Volume 45, Issue 10 - October 2010


U.S. Aluminum Adds New Defender
U.S. Aluminum’s Defender Series of blast mitigation products is expanding with the addition of the BW8000 single-hung window. The high-performance window system was engineered to work with the company’s Defender Series blast mitigation storefront and curtainwall systems, with corresponding sight lines and glazing specifications.

The 8000 single-hung is an AAMA CW60-rated and NFRC-certified window, designed for heavy commercial and institutional projects. The 4 ½-inch-deep frame is designed to match typical building conditions. An efficient pour and debridge thermally insulating frame accepts glazing infills from 1 to 1 5/16 inches, with convenient extruded pulls at the interlock and bottom rail. The window features a self locking latch and Class 5 balances for ease of operation. The screw spline frame and sash are engineered to provide years of superior performance. The factory assembled and glazed window is designed for quick, efficient installation using either an anchor flange or block type installation.

machinery and equipment
Nordson® PS Metering Stations Maintain Constant Adhesive Pressure
Nordson Corp., headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, offers PS metering stations as booster pumps to compensate for high pressure/volume losses, or to add adhesive streams to existing melter systems. The metering station maintains constant, consistent system pressure even with high viscosity materials, such as butyls, as well as when feeding several adhesive streams simultaneously.

According to the company, the flexible stations can accommodate a wide range of adhesives, processing temperatures up to 489 degrees Fahrenheit or pressure up to 250 bar. A compact layout allows placement of adhesive supply as close as possible to the application point.

Increase Versatility, Productivity with Powr-Grip Channel Lifters
The P1 and P2 Series vacuum lifters from Wood’s Powr-Grip® in Laurel, Mont., deliver cord-free operation on the jobsite or in the plant. These modular vacuum lifters are configured with one or more pad channels and interchangeable lift frames for manually rotating and tilting materials, meeting a variety of glass handling needs. Channel lifters and their components may be ordered as complete units or as individual components to expand existing systems.

Interchangeable lift frames provide manual 180-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt. Pad channels can be switched from one lift frame to another in minutes, the manufacturer says. This interchangeable system allows capacity up to 1,400 pounds. On-board DC power permits use with cranes, forklifts or floor hoists. When combined with the CB1 Counter-Balancer, double-channel vacuum lifters can be used to install windows under overhangs or in other low-clearance settings.

Pilkington Models Its Glass
Pilkington Building Products North America in Toledo, Ohio, now offers its full product line, including 77 pyrolytic and uncoated glass products, compatible with building information modeling (BIM) software.

BIM is a real-time, 3-dimensional, dynamic building modeling software program used to improve productivity in building design and construction. It offers architects and designers the ability to increase productivity by easing the process of collecting product information, providing quick links to the Pilkington website and performance data with each object. Each Pilkington BIM object provides product color, descriptions, benefits and performance data such as light transmittance, solar heat gain and U-value.

fire-rated glass products
ultraHD™ Technology Improves FireLite® Products
ultraHD™ Technology is a new manufacturing process that Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Snoqualmie, Wash., says improves the color, clarity and surface quality of its line of FireLite® ceramic glass products.

According to the company, the process improves the overall clarity of each glazed lite for enhanced viewing and creates a smoother surface by reducing slight imperfections that can result during glass production.

PPG Spacers Among First Submitted for NFRC CMAST Software Database
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has announced that its stainless steel and tin-plated spacers are among the first spacer products added to the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC’s) Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (CMAST) database.

The submission enables industry professionals to configure fenestration products with Intercept spacers to determine their U-factor, solar heat-gain coefficient and visible light transmittance. These are measures for code compliance and energy certification for buildings and their glazing systems.

According to the NFRC, Intercept stainless steel or tin-plated spacers each can be modeled in CMAST in 21 finished airspace widths ranging from 0.250 to 0.875 inches. Under the Component Modeling Approach, fenestration products such as doors, windows and skylights are examined in terms of their glazing, frame and spacer components. CMAST software calculates the performance values of these components in combination to help energy consultants maximize the energy efficiency of fenestration products.

material handling and transportation
New A-Frame Rack Helps Transport “Small” Glass
MyGlassTruck.com in Glassboro, N.J., has introduced a new compact A-frame glass carrier for pick-up trucks. The carrier provides an alternative to taller, wider, side-mounted carriers that may be “too much rack” for transporting smaller pieces of glass. The A-frame carrier rides inside the truck’s bed.

According to the manufacturer, two men can uninstall the carrier in less than five minutes. A model that extends over an open tailgate is available, along with one that allows the tailgate to close. The A-frame can be built with or without padded bottom ledges in a range of lengths from 6 to 10 feet.

A-frame carriers without bottom ledges can transport slightly taller pieces of glass and utilize the e-track cargo control system to secure payloads. Models with ledges can be equipped with e-track and/or aluminum glass holding poles featuring black triangle cleats that can be vertically adjusted to any position along their length.

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