Volume 46, Issue 2 - March 2011


machinery and equipment
Salem Makes Available Smart New Lamination Option
The Hoaf Smartbox® from Salem Distributing Co. in Winston-Salem, N.C., uses Hoaf infrared technology to produce autoclave-free lamination on a smaller scale than the company’s Heatbox®. The Hoaf Smartbox was developed to cost-effectively laminate safety glass with EVA, TPU, PVB and SentryGlas® (a drying cabinet for storing PVB is available as an option) on a small or entry-level scale. The component is a self-contained modular unit designed for “plug and play” installation.

The versatile Hoaf Smartbox is capable of laminating all types of glass, thicknesses and shapes, even products such as acryl or polycarbonate. Using different interlayers such as fabrics, woods and metals presents the freedom to create glass solutions with added value.

material handling
Power and Versatility from the MR1611LDC Vacuum Lifter for Curtainwall
The MR1611LDC below-the-hook vacuum lifter was developed by Wood’s Powr-Grip® in Laurel, Mont., to meet the challenge of constructing curtainwalls and handling other architectural components. This lifter features a multivariable pad frame for lifting and maneuvering a variety of sizes of curtainwall materials and other nonporous loads. The lift bar can be assembled in two different lengths, providing the ability to install material under overhangs. The variable length and width of the pad spread allows configurations ranging from 53 ¼ inches long by 12 inches wide to 169 inches long by 49 inches wide. Capable of handling loads ranging from 700 to 2,800 pounds, the MR1611LDC features a DC power source for maximum portability and continuous 360-degree rotation to facilitate proper load positioning.

Three New PPG Glasses Receive Cradle-to-Cradle Certification
Solarban® R100 glass, Sungate® 400 glass and Clarvista™ shower glass from Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries all have earned Cradle-to-Cradle® certification at the Silver tier.

PPG earned Cradle-to-Cradle Certification for all its architectural glass products in 2008, and says it is the only glass manufacturer in the world to have achieved this distinction.

Solarban R100 glass is a neutral-reflective, solar control, low-E glass with visible light transmittance of 42 percent, a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 and a 1.79 light-to-solar gain ratio. Sungate 400 glass is a passive, low-E glass with a magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition soft coat that helps commercial buildings in heating-dominated climates retain heat from the sun and reduce winter heating costs. Clarvista shower glass has proven through industry-standard tests that, with regular maintenance, it looks newer longer than other shower glass products.

The three glasses were named as Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedCM products after an audit of the materials used in their formulation and production, and the processes used to manufacture them. Building projects seeking LEED certification may be able to earn one point in the “Innovation in Design” category by using Cradle-to-Cradle Certified products.

doors and windows

AL Tech™ Now Offering EZ Access™
The AL Tech™ division of Custom Components Co. in Tampa, Fla., has introduced the EZ Access™ sliding glass door system for interior office fronts. Originally developed for the specific requirements of a global accounting firm, this new door saves floor space compared to conventional swinging doors, while providing improved access to offices. The company reports that it’s quiet, smooth and easy to operate, and also offers greater design flexibility for office environments.

The sliding glass door is manufactured of high quality aluminum in clear anodized and six standard powder coat paint finishes: bronze, white, grey, black, beige and silver.

inspection tools
Edgetech Distributes Spyglass
Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, exclusive distributor of Sparklike products in the Americas, Europe and Australia, has announced the availability of Spyglass, a laser-based gauge for measuring and detecting insulating glass unit structure, coatings and thicknesses.

Spyglass can be used as a production quality tool that confirms finished units are properly constructed and as a field service tool for determining specifications for replacement IG units. Users can instantly measure the exact characteristics of installed IG units and immediately order the right type. Spyglass graphically displays each layer of glass, coating location, air space and overall unit thickness. A scan function displays the minimum and maximum dimensions with an indication whether the unit is concave or convex.

The company also distributes, services and calibrates Gasglass, a non-invasive, portable device for determining gas-fill levels in IG. Sparklike Ltd. recently re-confirmed Edgetech’s processes and procedures for servicing Gasglass gas detectors, signifying that the company meets or exceeds the rigid requirements for proper calibration.

Spearhead Offers Diverse Solutions
Spearhead Specialty Products Inc. in Fallbrook, Calif., has been appointed the exclusive North American distributor for the frameless Diverse Glass Clamp system, which the company says offers a true frameless glass railing, windscreen or pool fence system. Only two base clamps are needed to install the railing in concrete decks or mounted to new decking joists or to an existing deck. The system is designed to accommodate 1/2- to 5/8-inch tempered or laminated glass panels up to 86 inches wide and 48 inches tall.

laminated glass
ArgoEdgeSealPLUS™ Protects TPU and PVB Interlayered Composites
Argotec Inc. in Greenfield, Mass., has introduced ArgoEdgeSealPLUS™ to protect both thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayered laminated glass composites.

In 1995 Argotec co-developed an edge seal used to protect the perimeter of autoclaved glass-polycarbonate composites for bullet- and blast-resistant applications: BOC-9450 Edge Seal™. ArgoEdgeSealPLUS™ is an enhanced upgrade of this time-tested product that is compatible with all TPU- and PVB-laminated glass composites. A new foil layer is sandwiched between two sheets of durable polyurethane. This patent-pending construction better protects TPU and PVB interlayers from damage due to penetration by moisture, cleaning solutions and the solvents found in window caulks and sealants. These elements can degrade the interlayer film used to bond a composite’s multiple layers, causing a fogging effect at the edges of the composite.

glass manufacturing tools
Hydraulic Fluids Stand Up to Glass Manufacturing’s Heat
Houghton International Inc. in Valley Forge, Pa., now offers a line of biodegradable, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for glass manufacturing. The fluids are available in both water- and vegetable-based forms, are biodegradable and are safe for use in extreme heat environments, such as float glass plants, where glass melting furnaces reach temperatures as high as 2,990 degrees Fahrenheit.

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