Volume 45, Issue 9 - September 2010


A Different Kind of Vegas Show

A Sneak Peek at This Year’s GlassBuild America

Las Vegas is known for its plethora of entertainment shows, but a different kind of show will come to the city September 14-16. The seventh annual GlassBuild America, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, caters to the North American glass, door and window industries.

Nearly 400 exhibitors have signed up to show off glass processing equipment, door and window manufacturing equipment and new technologies for glass and fenestration products. Among other sights, visitors will be able to view demonstrations simulating the effect of hurricane debris on non-impact and impact-resistant glass.

The show's Innovations Pavilion will feature environmentally friendly advances in the glass industry including energy conservation, "green technologies" and solar energy.

Several seminars and forums are planned as well. Among them, seminars on solar, energy-efficiency and decorative glass will feature panel discussions from industry professionals.

More information about the show can be found at www.glassbuildamerica.com.

machinery and equipment

Booth #2119:
Glaston Debuts New Machinery

Finland-based Glaston has a host of new offerings for attendees.

The new iControL™ flat tempering automation system was designed to help glass processors achieve the best furnace performance and maximized end-product quality. It controls all glass processing production to match specific user-group needs.

iLooK™ is an online quality measurement system that integrates to any brand of flat tempering furnace. It measures all glass distortions with a machine vision system, checking full loads and each glass piece individually for roller wave, edge lift and overall bow. It verifies glass dimensions and glass position measurement to give immediate feedback on the quality.

PowerSeam, the Bavelloni arrising machine, operates with one fixed and one moveable bridge, giving it the flexibility to work with different sized glass at random. The operator or the automatic loading system only has to supply the glass; then PowerSeam will automatically set up, measuring the sheet dimensions and adapting to its thickness.

Booth #2409:
Jordon Glass Goes Autoclave-less

Jordon Glass in Miami has added a new line of autoclave-free glass laminating machines to its machinery line-up. Designed for the middle market fabricator, the company's laminating machines are suitable to use with both EVA and DuPont SentryGlas® interlayers. This easy and accessible new options allows anyone to fabricate skylights, hand rails, stairs, windows and decorative backsplashes without the expense of an autoclave or the mess of resins.

Booth #2122:
J&S Machine to Demonstrate Latest TreC CNC

J&S Machine Inc., the Ellsworth, Wis.-based distributor of TreC aluminum profile bending machines, offers a wide range of manual, NC- and CNC-controlled machines. TreC's latest control offering is the CNW333. It is a Windows XP embedded CNC control that can be partnered to any double-pinch style profile bending machine. Its features include the programming of single- and multi-radius parts in a single run and a bending database to automatically calculate roller positions based on desired radii and material elasticity. Built-in networking capabilities allows the transfer of data with an office PC, while DXF importing software creates bend programs directly from DXF files.

Booth #2145:
Create Three Edges in One Pass with SCHIATTI

The FPS-50M3 is the largest capacity straight line vertical edger produced by SCHIATTI ANGELO Srl of Italy. With 14 spindles, the machine can produce three different edges-flat, arris and miter-in a single pass. It accepts glass thickness from 1/8 to 2 inches, a minimum glass size of 6 by 6 inches and a maximum weight of 3,960 pounds. The incorporated mitering system can perform a variable angle of 0 to 45 degrees. All edges produced feature the brilliant polish achieved through use of cerium oxide polish.

The main conveyor, which the company says is both accurate and durable, runs on ball bearings and is adjusted to the various glass thicknesses by means of the electronic card.

Booth #2529:
Glimpse a Full Plant by Visiting IGE
IGE Solutions in Jupiter, Fla., will share a variety of products with attendees.

Among its offerings will be a number of glass washing machines and laminated glass lines from Handong. The manufacturer offers all types of glass washers for flat glass, including low-E, solar glass and laminated glass washers. Its newest machine for low-E soft coats will be featured in Las Vegas.

The booth also will have an overview of insulating glass machinery from Han Jiang. Attendees can take a look at the company's heavy-duty automatic insulating glass line, robotic second sealer, stainless steal bender and quality

Booth #1629:
Vesuvius Demonstrates Smart New Technology

Vesuvius, a manufacturer of fused silica products based in the U.S. in Pittsburgh, will display its fused silica Smartly Driven® end cap technology at the show. This end cap attachment method incorporates an environmentally and ergonomically friendly end cap system, eliminating the need for a resin bond containing chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Also being displayed is zyafoam®, a porous, insulating fused silica product that has been engineered to create a low-dust (with non-dusting options) and fiber-free insulating material for lining heated chambers.

