Volume 46, Issue 5 - June 2011


Ready for Something New?

The 28th Annual USGlass Guide to New Products

What company isn’t always on the lookout for something new to set itself apart from its competitors? USGlass has got just what you need: the latest in efficient, eye-catching or protective glass products to wow your customers; new tools and machinery to make your job—whether it’s installation or fabrication—easier; and new hardware, adhesives and all of the other critical components that pull it all together.

Viracon Balances Comfort, Performance with Its New VUE
Viracon of Owatonna, Minn., has introduced VUE-40, a new high-performance glass coating for insulating glass that aims to strike a balance among light, comfort, solar performance and sustainability.

The new coating provides ample daylight while reducing potential glare, offering low ultraviolet transmittance as well as low interior and exterior reflectance. The coating is applied after heat treating to augment flatness, compared to architectural glass that is heat-treated after the coating application. VUE-40 can be applied to various tinted substrates to further improve solar performance and glare reduction or be applied to thicker glass substrates to reduce visual distortion. It can also be used on the same surface as silkscreen.

In addition, Viracon has introduced a new online tool, the appearance selector tool. It provides a visual representation of the fabricator’s glass make-ups as a reference to how the glass will appear once it is installed in the building. The tool works in conjunction with the company’s product selection tool, which provides data on energy performance and cost savings achieved with different glazing configurations.

ClimaGuard IS Goes Low on U-Values
Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich., has launched its new family of fourth surface coated low-E glass by releasing ClimaGuard IS-15 and IS-20, two coated glass products for residential applications that help meet new codes and Energy Star® standards while giving window manufacturers easy fabrication options.

ClimaGuard IS-20 offers window manufacturers the possibility to meet current code requirements for U-values without the use of argon gas or a third lite of glass while providing a smooth, clear and easy-to-care-for package. In addition, the glass is durable and scratch-resistant, can be used in monolithic applications such as storm windows and is available in full truckloads, less-than-truckloads or case quantities.

PPG Introduces Its Latest Star
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has introduced Solarban® 72 Starphire® glass, a solar control, low-E glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance, clarity and strong solar control performance.

In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 72 Starphire glass offers visible light transmittance approximating that of Solarban 60 Starphire glass, along with 25-percent more solar control. Solarban 72 Starphire glass has solar control characteristics that are similar to those of Solarban 70XL glass, but it transmits 11-percent more natural light.

To maximize clarity, Solarban 72 Starphire glass insulating glass units feature one lite of uncoated Starphire glass and one lite with an advanced triple-silver coating that is engineered exclusively for use on a Starphire substrate.

New Glazing Increases Light Transmission in Style
Technical Glass Products (TGP) in Snoqualmie, Wash., is now offering Pilkington Profilit™ OW-low iron glass, the latest in the line of translucent, linear channel glass systems. The cast glass channels’ low-iron content increases visible light transmission (up to 90 percent VLT in non-insulating channels) and reduces the natural green hue typical of standard glass.

Pilkington Profilit OW consists of self-supporting, low-iron oxide cast glass channels in an extruded metal perimeter frame. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications, and comes in lengths up to 23 feet for vertical or horizontal installations. Since each individual channel is narrow, designers can use the product to create curved or serpentine glazed walls with tight radiuses. The channel glass is available in three textures: Standard Cast (patterned surface), Wave (large wave texture) and
Macro (netted screen texture).

glass floor
SEAVASA Invites Customers to Walk Its Way
Producing a glass that can be walked upon requires a high surface hardness, as well as scratch and slip resistance. SEVASA North America of New Canaan, Conn., reports that its new Incus-T CriSamar® STEP – T-Line (6 models) transparent non-slip certified floor glass accomplishes this, offering a high surface hardness certified up to Mohs 5 scale on its engraved models. According to the manufacturer, its composition insures that the lower transparent surface stays free from scratches.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 5/32- to ½-inch, and in a standard size of 88 by 126 inches, the product comes in extra clear, clear, blue, bronze, grey, green and mirror.

dynamic glazing
Paragon’s New Product Follows the Sun
Vari-Shield from Paragon Architectural Products in Scottsdale, Ariz., is a laminated safety glass that automatically dims as the sunlight increases, cutting energy costs and eliminating the need for blinds and shades.

