Volume 46, Issue 3 - April 2011

Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal

Companies Prepare to Showcase
Their Latest and Greatest at AIA 2011
From the food to the nightlife to its famous Mardi Gras celebration, New Orleans is one place well known for offering its visitors a spicy mix. Although Mardi Gras will be long over by mid-May, the Big Easy will still be bustling with activity as the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) National Convention will be in town May 12-14.

The convention will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center where more than 800 exhibitors, including a healthy number of representatives from the glass and glazing industry, will feature their latest products and services of interest to architects. From innovative glazings to new windows and curtainwall systems, the glass industry will bring a diverse mixture of products and services.

Over the next five pages take a look at just some of the glazing developments you’ll find featured this year at AIA in New Orleans.

Don’t Miss USGlass at the Show
While walking this year’s AIA show floor be sure and stop by booth #1419 and meet the staff of USGlass magazine. See you in New Orleans!

Booth #2943:
Fourth Surface Technology Improves Thermal Performance
Pilkington in Toledo, Ohio, has introduced its low-E 4th surface technology, designed to allow a double-glazed insulating glass unit (IGU) achieve up to 12-percent improved thermal performance over a triple-pane IGU.

Adding a pyrolytic low-E coating to the #4 surface reflects infrared heat back into the building, reducing the amount of radiant heat loss through the glass. In cold weather conditions, a low-E coating on the #2 surface inhibits room heat from transferring across the air space toward the outside; adding a second low-E coating to the #4 surface further improves the thermal insulation as it reflects room heat back inside. Applying two pyrolytic low-E lites in an IGU reduces the center-of-glass U-factor by 45 percent, compared to an IGU with two lites of standard clear.

Booth #2841:
NanaWall Opens Up to Lamboo®

NanaWall Systems will introduce a folding door system that features custom-crafted frames made of Lamboo® laminated bamboo. Lamboo is an engineered bamboo product that is available in three grain and two color choices. According to the company, the production process uses 15-percent less embodied energy than that of engineered wood and 300-percent less embodied energy than aluminum and steel.

Lamboo products are designed to meet criteria for 2011 “CALGreen” A4.405.4 (use of building materials from renewable sources) and also contribute to LEED certification.

Lamboo is available with the company’s WD65 wood-framed system and WA67 aluminum-clad wood-framed system. This new offering is also Energy Star®-certified.

Booth #1635:
PPG Has Multiple Selections for a Range of Applications

Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries will showcase a range of products from its line of architectural glasses and coatings. These include Clarvista™ shower glass, which, with regular maintenance, is designed to look new longer than other shower glass products. In addition, PPG will feature Solarban® R100 glass, which is a neutral-reflective, solar control, low-E glass with a proprietary hybrid coating technology. It has a visible light transmittance of 42 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23, as well as a 1.79 light-to-solar gain ratio. Also on display will be Sungate® 400 passive low-E glass, which is manufactured with a magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition “soft coat” designed to help commercial buildings in heating-dominated climates retain heat from the sun and reduce winter heating costs.

PPG also will feature a variety of its coatings, including Duranar® powder coatings, Duranar Ultra-Cool® infrared-reflective coatings and Duranar Vari-Cool® coatings.

Booth #2235:
Guardian Lets in the Light
The addition of SNX 62/27 to ­Guardian Industries’ SunGuard SuperNeutral (SN) series of architectural glass is the company’s latest development. The company says SNX 62/27 is ideal for architects who specify exterior glass for commercial projects, as it offers abundant natural light with a solar heat gain coefficient that raises the glazing light-to-solar gain ratio to 2.30.
SNX 62/27 glass features three microscopically thin silver layers in the coating (often referred to as the triple silver process), which the company says results in maximum energy efficiency while retaining high visible light transmission. It also has a color-neutral appearance.

In addition, Guardian will debut its new Energy Calculator at the show. The calculator allows architects and specifiers to evaluate commercial glazing options and their impact on energy use and design.

Booth #2228:
Tubelite Offers Maximum Efficiency

Tubelite will offer its Max/Block™ sunshades, which are manufactured using its EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes. Max/Block sunshades are designed to maximize daylighting and minimize solar heat gain, and are available in airfoil, Z-blade and tubular architectural profiles. Each outrigger type can be extended from the building in various projection lengths to provide the desired performance. In addition, the patent-pending, detachable, mounting bracket fastens at the pressure plate area and allows for the removal of the sunshades’ individual sections for re-glazing applications.

