Volume 46, Issue 7 - August 2011


building systems
Glass Groups Partner in Launch of E-Space System
Glasswerks Inc., Giroux Glass Inc. and Metal Window Corp. are among the several partner companies launching E-Space Systems (“E” stands for “ecological”), a prototypical e-building system. The system differs from prefab constructions in that, rather being assembled in a factory and moved to a building site, E-Space begins with components that are brought to a site flat packed and then assembled onsite.

E-Space Systems defines itself as a group of designers, architects, engineers and manufacturers who share a commitment to make available to a worldwide market building components that will allow energy-efficient dwellings to be quickly assembled, and deliver long-term value. The group’s goal is to design and manufacture building components that are quickly site-assembled, produce zero construction site waste and at the end of use be easily disassembled and re-purposed.

Other strategic allies in the group include Partner Panels, Simpson Strong-Tie, LITE Steelbeam, Premier SIPs, MagBoard, P2000 Insulation Systems, D.A. Foster Construction Inc. and Benchmark Builders Showroom.

Guardian’s Diamond Guard Has High Endurance
DiamondGuard High Endurance Glass, from Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich., offers scratch resistance, low maintenance and highly transparent quality for interior design applications.

DiamondGuard glass is permanently fused with the strength of carbon. It has a low coefficient of friction that permanently protects it from scratching, smudging and hazing. Made using a patented vacuum deposition process, the manufacturer says the glass is 10 times more scratch-resistant than regular glass.

TGP Introduces the Pilkington Profilit™ Texture Module
The latest online tool from Technical Glass Products’ (TGP) in Snoqualmie, Wash., the Pilkington Profilit™ Texture Module, helps users select the best channel glass surface texture for a given wall, façade or partition. The module displays various glass patterns on a dual-glazed interior partition, demonstrating how the different surface variations affect light dispersion, visibility and aesthetics.

The Pilkington Profilit Texture Module visualizes how light plays through the different surface options.

Users can select from one of five texture swatches on the Pilkington Profilit Texture Module, including recently released Macro, Slim Line and Wave textures. They can alternate between the texture swatches for quick comparison of glass patterns or view each individual texture swatch as a single-glazed application. The page also provides links to view other finish options and coatings.

While the online tool is intended to help facilitate the design process, colors and textures may vary.

doors and windows
Bavarian Polymers Offers European Style, Comfort
The Bavaria 9000 Series is a European style commercial door and window system that manufacturer Bavarian Polymers in Dickinson, Tenn., says offers exceptional thermal and sound insulation performance. A large variety of design options can be achieved with a minimum of stock units.

A variety of transoms offer attractive combinations of window styles and systems in one unit. Galvanized steel reinforcements suit heavy design wind loads and ensure maximum strengths required for demanding construction.

Kawneer Doors Provide New Solutions for Thermal Requirements
Kawneer Co. Inc., an Alcoa company in Norcross, Ga., has introduced its AA®250 and AA®425 thermal entrance doors. Thermal breaks in the door, door frame and threshold isolate the interior metal components from the exterior metal components. A door rail and stile design with a double air cavity provide an added layer to the thermal barrier and dual weathering around the perimeter of the door, in conjunction with a low conductance polymer door stop that minimizes air infiltration.

Each corner features four Sigma deep penetration and fillet welds plus mechanical fastening. The immediate door frame jambs and transom bar/door tout a dual perimeter weatherseal featuring Sealair bulb weathering. Also featured is a triple-finned, soft pile weather stripping that minimizes airflow around the edge.

shower enclosures
CRL Shower Features Clarvista by PPG
C.R. Laurence Co. in Los Angeles has unveiled a new shower door display featuring Clarvista™ glass by PPG Industries of Pittsburgh.

The glass is made with a coating that seals the glass surface, enabling it to resist corrosion caused by heat, humidity, soap and household cleaning products. Clarvista glass is available with Starphire ultra-clear or conventional clear glass.

projection screen
Glass Gets Interactive
The HoloPro™, available from Brookview Technologies in Golden Valley, Min., is a unique holographic, transparent glass projection screen. Viewers can see the projected image, but also can see through the HoloPro. Images are visible from one side only; from the other side, the screens are transparent.

The company also is offering ViP Interactive foils; screens, the lightweight foil can be applied directly to a lite and used with rear projection screens or LCD monitors to create interactive digital displays.

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