Vari-Shield is a completely sunlight activated system that requires no wires, electrodes, power supplies or control apparatus.
When direct sunlight is no longer present, the glass returns to its original high-light transmission condition. It is available at a maximum size of 61 by 224 inches and provides all of the standard benefits of PVB laminated glass.

PrivaSwitch Adds a New Function to Dynamic Glass
PrivaSwitch from Cristacurva in Houston allows users to offer immediate privacy with the flip of a switch, turning from transparent clear to satin translucent. And when in an opaque state, the LCD technology allows light from a projector to transmit images onto both surfaces of the laminated glass.

Using this technology, a clear glass storefront for a company that sells stock during the day can, with the flip of a switch, become a scrolling ticker tape of stock performance at night.

protective glazing
LPG Gets UL Ok to Process Keralite®

Louisville Plate Glass Co. (LPG) in Louisville, Ky., is now certified by Underwriters Lab to process Vetrotech’s Keralite® filmed and laminated products. LPG has exclusive distribution rights in Central and Southern Indiana and Ohio, all of Kentucky and Northern Tennessee.

Keralite products were created to meet the fire safety demands required in all institutional buildings, major commercial structures, hospitals and schools.

Contraflam® Turns Up the Heat with 2-Hour Rating
Contraflam® Structure 120, the new 2-hour glass product from Auburn, Wash.-based Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, provides a frameless, fire-resistant, all-glass system for interior applications.

The glass system is available in 60- and 120-minute fire resistance ratings for protection against radiated heat. It was designed for extreme stability and enhanced strength, offers optically continuous unbroken expanses of glass as a result of “flush glazing,” and is UV-resistant from both sides. It can be combined with other design and multi-functional glass products.

Glassopolis Offers Triple Threat Protection with Protect3
Glassopolis in Toronto is now offering Protect3™ safety glass. The new hybrid glazing combines fire, safety and security protection in one product that the company calls an economical glazing solution for high traffic areas requiring fire-rated glazing. It is fire-rated to 90 minutes, impact-safety rated to ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 CAT II standards, and provides security protection unmatched by regular tempered or annealed glass. It’s suitable for schools, hospitals, institutions and commercial projects where budget and performance are key.

metal panels
Alcoa’s Panel Helps Clean Itself
A team of more than 50 scientists from Alcoa in Eastman, Ga., worked for more than four years to perfect an architectural coating with the ability to actively break down pollutants such as smog and to covert them to simple compounds that wash away in the rain. The result: Reynobond with EcoClean powered by Hydrotect™, a coating that cleans itself and the air around it.

According to the manufacturer, when exposed to sunlight the compound titanium dioxide (TiO2) becomes a catalyst that breaks down any organic pollutants on its surface, while creating a super hydrophilic, water-loving surface that washes clean with the smallest amount of water. Working with the Toto®-patented Hydrotect technology, Alcoa created the first titanium dioxide finish that can be applied to a pre-painted metal surface with coil-coating equipment.

The EcoClean coating can be used with a broad palette of Reynobond paint colors and finishes. Bright silver metallic and other select finishes are already available with the EcoClean coating.

light shelves and sunshades
Up in the Sky … It’s SuperShades
Mapes Industries in Lincoln, Neb., has introduced its newest style of SuperShade sunshades, which offer deep projections and wide support spacing for more effective shading where needed. The sunshades are available in the airfoil insert style with choices in blade size and spacing for aesthetic and functional design flexibility. The all-aluminum SuperShades compliment a variety of window configurations and wall construction types and often are installed by glazing subcontractors.

The SuperShades can be finished in a full range of finish options including anodized, powder coat and Kynar® type finishes. Dimensions can be designed up to 10-foot projections in any length needed.


Vanceva® Ocean Grey Adds Functionality to Solutia Interlayer
St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. has introduced a new addition to its Vanceva® Color Studio: Ocean Grey. The new interlayer product has a light transmittance of 61 percent and products made with the interlayer can meet or exceed architectural regulations for safety glazing applications when properly laminated and installed.

