel free to drop by if you are in the neighborhood. We will be happy to show you some amazing products from our members, as well as what we are doing for our members each and every day.

Brian Pitman is the director of marketing and communications for GANA. Mr. Pitman’s opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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