Volume 46, Issue 7 - August 2011


New Start
The USGlass Annual Guide to Equipment & Machinery Focuses on New and Improved

Fabricators are finding signs of life in the architectural construction industry and those that can are staking their future on finding ways to offer more innovative and just plain more options to their customers. Machinery suppliers are responding with innovative new options of their own. In fact, a number of new products have been introduced in the last two years by manufacturers looking to improve quality, speed processes and ease the production chain—and USGlass has those products listed for you here.

The information in this chart is based on the answers provided by either the product manufacturer or distributor about machinery and equipment launched in the last two years. In some cases, additional distributors may represent a given manufacturer.

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For more detailed information on the latest machinery, turn to our preview of Vitrum, beginning on page 40, and this month’s Machinery Spotlight on page 34.




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