The new Ocean Grey interlayer has a uniform neutral gray color. It can be used alone or layered with itself or other Vanceva colors to create varying degrees of transparent, translucent or opaque grays and rich deep hues of blue, red and amber.

point supported glass
W&W Glass Supplies Structural Glass Systems
The Pilkington Planar™ structural glass system, available from W&W Glass in Nanuet, N.Y., can be used in a variety of applications. The supplier notes that it specializes in glass fin walls, tension structures, cable nets, roofs, skylights and canopies, and also provides the system with insulating and laminated glass, high-performance energy-saving coatings, self-cleaning and impact-resistant glass.

Kawneer Introduces Ultra Thermal Curtainwall System
Kawneer Co. Inc. in Norcross, Ga., an Alcoa company, has introduced its 1600UT (Ultra Thermal) curtainwall system™. Both the 1600UT System™1 and 1600UT System™2 are stick-fabricated, pressure-glazed and suitable for low- to mid-rise commercial applications where high thermal performing façades are needed. 1600UT System™1 is an outside glazed, captured curtainwall system while 1600UT System™2 is a structural silicone glazed (SSG) curtainwall.

The curtainwall system features an engineered polymer thermal separator and accommodates double or triple insulating glass. An optional fiberglass pressure plate further enhances condensation resistance and thermal performance. It offers two standard infill options: 1-inch double-glazed infill and 1 ¾-inch triple-glazed infill. Each infill option offers two levels of performance ranges dependent upon pressure plate choice (aluminum or fiberglass) and system type. Notching-free straight cuts simplify fabrication. Additionally, a pre-engineered rainscreen back pan option that uses easy-to-install spandrel adapters is available.

Alumil Aces Test on M-50 Curtainwall
Alumil N.A. Corp. in New York has released test data for its high performing multi-chambered, thermally broken M-50 curtainwall system, resulting in U-values as low as 0.16 for a triple glazed system and metal framing. The double glaze system achieved a 0.28 U-value.

The manufacturer notes that its systems take advantage of extensive thermal research resulting in a sophisticated design that integrates nicely into the demanding applications of the North American market.

Venture Tape® Introduces Two New High-Performing Tapes
Venture Tape® in Rockland, Mass., has added two new products to its glazing product line for both nonresidential and residential markets. The VG700 Series and VG1200 Series glazing tapes are closed cell polyolefin foam tapes with a unique differential adhesive system especially designed for door and window glazing applications. The double-coated foam systems are designed for adhesion to PVC and other typical sash and frame materials, as well as to glass. The liner side adhesive is designed for adhesion to glass. The exposed/sash side adhesive on both series is compatible with PVC, steel, wood, aluminum, etc., and employs high heat resistance, structural strength and strong performance for in-plant applications. The VG1200 series also has a higher tack sash side acrylic that the manufacturer says performs well in cold temperatures.

Both products are AAMA certified (810.1-08) and meet the AAMA Type 1 performance requirements for a primary sealant. The tapes are available in white, black and grey.

Door Closer Delivers Hidden Benefits
In addition to being invisible when the door is closed, Samuel Heath’s Perko Power™ controlled door closer also boasts UL certification and complies with ANSI/BHMA 156.4. These features make the closer suitable for a wide variety of fire door applications.

Concealment reduces the opportunity for the door closer to be vandalized, thereby increasing the reliability of the door to close when needed. When the door is closed, Perko Power does not present a point from which a ligature can be suspended.

doors and windows
Gerkin’s New Window Stays Water Tight
Gerkin Windows & Doors in South Sioux City, Neb., has introduced a new model 58F fixed commercial window. The manufacturer says the window offers better water tightness and thermal performance than typical storefront windows.

The factory-assembled window features an Isobar thermal break system, and with standard low-E glass the manufacturer says the window can achieve Energy Star ratings with a 0.30 U-value. A double wall system has an internal drain that ensures that water will never penetrate into the building wall. In addition, the 58F features a nail fin option for installing into a wood framed structure. The nail fin offers a strong anchoring device and gives a watertight flashing.

Custom Components Opens Up Offices
The latest product from the AL Tech™ division of Custom Components Co. in Tampa, Fla., is the EZ Access™ sliding glass door system for interior office fronts. Originally developed for the specific requirements of a global accounting firm, this new door saves floor space, compared to conventional swinging doors, while providing improved access to offices. The manufacturer says that it is quiet, smooth and easy to operate. It also offers design flexibility for office environments.