Booth #2505:
Solutia Completes Life Cycle Analysis on Performance Films

The Performance Films division of Solutia Inc. in St. Louis has completed a life cycle assessment (LCA) by Harmony Environmental LLC that Solutia says concludes that its Performance Films division delivers a positive impact to the environment.

The assessment was completed at the end of 2010 and concluded that the division’s solar-control architectural window film products become carbon neutral in less than two months after installation. With an average service life of 15 years, this means that these products are typically providing 14-plus years of greenhouse gas reductions after accounting for the products’ total carbon footprint.

Performance Films currently has 54 architectural solar-control film products in its LLumar® and Vista™ brand portfolios, including the EnerLogic™ Series window films, with low-E technology that can improve the insulation performance of single-pane windows to dual-pane and dual-pane to triple-pane while delivering industry-leading, all-season energy savings.

Booth #3843:
DORMA Provides Distinctive Room Dividers in Glass

MANET Loft is the newest architectural office front product in the interior product line from DORMA in Millersville, Md. MANET Loft is a frameless all-glass solution that combines elegance with a hint of industrial design. The office fronts can be designed with pivoting or sliding combinations.

The MANET Loft system separates office space with minimal interruption of the vision area by incorporating the DORMA MANET family of products and a variety of architectural glass finishes. MANET’s single-point fixings ensure a minimalist appearance and the creation of light, space and vision in any room.

Booth #1716:
Walker Has Attendees Seeing Double

A new double-sided, acid-etched glass velour finish is the latest launch from Walker Glass. With the addition of the velour/velour finish the company now offers up to six different shades of full-surface etching. Also included in the company’s double-sided acid-etched glass program are the satin/satin and the opaque/opaque finishes. Upon special request, the double-sided finish can be made out of a combination of full sheet etching on one side and an acid-etch pattern on the other. The products are available in a range of colors and thicknesses.

Booth #2305:
Solar Innovations Launches Its Monster

Solar Innovations Inc. in Pine Grove, Pa., has released the new SI30000 Monster Wall System, a folding glass wall that can accommodate panels up to 4-foot by 12-foot. The company says larger panels also may be possible depending upon engineering criteria.

The SI30000 panel includes enhancements within the frame, which is now three inches deep and uses dual wheel trolleys. The upgraded trolleys have wheels on both sides, allowing for the operation of heavier panels than previous versions.

The new SI30000 system’s head and sill accommodate both the SI3000 and SI30000 panel frame to allow for retrofits. The same sightlines can be maintained on all units, while accommodating larger panels and additional weight. The system can consist of any number of panels from two to 20, and is available in in-swing or out-swing configurations, and with individual operable panels.

Booth #1634:
SAFTI Puts Fire-Rated Options on Display

SuperLite advanced fire-rated glass, which SAFTI FIRST plans to feature, offers clarity and performance for all of the company’s applications. The product can be used in fire-rated doors and windows as well as custom engineered wall assemblies.

Booth #2641:
Kawneer Introduces Versatile Sliding Window

Kawneer Co. Inc., an Alcoa business in Norcross, Ga., has introduced its AA®3350 IsoPort™ horizontal sliding window. The window is available in single-hung, double-hung, horizontal-sliding or fixed with a polyamide thermal break design and factory glazing. The manufacturer says the unique shape of the polyamide thermal break maintains the continuity of the thermal break throughout the window frame and sash.

One-inch insulating or laminated glass improves the energy efficiency of the window and provides high thermal performance and enhanced sound resistance. Powder coated die-cast sweep locks and keepers provide maximum security at the meeting stiles. A push-button feature on the sweep locks prevents windows from being opened unintentionally.

AA®3350 IsoPort™ has been tested to meet North American performance standards. Multiple sill heights are available to meet 10 (CW) and 15 (AW) pound psf water performance requirements.

The window is factory-assembled and glazed. Removable stops ensure easy re-glazing with no disassembly required. Multiple installation options include strap anchors and receptor system.

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