Booth #2165:
Lisec America Displays Its Flexibility

Lisec America Inc. in Burnsville, Minn., will display a new flexible spacer applicator for processing asymmetrical triple units. The fully automated application robot for flexible spacer bars, Type VSA-D1, has the ability to change spacer widths for triple-glazed units on the fly. The patented application technique ensures accurate and reliable positioning of the flexible spacer, and a continuous spacer supply prevents any tension or friction in the material.

As an option, a large variety of shapes can be automatically processed. The dual material supply enables the applicator to change between two spacer widths within seconds, which allows fabricators to produce asymmetrical triple units in the shortest possible cycle time.

Booth #2073:
Cooltemper's Latest Prints a Pretty Picture

The Eastech flatbed glass printer system, offered by Cooltemper USA of Fayetteville, Ga., uses the latest in ink technology; it does not require any pre-coating of the glass or curing of the ink after printing directly onto the glass surface. It is possible to use all types of lamination after printing, including PVB, EVA or any liquid resin without adhesion problems. If required, it is even possible to print directly on to the PVB, EVA or PVC. Print resolution can be as high as 2880 by 2880 dpi.

Booth #2065:
For.El Updates Spacer Frame Processing

Italy-based For.El reports that its automatic T-Spacer applicator feeds a continuous strip of warm-edge spacer from the reel and applies it directly on one of the two glass lites to obtain a closed frame. Using the automatic T-Spacer applicator, the butyl extrusion on the spacer frame is independent of the spacer application process on the glass.

According to information from the company, the introduction of this solution in insulating glass production lines, even existing lines, removes the conventional spacer frame processing and improves the double-glazed unit characteristics both in warm-edges and gas-filled units. The modular system can be installed in any double glazing line, both as a substitute or completion of the conventional frame processing.


Booth #1021:
Technoform Keeps Glass, Aluminum Performing Efficiently

As insulating glass manufacturers prepare for significantly tighter energy codes, they are able to call upon Twinsburg, Ohio-based Technoform's TGI® warm-edge spacer to provide high thermal performance, condensation resistance, structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal for commercial and residential applications. The TGI warm-edge spacer features a hybrid design and performance benefits that include: exceptional argon retention; easy integration with current IG manufacturing equipment; machine-controlled muntin locations; corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes; and aesthetically pleasing sightlines.
Several color options are available.

Constructed of sturdy polyamide 6.6 with 25-percent glass fiber content, the Bautec structural insulating strip from Technoform enables aluminum fenestration and curtainwall manufacturers to provide the highest degree of thermal performance and structural integrity available. It features an expansion/contraction rate equal to that of aluminum, thermal conductivity rates 700 times lower than aluminum and structural properties that exceed those of virtually every other thermoplastic available.

Booth #1929:
Edgetech Lets Attendees Try High-Performing Products

Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, has planned its booth to feature new products, new partnerships and a new theme. The company will provide interactive demonstrations for areas including quality assurance, specialized equipment solutions, technical service, creative marketing support and high-performance products.

Those featured products include: Super Spacer® warm-edge spacer systems for commercial and residential IG; Edgetech Test Equipment powered by EDTM, including glass, window and film test equipment; Gasglass and Spyglass technology for non-invasive gas-fill measurements and glass analysis; SustainaBLOCK™ setting blocks; and Lauren weatherstripping and seals custom-engineered for door, window, storefront and curtainwall applications (in adjacent booth #1829).

adhesives and sealants

Booth #2665:
Fenzi Provides a Range of Product Offerings

Toronto-based Fenzi North America will be displaying a wide range of products at the show.