The door is manufactured of high-quality aluminum in clear anodized and six standard powder coat paint finishes: bronze, white, grey, black, beige and silver.

Wausau’s Windows Mimic a Historic Look
Mimicking the look of historical windows, Wausau Window and Wall Systems’® INvent™ Series expands with simulated double-hung windows. The new 4250i and 4250i-XLT INvent Series features offset glass planes to replicate double-hung sash, while providing the ease of operation, durability and low air infiltration of projected windows.

As part of the Advantage by Wausau® standard product offering, these high-performance windows are pre-engineered and factory-glazed. Low U-factors allow broad expanses of vision glass to meet Model Energy Codes. The INvent Series is tested to meet AAMA AW-100 ratings, including new AAMA 910-10 lifecycle testing to 4,000 operating cycles, and are backed with a warranty of up to 10 years.

Capitol Releases New Energy Sentry® Windows
Capitol Aluminum & Glass Corp. in Bellevue, Ohio, has introduced its newest architectural aluminum offering from its Energy Sentry® series of performance window systems. The Capitol 325 ES-I and 250 ES-I are a 3 ¼- and 2 ½-inch AW-rated window system that incorporates a polyamide thermal strut for strong thermal and structural performance. The windows are tested by independent labs for thermal, structural, water and air infiltration, plus acoustical performance per AAMA and NFRC reference standards.

Configurations of the 325 ES-I and 250 ES-I include fixed, projected awning, hopper, and casement. Several trim options are available. Euro groove technology hardware has been incorporated for reliability. The company offers factory-glazing, and dual finish capabilities are available for a variety of colors in anodized and/or painted finishes.

equipment and machinery

Vortex Pro™ Aims for Uniform Heating
Finland-based Glaston reports that its latest advancement in convection technology, the Vortex Pro™, vastly improves control over air placement on the surface of the glass, meeting the increased demands for quality, productivity and better efficiency.

This technology allows the operator to precisely control the thermal profile of the glass, thereby improving quality while lowering costs and increasing productivity.

The Vortex Pro convection system uses special software and hardware to provide unlimited heating control. The control allows for heat to be added or taken away from any particular location on the glass lite, unlike any design currently on the market.
The Vortex Pro system allows the operator to produce uniformly heated glass.

Schiatti Angelo’s TFV Series Keeps Milling and Drilling
Italy-based Schiatti Angelo srl, represented in North America by DeGorter Inc., has introduced the TFV series, a new vertical drilling/milling machine capable of drilling holes up to a max diameter of 85-mm and milling shapes up to a max dimension of 150-mm on glass sheets ranging from 3- to 15-mm thick.

The open-top machine allows for the transit of glass lites of any dimension. The automated machine features a PC-based Window XP interface on a 15-inch touch-screen. The processing is carried out by an ISO program language; program coding can be done directly from the ISO editor or with the drag and drop graphic interface. Working programs stored in the PC memory can be downloaded via a USB or by the net interface, and new programs can be uploaded.

Options include automatic tool changing composed of 10 drill bits for the drilling operation and 5 tools for the milling operations.

handling and transportation
Armored® Corners Protects Glass Products
New to the range of products from Bohle America in Charlotte, N.C., are the Armored® corner protectors. Whether the glass gets bumped or dropped, these reusable corner protectors absorb the impact and the glass remains undamaged. Bohle holds the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the corner protectors and is now launching the product in the United States.

Armored® corner protectors are available for ¼-, 3/8-, ½- and 3/5-inch glass.

New F. Barkow Trailer Expands Payload
F. Barkow Inc. of Milwaukee has introduced a lightweight aluminum trailer to carry frames and glass to the jobsite. The 3,500 GVWR allows for plenty of payload and the 120- by 60-inch deck will hold large frames. The exterior glass racks are 120 by 96 inches with six stakes included and 6-inch useable ledgeboards on both sides. Standard features include its all-welded construction, Stake-Loc™ self-locking stakes and horizontal “B” slats that accept straps. The interior features five rows of “B” slats on each side. The trailer also includes a built-in toolbox and a 4-foot 6-inch tongue that will allow for frames longer than 10 feet to be transported.

