Volume 46, Issue 7 - August 2011


About Us, Just Once
One of the absolute nicest parts of my job is the people (you) that I get to work for. The other is the people with whom I get to work every day, and I’d like to focus here on our editorial team. USGlass magazine strives very hard to be about both the business of glass and metal and the glass and metal business. Our goal has been to create the magazine of record for the entire industry and we have some very talented journalists who help us do so.

Chief among them is our editor Megan Headley. Megan has a degree in journalism and has been involved with the glass industry since 2004. She has written a number of landmark articles and is also a familiar face on our monthly video newscast at USGNN.com™. What you may not know about Megan is that, in her spare time, she loves to knit and has created some incredibly beautiful pieces of clothing art. I think it’s a great hobby for her to have because she also “knits together” each issue into a creation that is both of sturdy fabric and beautiful tapestry. Each issue, designed to get you the information you need, is woven in a thoughtful and creative manner by Megan.

Megan has lots of help with USGlass magazine, including from our contributing editor Charles Cumpston, who has been involved with the glass industry for 30 years. Charles and I have been around so long that we like to think we can offer historical perspective, spot trends and handicap possible effects because we have seen most of the cycles before. (Yet, just when you think you have seen it all, you realize you haven’t.)

Ellen Rogers handles our decorative and architectural beats, and has more than ten years in covering the industry, including a stint as editor of USGlass magazine. If you get a chance to speak with her, you will find out she loves the exquisite beauty of glass. You’ll also find out she is a new mom, juggling work with son with teaching aerobics in the evenings.

Our vice president of editorial services, Tara Taffera, is an award-winning journalist who is involved in all our publications and deeply involved in our sister publication Door & Window Manufacturer, for which she also serves as editor/publisher. I think of Tara as one of the “wonder women” of our staff because she also runs marathons, raises three daughters all under the age of 12, has a beautiful vegetable garden, loves to cook and creates homemade cards in her “spare time.” Together with Penny Stacey and Katie Hodge, who work on our AGRR and Window Film magazines, these fine people form our solid editorial staff.

This brings me to the newest addition to our staff, Sahely Mukerji, who joined our staff on the first of this month. You may know Sahely from her seven years at another publication. And as was the case with Charles Cumpston, we like to think she saved the best for last and has found a home with us. I know Sahely is an excellent writer and has a fine young son, but I don’t know much about her hobbies and life yet. I look forward to learning more about those over the next few months.
All of us will be at GlassBuild America in Atlanta next month, in and around our booth, number 2411. Please stop by and see us. It will be an honor to see you there.


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