The HOTVER 2000 is a one-part hot melt butyl that the company says is specially formulated to give insulating glass units excellent mechanical properties to last in the field. The company notes that its butylver PIB is now offered in gray, as well as the traditional black. In addition to these new offerings attendees can see the Molver 3A desiccant, Alu Pro aluminum spacer profiles, Roll Tech warm-edge stainless spacer, Fenzi warm-edge spacer profiles and the SOLARLUX line of solar mirror paints.

glass handling

Booth #2145:
Keep Moving Glass with Arlington Equipment

Arlington Equipment Corp. in Queensbury, N.Y., (represented by De Gorter Inc.) is offering mobile ergonomic glass handlers to the industry. This machinery was designed specifically for the movement and installation of up to 2,000 pounds of glass on sites and in the fabrication shop. It fits through personnel doors and into commercial elevators or construction lifts and can be operated indoors or outdoors. The patented manipulator end effecter system and adjustable vacuum lift frame enables handling of glass and glass units in any frame and mullion pattern.

The handler is intended to decrease installation costs, increase worker safety and expedite the installation process for faster, safer and cheaper onsite installation.

Booth #1256:
New Company Provides Glass Rack

Milwaukee-based American Rack Inc., a new sister company of F. Barkow, will showcase a professionally engineered van rack kit.

The Commander™ is a 10- by 7-foot aluminum glass rack including a three-crossbar stainless steel roof rack and the largest useable ledgeboard-6 1/2 inches-in the industry. A passenger side rack for the same van also is available.

According to the manufacturer, the lightweight rack was designed to ship and install easily. Assembly time is approximately two hours and the glass rack payload capacity is 1,000 pounds.


Booth #1439:
SAF's Rain Screen Feels the Pressure

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) of Villa Rica, Ga., has introduced the SAF Series 4500 pressure equalized rain screen. The new commercial building panel system meets AAMA 508-07 requirements, and was tested for air and water resistance as well as structural integrity per ASTM 283, 330 and 331.

The Series 4500 is similar to the company's Series 4000, but is manufactured with mitered and sealed frame extrusions and reinforcements in the corners of the panels. The fabricated panels in the Series 4500 system include a factory attached frame extrusion that makes for an easy fit into the horizontal and vertical track extrusions on the jobsite. Like the 4000, the 4500 comes with fabricated panels and track extrusions that are shipped loose.

Booth #1052:
Mapes Industries to Show Laminated Panels

Mapes Industries in Lincoln, Neb., has developed an impact-resistant line of laminated panels for use in curtainwall, storefront and window applications where design elements require high impact/high load materials. MapeShield panels can be used in any framing system design for this type of application. The panels can match any architectural finish including porcelain, Kynar, anodized and baked enamel. Custom applications, including bullet-resistant and Class 1 blast-resistant panels, also are available.


Booth #1121:
PPG Showcases Clarvista™ for Showers
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries will showcase new Clarvista shower glass. The shower glass is made with a coating technology that seals the glass surface, making it resistant to corrosion caused by heat, humidity and household cleaning products. The company says that with regular maintenance the glass looks new longer than other shower glass products. It is available on clear and Starphire® ultra-clear glass substrates and in thicknesses of ¼-, ?3/8- and ½-inch. Stock sizes are 96 inches by 130 inches.

tools and material handling

Booth #1513:
Get a Lift with Wood's Powr-Grip®

Wood's Powr-Grip in Laurel, Mont., has introduced the MRTALP611LDC vacuum lifter. The lifter features a thickness less than 8 inches, making it suitable for installing glass between buildings and scaffoldings or similar narrow locations. The company says these lifters also enable access to loads between tightly spaced storage racks.

The pad frame accommodates a wide variety of load dimensions and weights with six removable vacuum pads and removable extension arms. With 180 degree manual rotation and 90-degree manual tilt capabilities, loads are handled multiple orientations. On-board DC power allows for use at construction sites or other locations lacking AC power. To reduce the risk of accidental load release, this product is equipped with a dual vacuum system as standard equipment.

Booth #818:
Demountable Carrier Offers Versatility in Glass Transport

Myglasstruck.com, a division of Demountable Concepts in Glassboro, N.J., has debuted a single-sided glass carrier with a demountable option that offers glaziers the versatility of dual-purposing a standard pick-up truck as a glass transport truck.

This new single-sided model allows companies to make small or occasional deliveries with a cost-effective alternative to wider, heavier double-sided glass carriers. A narrow width makes the pick-up and single-sided carrier easy to maneuver for deliveries in crowded spaces and urban areas. A driver and helper can non-permanently install the rack onto the pick-up for deliveries, and then remove it and operate the truck without the carrier for sales calls or personal use.