Pres-On Protects What You Ship
Glass, clear-coated aluminum and other highly polished finishes are routinely scratched during manufacturing, shipping, finishing and installation, costing manufacturers for replacement parts. Pres-On in Addison, Ill., is helping eliminate those expenses with the introduction of PBWMF-4 white masking film, a 3-mil polyolefin film coated with a removable acrylic adhesive. The adhesive can be removed cleanly from most surfaces up to one year after deployment. It delivers a cling-like, low initial grab, while providing environmental resistance (-20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) and aging properties. In addition to being used as a protective film, PBWMF-4 is suitable as a support film for thin substrates or as a carrier film.

MyGlassTruck.com Releases New Extendable Rack
Transporting large lites? Myglasstruck.com in Glassboro, N.J., has released a new glass carrier for cargo vans and pick-up trucks that extends from 7 to 10 feet tall.

The height-extendable carrier can be built to extend to a fixed height or in increments of 8, 9 and 10 feet, and includes three matching height-extendable poles. The manufacturer says an operator and helper can quickly extend the rack without using any tools. Both carrier and poles utilize a telescoping design in which the top section’s posts slide up and down inside the bottom section’s posts and lock in place with stainless steel detent pins.

The top mounting system is incorporated into the company’s standard van or pick-up truck roof rack.

Maeda’s Mini-Cranes Lift Big Loads
Houston-based Maeda USA is offering five mini-cranes with new attachments. The attachments include a glass manipulator, a man-basket, jib attachments and a searcher hook, which is a boom tip extension arm for lifts where there are overhead restrictions. A new accessory transformer package converts the power supply when operating electrically.

The company says its mini-cranes all meet ASME and EPA requirements for North America. Models range from 3,800- to 10,800-pound capacity with lift heights up to 68 feet. The cranes can fit through openings as small as 24 inches.

tools and equipment
Newest Glass-Chek Pro Identifies Low-E Type, Location
The new GC3000 Glass-Chek Pro digital instrument from EDTM in Toledo, Ohio, measures the glass and air space thickness of single, double and now triple lite windows from a single side. The GC3000 also offers new low-E detection capabilities. Not only can users identify the low-E surface of a double lite window from one side, but now can identify the type of low-E coating used in the window. The tool will indicate if the coating is a hard coat (pyrolytic) or soft coat (sputtered) low-E product. If it is a soft coat low-E, the meter also will indicate the number of silver layers used to make up the coating. These features are intended to help glass companies that use multiple types of low-E coatings for their windows prevent mix-ups, and help window replacement companies select the proper low-E to use in the replacement window.

Perfect Score Makes Like a Gorilla and Grips
The new Gorilla Grip vacuum cup unit from Perfect Score Technologies in Red Oak, Texas, features a pump-activated vacuum mech-anism with a built-in vacuum loss indicator and a quick-release trigger. It has a heavy-duty metal handle and brass pump plunger for durability. The plunger has a red band to indicate suction level at all times.

Mirror Removal is Made Easy with New Deglazing Tool
Wood’s Powr-Grip in Laurel, Mont., has introduced a product that assists in removing mirrors glued to walls and windows affixed with butyl. The deglazing tool is designed to increase control and safety by reducing user fatigue and injury from falling glass during deglazing operations. Additionally, the tool helps eliminate damage to surrounding surfaces, such as vanity tops, bathroom fixtures, window sills and walls, when pulling installed windows and mirrors from their frame or mounting.

An integrated N4000 vacuum cup features a red-line indicator that warns the user if significant vacuum loss occurs, in order to prevent unexpected pop-off during the procedure. A built-in check valve allows the user to repump without having to remove the tool while it is in use. A release valve on the vacuum cup provides quick release, and each cup is supplied with a protective cover.

Acura Delivers a One-Two Punch
Acura Punch in Wamego, Kan., is supplying a quick-change die system that it says can punch all required holes at once, rather than drilling each individual hole by hand. The company reports that each die will punch both 1- and ¼-inch storefront extrusions, plus countersink holes for anchor bolts on thermal and non-thermal metal.


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