Volume 46, Issue 11 - December 2011


GANA Products for All
Resources to Add to Your Reading Wish List
by Brian K. Pitman

Over the past decade, many in the construction, fabrication and architect communities have searched for technical manuals that give better insight and information on various aspects of architectural glass. The information sought after included everything from the fabrication of architectural glass and glazing, its properties, handling, further fabrication and installation information to aesthetic properties of many of the top products on the market today. And in their search, the majority of those people needing information have arrived at the great products offered to these industries by the Glass Association of North America (GANA). One of the reasons our manuals sell as well as they do (with more than 5,200 manuals sold in just the past three years) is because they were all written by a team of top experts in the industry: many of you.

The perfect example of how a GANA technical manual is crafted is the granddaddy of them all, the GANA Glazing Manual. The latest version, published in 2009, is the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. Sold as a comprehensive entry into the glass and glazing industry, the manual has been referred to by many in the industry as the glass and glazing “bible” for manufacturers, fabricators, installers and designers. This update took four years to complete, and the published version was written or edited by more than 40 companies and experts in the industry. It remains GANA’s top seller and best overall value for any company doing business with architectural glass and glazing.

The newest manual published by GANA is the Protective Glazing Manual, which was co-produced by the Protective Glazing Council (PGC) International. Drawing from top experts in designing protective glazing systems from a huge variety of threats (blast, hurricane, ballistics, fire and more), this manual serves as an introduction to protective glazing technologies and products, the materials incorporated into protective glazing and the various applications available to glazing contractors and building owners. Written from the commercial architectural perspective, the Protective Glazing Manual also offers information on maintenance and care, along with current standards, glossary terms and other organizations that offer resources to the protective glazing industry.

All of GANA’s technical manuals are offered in two formats: the standard print edition, and a secure electronic PDF with the purchaser’s name and company information included in the document. The electronic version is emailed to the purchaser, eliminating the need for shipping charges and offering the document in a quick way that is compatible with computer and most electronic book readers, including the iPhone and iPad. The electronic versions of each technical manual have been lauded for their versatility, especially in allowing for the reader to zoom in on the many high-quality, full-color graphics and charts included in the various manuals.

New Options
Finally, GANA will be launching its new online store in January. Those who purchase a manual in the online store will receive automatic receipts via email, as well as the ability to choose from a variety of shipping options for the print version. And of course, anyone purchasing an electronic version of a technical manual will be offered a direct download of the manual upon completion of the order. This increased speed in distribution will help those who need the information immediately. Additionally, these purchases can be made on a mobile device (such as an Android device, or iPhone and iPad), allowing purchase and download while in the field.

Visit GANA’s website at www.glasswebsite.com and browse our publications section today. With more than a dozen top technical manuals available on a variety of glass and glazing topics, you are sure to find many that need to be in your library (even if it is a virtual one).

Brian K. Pitman is GANA’s director of marketing and communications.

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