Volume 46, Issue 3 - April 2011


Become a Resource for Architects

GANA Offers Presentations, Outlets for Architects
by Ashley M. Charest

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has been a registered provider of American Institute of Architect (AIA) presentations for six years, and in that time has developed several accredited presentations on glass-focused topics. While constantly looking to provide new topics and materials, GANA currently has six face-to-face presentations, one correspondent article and one online presentation.

Face-to-Face Presentations
The first presentation from GANA, Glass in Today’s Architecture, was developed by members of the association’s Flat Glass Manufacturing Division. This presentation is a study of the manufacturing process for float glass, various types and applications for the product, along with a list of benefits for architectural use. Over the period of an hour, the presentation educates the architect about the flat glass manufacturing process, glass substrates (types) and common sizes available, the primary glass fabrication processes (such as tempering, laminating, etc.), glass performance terminology, the many applications and uses of architectural flat glass, benefits of use and an outline of the many industry resources available to the architect.

The GANA Flat Glass Manufacturing Division next developed and released a presentation titled Coated Glass. This presentation is a study of the manufacturing process for coatings on glass, the performance values and a case study on cost savings. It educates the architect on why glass is coated in the first place, glass surface terminology and coatings for optical and solar performance. It also is intended to help the architect understand solar and thermal performance and common terminology, the cost savings achieved using coated glass, surface modifying coatings and the different coatings, as well as other uses of coated glass.

GANA’s Fire-Rated Glazing Council released its first AIA-accredited presentation, Fire-Rated Glazing Today, in 2009. This one-hour presentation is a study of the manufacturing process for fire-rated glazing. It offers the architect an overview of fire-rated glazing products and technologies, fire protection requirements, common terminology used, the primary product types, key considerations for specifying a product and future developments in the industry.

The GANA Laminating Division also has developed a presentation, Laminated Glass 101. This presentation is a study of the manufacturing process for laminated glass. It offers the architect answers as to what laminated glass is and how it is made. It also discusses detailed features of laminated glass. It provides the attendee a one-hour AIA learning credit.

The GANA Protective Glazing Council released a presentation titled Protective Glazing 101. The one-hour presentation focuses on understanding threats to glazing in buildings (ballistic, forced entry, natural disasters, bomb-blast, fire), defining test methods and standards, selecting glazing for product specifications, and defining glazing products and their performance and characteristics (all-glass laminates, glass-clad polycarbonate, laminated polycarbonate and acrylics).

The GANA Decorative Division constructed an AIA-presentation titled Introduction to Decorative Glazing. This two-hour credit course discusses definitions of different types of decorative glass, various design and application possibilities using decorative glass, how the different types of decorative glass are made and tips on specifying the various options.

Online Presentations
Currently GANA has one online presentation approved for AIA credit: Glass in Today’s Architecture. However, the other five face-to-face presentations currently are in various stages of completion for their online versions. Check www.glasswebsite.com/aia for the current online presentation and to check on the status of our “in-process” online presentations.

In addition, GANA transposed the Glass in Today’s Architecture presentation into a correspondent article for AIA credit. Individuals interested in completing the one-hour credit article, as opposed to the face-to-face or online presentation, may download the article at www.glasswebsite.com/aia.

All GANA members who have glazing experience in the respective glass fields are welcome and encouraged to become AIA-approved facilitators of the GANA presentations. If you are interested in becoming an AIA-approved facilitator, contact the GANA office at 785/271-0208.

Ashley M. Charest is the account executive for GANA. Ms. Charest’s opinions are solely her own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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