The carrier attaches to the pick-up's bed wall through a strong and stable mounting system, and at the bottom, the non-demountable model is integrated into the truck's chassis with computer-designed, load bearing, galvanized steel underbody mounts. The demountable option adds heavy-duty ratcheting straps for securing the carrier top-side and a load bearing mounting system similar to a trailer hitch and receiver on the truck's underside.

Booth #1464:
EDTM Highlights Its Glass-Chek Pro

EDTM in Toledo, Ohio, will display its line of American-made instruments and sales kits for the glass and window industry. Among its products, the company will highlight the new GC3000 Glass-Chek PRO instrument. This new digital instrument measures the glass and air space thickness of single-, double- and now triple-pane windows from a single side. This new technology offers numerous improvements and features over the company's previous offering, including applications involving tinted glass, new low-E coatings, triple panes and suspended film.

The product is suitable for window replacement and field service professionals, as well as quality control technicians within the window factory. The product is offered in six different languages.

Booth #1150:
Lamatek Packaging Protects Glass Products
Lamatek in West Deptford, N.J., has expanded its line of Protek™ packaging products to include IG shipping channels, sash shipping corners, lift rail channels and extruded foam fill for lineal chambers.

According to the company, extruded polyethylene packaging materials are an improvement over Styrofoam, corrugated, wood and other sacrificial packaging methods.


Booth #1529:
Truth Introduces New Systems

Owatonna, Minn.-based Truth Hardware's new Sentry multi-point hinged patio door hardware system combines flexibility and security. Features include a 90 degree thumb-urn located above the handle, high performance adjustable hinges and multiple handle designs.

The company also has introduced the push-out hardware system. The system includes a full line of hinges, locks and related push-out hardware to meet the requirements of this window market segment.

Booth #1865:
Bohle to Present Glass Hardware

Aside from its Silberschnitt and Diamantor tools and the comprehensive range of Verifix products for glass bonding, Bohle America in Charlotte, N.C., also will present its range of glass hardware items. Attendees also will be able to find a range of consumable supplies, cleaning agents and silicone adhesives at the show.


Booth #1537:
EFCO Makes Plans to Unveil Xtherm™

EFCO in Monett, Mo., will unveil its Xtherm family of thermally innovative, architectural-grade products. In addition to windows, the company will be launching the new 5500 XT curtainwall, which is designed with deep strutted thermal break technology and will accept triple pane glass for superior thermal values. Rounding out the new products being showcased at this year's event will be the Duracast® curtainwall pressure plate for its 5600 series, which provides thermal improvements.


Booth #535:
Max/Block Sunshades by Tubelite Support Green Goals

Tubelite in Walker, Mich., now manufactures its Max/block sunshades using EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes. Max/Block sunshades also maximize daylighting and minimize solar heat gain.

The product is suitable with the company's systems on low- to mid-rise buildings such schools, medical clinics and neighborhood offices. It is available in airfoil, Z-blade and tubular architectural profiles. Each outrigger type can be extended from the building in various projection lengths to provide the desired performance. Blades are attached to the outriggers using screw spline connections.


Booth #719:
HTL to Demonstrate Impact Effects on Glass
HTL LLC of Riviera Beach, Fla., will be demonstrating impact effects on both impact-resistant and non-impact glass. The company offers testing for a range of items, including air, water and structural qualities; blast performance; field performance; impact resistance and cyclic wind pressure; mock-up; thermal performance; safety glazing; and wind uplift resistance. HTL also offers engineering services to aid in research and design as well as product submittal preparation.


Booth #644:
Phantom Demonstrates Applications for Retractable Screens

Phantom Screens® in Abbotsford, British Columbia, will demonstrate how retractable screens can be used to preserve views, design and privacy while at the same time providing full ventilation, shading from the sun and protection from insects.

The Infinity Retractable Screen Solutions™ uses a series of pleated screening panels that fold away when they are not required, making them suitable for folding wall systems and other large openings. Distinction Retractable Screen Solutions™ are suitable for doorways that are too large for standard size door screens. Both Distinction and Infinity screens feature one of the lowest available profile bottom rails, 1/8-inch, thereby providing additional screening options for healthcare and hospitality facilities.

The company also will feature retractable Phantom Door Screens and Serene Window Screens that offer additional options for commercial and residential applications.


Booth #1751:
GANA Releases Two New Technical Manuals

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released two new technical resources for the industry.

