Volume 46, Issue 7 - August 2011


The New Old Name for Arch Aluminum + Vitro America + UGC = Trulite G&A

Arch Aluminum & Glass, ACI Glass Products (formerly Vitro Architectural Products) and United Glass Corp. (UGC), have announced that the merged companies will operate under the name Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions.

Arch had acquired Trulite Industries Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario, in 2007. In 2010, private equity investor Sun Capital purchased Arch Aluminum, followed earlier this year by its acquisitions of UGC and ACI Glass Products respectively.

According to a statement issued by the Tamarac, Fla.-based company, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions will continue to service the commercial glazing market through its various fabrication facilities across the country. The statement notes that Super Sky, a commercial skylight manufacturer, and AWP, manufacturer of residential windows, will continue to be an essential aspect of the product portfolio moving forward.

Fabrication of all glass systems will continue under the Envision® brand introduced by the former ACI Glass Products. Manufacture and distribution of architectural aluminum entrances, curtainwall, window wall and framing systems will remain a core division within Trulite. In addition, the product line will continue to focus heavily on mirror and high-performance, tempered, laminated, insulating and decorative glass.

“The combination of these three noteworthy companies begins with tremendous resources to support the glazing industry,” says Jeff Leone, president and chief executive officer. “Our customers will now be working with an industry leader in terms of quality and on-time delivery. Delighting customers with reliable on time and on spec performance will continue to be our focus and mission.”

CRL’s New Manufacturing HQ is Up and Running
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has opened a new manufacturing headquarters in Los Angeles. The 330,000-square-foot facility is located in the wholesale district, just five minutes from the company’s world headquarters and ten minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The company says the new facility is its largest to date, bringing its overall manufacturing and distribution capacity in the area to roughly one million square feet.
Much of the equipment for the new facility is coming from the nearby CRL manufacturing plant where the company will continue to fabricate automotive, transaction and hospitality products.

Garibaldi Glass Opens New Facility; Celebrates 45th Anniversary
June 24 was a special milestone for Garibaldi Glass, in Burnaby, B.C., as the company celebrated both 45 years in business and the opening of its new facility with an event that welcomed employees and clients to celebrate.

According to an announcement from the fabricator, the new factory features one of the largest tempering ovens in the Greater Vancouver Area.

“We have always pushed the envelope and challenged ourselves. We also have been fortunate to be surrounded with talented people at all levels of the organization,” says Carey Mobius, president. “We are a second-generation, family-owned business. That legacy, coupled with our 150 employees…gives us a solid working relationship with our customers.”

Mobius adds, “Our motivation is to continue to develop new products, services and capabilities to meet the ever-increasing, complex requirements of our customers. Our company has grown, expanded and evolved from day one and there is no reason that will ever change. I am confident that this 45th anniversary is our threshold for many more years of glass solutions and innovation.”

Sika Establishes Silicone Competency Center
Sika Corp. has established a Silicone Competency Center in Lakewood, N.J.

This announcement follows the formation of the Sika Facades, Fenestration and Insulating Glass Business Unit (FFI) earlier this year (see March 2011 USGlass, page 21). The competency center is being positioned to serve the needs of customers in the North American facades, fenestration and insulating glass marketplace, as well as the broad base of customers in the construction products market segment. The center also will serve internally for formulation, application, testing and manufacturing excellence.

The Fenzi Group Celebrates 70 Years of Business

The Fenzi Group, based in Italy, is celebrating 70 years of business. With a storehouse of knowledge built up over 70 years of specialization in mirror coatings, IG sealants and decorative paint, the Group attributes its longevity and market position to high-quality materials, well thought-out manufacturing processes and an emphasis on customer support. The Group also relies on an international network assembled over the years on five continents. It notes that its strategy for the future is focused on further strengthening its foreign footprint, especially in markets that display strong growth potential, including China and Russia. Last year, the Group celebrated its 30th year in Asia and inaugurated a new manufacturing plant in Russia; in both these locations, further expansion is on the drawing boards.

One-on-One with Alessandro Fenzi, CEO …
Q: What would you say was the greatest factor in the success of the company in its early days?
AF: Without a doubt, the primary success factor was the decision to focus on flat glass. It’s the element that sets Fenzi apart, the only chemical company in the world to be completely dedicated to secondary processing of flat glass. A characteristic that allowed it to stay constantly and totally in touch with the needs of this particular market, understanding its requirements, accelerating innovations and contributing to its growth...

Q: The trend toward energy savings is spreading everywhere, including emerging economies. How does the Group take this into account?
The quest for wealth through technological development is taking hold around the world. The focus on quality products, capable of ensuring maximum performance at the lowest cost, both economically and socially, is rampant and widespread. It’s the best possible condition for Fenzi, which has made the unceasing quest for quality its philosophy of life. The trend toward energy efficiency also falls into this category because it improves living comfort with an appreciable cost savings. The news is that this awareness does not apply just to mature economies, but has become characteristic of the new economies as well, which are making enormous strides in this area. The demand for insulating glass is constantly growing in countries like Russia, China and all over South America …

Q: In a few words, how would you sum up Fenzi over the last 70 years? Or the strategy for the next 70 years?

The four key words are carved into our DNA: specialization, as we discussed; internationalization, through a process of global expansion begun more than 40 years ago, as true pioneers; dedication, with a spirit of sacrifice, because results like this are not gained without being fully convinced about the work you do; continuity, because after 70 years the company is still 100-percent owned and managed by its founding family.

… and Dino Fenzi, President
Q: How did the decision come about to penetrate the Asian market?
It all began in 1967, when we participated in the Journées Internationales de l’Equipement de Miroiterie in Paris; it was the industry’s first international trade show … The initial contacts were made at that time and the first network of clients was created. Industrial scale manufacturing of mirrors began in Hong Kong around 1974 and in 1988 China acquired its first glass processing machines. This industrial development progressed in stages and, step by step, the Asian market was created and grew into what we know today.

But back then it was different. In those far-off lands, Fenzi started from zero; it built its sales relationships from the ground up. On the strength of this, we continued to follow the developments in that market until we decided to manufacture the products in highest demand on-site as, starting in 2002, it became clear that it was absolutely necessary to remain in close proximity to our customers.

Q: What other emerging global areas are potentially of interest to the Group?
The giant global market has grown considerably with the arrival of the emerging economies. And it will continue to grow … China, India and Malaysia, then Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Indonesia: all will participate in global production and they will then need to ensure they have a reliable network of suppliers.

Q: Do you see new developments for the Group in solar energy?
[We are] seriously involved in the development of CSP (concentrated solar power) technology, in which mirrors of various kinds are the primary instrument used to capture solar energy. The latest developments have led to progress in terms of system output, because the entire supply chain is quickly moving ahead in terms of optimization of the individual components.

There are many projects around the world, but the investment requirements are extremely high and there are often obstacles in the way, even of a geopolitical nature. Today the USA and China are the countries holding the greatest potential…

briefly …

Israel Berger & Associates LLC, consultants on building envelope technologies, has merged with Viridian Energy & Environmental LLC, consultants specializing in energy efficiency, environmentally responsible design and construction. www.ibany.com

Biesse Exchange has re-designed websites at www.BiesseExchange.com and www.IntermacExchange.com. New features include improved category classifications, a slideshow for machine images and the ability to search pre-owned machinery listings

Serious Materials has changed its name to Serious Energy. The new name reflects the company’s suite of energy software services and building products.

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