Volume 45, Issue 9 - September 2010


Azon Introduces Its Mechanical Lock Profile
Azon USA Inc. in Kalamazoo, Mich., has introduced its mechanical lock profile (MLP™), a concept for commercial aluminum window, door, storefront and curtainwall applications.

The MLP system offers energy-saving enhancements and strength for all applications including high-rise and monumental buildings. According to the company, the new MLP has the highest shear of all thermal barrier systems for aluminum architectural products, and is designed with a high temperature-resistant polyurethane polymer formulation, a wide cavity to improve thermal performance with a low U-factor in most fenestration products.

Coral Puts Glass to Work in New Applications
The new SpanVision glass from Coral Industries in Tuscaloosa, Ala., features an elastomeric silicone-based paint coating used primarily in spandrel applications to conceal non-vision areas of building glass. These coatings are UV fade-resistant as well as being resistant to the effects of water. The company says that silicone spandrel coatings may be easily repaired onsite, and may be used as a safety glazing component by providing “fall-out” protection in the event of breakage.

FloorVision glass flooring offers unique structural and non-structural alternatives to traditional flooring. Each flooring installation involves specific engineering and construction of the entire floor system, including glass panels, anti-slip walking surface and support structures. A full range of surface textures and colors are available, with the option of creating custom patterns. Custom color coatings may be incorporated and may be transparent, translucent or opaque.

EPCO Offers New Options
EPCO in City of Industry, Calif., says that its EPCO 96 series floor springs offer efficiency and long use life. The product features two ranges of closing speed for delay action, which can be adjusted at the transition point between 75 and 105 degrees. A hold-open option is available. The backcheck is worked mechanically at approximately 90 degrees. The product is designed for heavy-duty use up to 650 pounds and can be used on double-action doors.

doors and windows
Winco Introduces the First Operating Tornado-Rated Window
Winco Window Co. in St. Louis has introduced a unique line-up of aluminum tornado-rated windows, built to withstand direct impact from a 15-pound section of 2 by 4 lumber shot from a cannon at more than 100 mph.

The tornado impact windows are made with reinforced aluminum frames and feature laminated interlayer and polycarbonate sheets, providing protection from noise, wind and water infiltration, as well as energy-saving thermal ratings of 0.35 U-value or better.

Models available include the first operating projected window rated for tornadoes of more than 150 mph. Fixed tornado impact windows are also available at prices averaging 50 percent higher than the company’s comparable hurricane-rated windows.

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