The new Protective Glazing Manual was written by industry experts from GANA and Protective Glazing Council (PGC) International membership. It describes the types of glass, films and interlayers that make up protective glazing products and illustrates the applications and technologies available, as well as the standards and levels of protection they provide. Additionally, there is a detailed section on the care and cleaning of protective glazing products, and a comprehensive glossary of terms and applications.

The Guide to Architectural Glass 2010 Edition is produced by the GANA Flat Glass Manufacturing Division (FGMD). Formally known as the Specifiers Guide to Glass, this guide is a 5-year update with an expanded scope. It provides an overview of architectural flat glass, its properties and versatility in applications. As one of the most downloaded documents on GANA's website, the FGMD chose to offer it to the public as a more in-depth Guide.

Booth #1751:
AAMA/WDMA Industry Review and Forecast Available

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) have jointly released the updated 2009/2010 AAMA/WDMA U.S. Market Studies. The study profiles the U.S. market for both commercial and residential doors and windows. The U.S. Industry Statistical Review and Forecast includes historic data for 2004-2009 for door, window, skylight and curtainwall market trends and product relationships in addition to forecast data for 2010 through 2013, based on projections of construction activity.

Regarding window usage in commercial construction, the report notes that nonresidential glazing fell by 19 percent in 2009, with declines across all categories. The market is forecast to decline by an even greater amount throughout 2010 due to the sharp drop in nonresidential contract awards. Growth is expected to resume in 2012 and is forecast to increase over 2011 levels.

radiant glass

Booth #547:
Power*e™ Radiant Glass Heats Things Up

Denver-based Radiant Glass Industries (RGI) and sister company Busick Insulated Glass have collaborated to develop a product that is not only energy-efficient but also heat generating. Using Power*e™ glass designed and developed by RGI, Busick manufactures insulating glass units that use low voltage DC power to warm the inside of the unit. Power*e Glass uses up to 40 percent less power than conventional heating systems and is extremely efficient because of its combined insulating value and radiant-heating capabilities.

All Power*e windows are built with Edgetech's Super Spacer® for long-term durability.


Booth #2055:
FeneTech Launches FeneVision ERP Version 7

Aurora, Ohio-based FeneTech Inc. will launch version 7 of its FeneVision ERP, tailored to the window, entry door, glass processing and sunroom manufacturing industries. Version 7 was designed in accordance with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and expanded with the following additional functionalities: new production scheduling and auto-batching, business intelligence (BI), enhanced capacity planning and contractor-to-dealer online ordering tools.

The newly integrated BI is a Microsoft SSRS version of the FeneVision Information Center, which allows for integration into Microsoft Office products. It allows users to retrieve and analyze internal and external business data to support better decision-making. The system is fully integrated and based on a single centralized database from Microsoft (SQL Server 2008), using a dynamic and unlimited bill of material system, allowing the user to configure any type of product, no matter the complexity, providing an open architecture with endless flexibility.


Booth #745:
Wagner Now Features Point-Supported Systems

The Wagner Companies in Butler, Wis., is now the exclusive North American distributor of Linox Technology architectural glass systems. Linox spider fittings enable the architectural freedom of connecting glass to any structural substrate. Linox has developed a comprehensive range of spider fittings to enhance a glass facade, awning, balustrade or canopy. Fittings are manufactured from cast 316 stainless steel and will meet all international structural requirements when properly installed and specified.

window systems

Booth #1874:
Tremco Puts Performance of Seal at Window-Wall Interface to the Test
Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing in Beachwood, Ohio, is offering its ExoAir™ Air Barrier in conjunction with its Proglaze® engineered transition assembly (ETA) as a comprehensive air and moisture protection system.

The unique composition of the patent-pending Proglaze® ETA allows it to span and seal across irregular window geometries while absorbing dynamic movement and wind-loading stresses without pulling apart. Proglaze ETA is available in three systems: standard 6-inch design, off-set dart design and pressure bar system. Proglaze ETA was also developed and tested to ensure long-term air and moisture protection when used in conjunction with Tremco's ExoAir™ 110 and 110LT low temperature self-adhered air and vapor barrier membranes and ExoAir™ TWF self-adhered thru-wall flashing membrane at transitions into door and window openings or curtainwall systems.

Booth #1252
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